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25% off BBQ School Classes @ BBQ School


I attended a class earlier this year.

Besides a great meal provided, you get to learn more about low and slow bbq cooking


Sun is up and BBQs are ready to get lit for some great food with family and friends!

Nothing better to start the weekend than an amazing deal!
Enjoy our EASTER PROMO with 25% OFF on the selected classes with the code EASTER25 ! (until 30/04/18).

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BBQ School
BBQ School

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    do we need a school for bbq?


      Well, if Trump can have a university I guess we need a BBQ school. Wonder what the uniforms look like?


      It's not for snags and steak.

      This is for brisket, ribs, pork shoulder etc.

      Texas style. It's important to get it correct as it's a 9 hour (give or take) cooking process


    Is it possible to get a gift voucher that just say "to a class of your choice" rather than monetary value? So they can pick and choose bbq style? Also, what's your refund policy?


      OK, just seen the vouchers. If I purchase a gift voucher is it possible to get a refund issued if they are not interested? Also, if you only have a small bbq, such as a weber mini baby Q would the class still be relevant?

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        weber baby Q …. forget it for brisket, ok for a chicken ….. you want a proper wood / charcoil smoker if you have the coin, or full size weber / copy if strapped for cash. If you use the weber kettle for a 9 hour cook, don't use their instructions, go onto you tube.

        I own a weber kettle, and a weber smokey mountain.


    Might be worth putting locations in title