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Sony WH1000XM2B Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $269.40 @ JB Hi-Fi


Update 31/03: Unavailable online. Stock is still available in some stores.

Sony 1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

  • Personal Noise Cancelling Optimizing and Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing
  • Wireless freedom with BLUETOOTH® technology and NFC
  • High-quality audio with DSEE HX™, S-Master HX ™ and LDAC

Also available in Gold

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  • Cheapest ever!!! Nice find.

  • +1 vote

    Is this a price error? So cheap

  • Amazing price for these, can't recommend them enough. Only issue is they don't support multiple bluetooth connections

  • The employee pressed 2 instead of 3?

  • +9 votes

    not a pricing error ;)

  • Could be a new model coming out?!?

  • Cheers. Grabbed eleventy five.

  • tempting…

  • Time to use my 15% off gift card maybe

  • Wireless headphones deal posted by none other than.. Headphonejack?

    • +26 votes

      Thanks, I was waiting for someone to tell me my username checked out.

  • At this price point you can't claim TRS :))

  • Guys these or the QC 35?

    • Own these, have tried the QC35s multiple times, also have Sennheisers, found the Sony's to have the most energy and vibrance in the sound, battery life is amazing too - best sound profile probably out of all the brands, but QC35's are lighter and are more comfy, depends whether you want sound quality or comfort. Bose has a pretty sterile sound after a while though.

      • This is a great price for a great set of headphones, buuut…

        "best sound profile probably out of all the brands"

        I was tossing up between the QC35 and these, and then made the "mistake" of trying the Bowers & Wilkins PX. For the 3-4 times a year I fly, the NC took a back seat to sound quality. The B&W blew me away for sound quality (as they should for the price). The NC on the PX is still extremely good also. Also, the build quality is so much better than the other 2 (haven't tried the Sennheiser) that there really isn't any comparison.

        • Yeah, bet they are good, I meant best sound probably out of similarly priced products e.g. Bose, although the Sennheiser Momentums over ear Bluetooth i have were much more pricey and were great but I don't necessarily think better for the money. Problem with the B&W is they don't have a proper seal over your ear, which I would prefer. In any case i think the Sony's are the best for this price point, especially considering battery degradation over time, you'll have to replace them at some stage down the line. Plus the fact you can put your hand over the cup to turn down your music and turn on outside mic's on the Sony's is a handy feature to have.

        • @frogburger: "…proper seal over your ear…"

          What do you mean? They are over-ear just like the Bose/Sony/Sennheiser. Other than that, yeah at this price the Sony are a no-brainer. Hell, I almost bought a pair just now.

        • @ebosh:

          Yeah good luck finding one! Within 30 mins of this post last night, it was sold out everywhere. I was lucky to call up my local stores which they have the last one and I have to drive there and get it. About 1 hour after this post, it was sold out in stores and online.

        • @ebosh: used to the older style B&W with just a flat pad, can see the ones you got are over ear though haha

    • These for the price. All else equal QC35 small margin

    • Own this, but I’ve got a big head, qc35 definitely feels more comfortable but in terms of features Sony wins.

    • Own both before. Sony one is definitely better sound quality wise. QC35 is lighter.

      • agreed. I tried both and so happy with the Sony. pretty good for instrumental music. nothing at this price point comes close.

    • Oh lord I cannot choose between these two. I need great sounds but I also need comfortable as I'll be wearing them for hours on end for work. I think comfort is slightly higher on my list - no point if better sound if I can't wear them because of discomfort issues.

    • at this price, no dilema

    • QC35 sounds more neutral, more true to the signal and better ANC especially in the lower frequencies.


      • A frequency response chart is only one part of the equation. Often FR response can be changed via equalisers (such as sonarworks true fi) as ideally you'd want to match the Harmon target response curve.

        I've herd both the Bose and the WH-1000XM2 the WH-1000XM2 isn't as comfy and the ANC I think isn't as good but the way it produces sound is IMO better than the Bose.

        Also LDAC on the sony's help.

        They are good enough that I've given up some higher end IEMs to go wireless.

    • These are so chunky. QC probably don't sound as good but much more comfy with good NC and decent sound.

    • I bought the QC35 first, BT had terrible range, like turn your head and get a glitch.
      Bought Sony, and gave away the QC35. Sony wins on everything except comfort and connection speed. The QC35 connect in ~5secs, the Sony in ~20secs. The Sony has a lot more range too.
      NC is stronger on the Sony but also a little more digital, so I call it a tie.
      SQ Sony wins by a lot.

  • Any news re head bands cracking with these mark2's?

  • Excellent price. The cost price on these must be very low, makes you wonder why some people had such great difficulty in getting them to price match other prices recently. The sound quality and ANC is great, but I don't think these would cost much to produce, when you hold them they don't really feel like a super special/premium product.

  • Thank you, ordered one

  • Anyone got a coupon code?

  • Bummer just ordered some direct from Sony. Had some JB gift cards I could have used instead

  • how is this even possible, wow thank you

  • I got these from Amazon for $330.59 back in February. They're great. I use them every day at work and they drown out almost everything.

  • Lol Mandurah, Bunbury and Myaree left in WA

  • $500+ transaction and they still charge me $9 for postage. Not happy.

  • Glad that I've missed on previous sale for $312 at Harvey Norman - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/363099

    Ordered with pickup at store and can't wait for the text message to collect.

    For those who wonder this or QC35:

    I've spent multiple hours watching comparison videos online and Sony have better sound and features over QC35 , however QC35 are more comfortable.


    • I own both, use the QC35 more when out and about.

      • would you mind sharing the reasons?

        • comfort, more forgiving if you have larger ears, can pair multiple devices (eg work/personal phone, tablets etc) and no annoying touch controls when you try to adjust your headset and accidently skip to the next song.

        • @BargainKen: What does it do when you are close to multiple devices you're paired with? Do you hear audio from all devices at the same time? That would be annoying.

        • @BargainKen:

          Same here. Own both, use Sony at home but Bose more when out. Bose has better controls, comfort, appearance and Bluetooth connectivity. Sony sounds better in mid to low frequencies

          Will probably sell the Sony

        • @lostn: One chimes in and the other fades out. Can get annoying. EG you're listening to music on one device and on the other, an email comes in, the audio will fade and let that tone play then the music resumes. Phone calls take precedence over music of course. No idea if two calls came in though, havent tried that scenario.

          Now that I think of it the Sony's do support multiple pairing but in their own weird way. Only one device can be assigned to Music functions and the other to phone calling.

          Sony's mentality is that you just use the NFC on the earcup to switch devices, all well and good in an Android-only NFC world, but not so good when you use a mixture of Non NFC Android and iOS devices. Bose also has the NFC but is a little more realistic in real world scenario's, hence getting used more when out and about.

          The SQ is better on the Sony's, marginally by my perception (I only use it for BT and streaming audio)but when you're using it out and about, you do need to maintain some situational awareness so it becomes less relevant in that scenario.

          Overall they're both good, just in their own unique ways.

        • @BargainKen: What if both devices are playing music at the same time?

          Since I have multiple BT devices and multiple BT headphones, this would get very annoying for me if what I listen to changes whenever I move. I manually unpair when I change devices, or I disable BT on the transmitter.

          Don't any iOS devices have NFC?

        • @lostn:
          Havent tried, but since both devices are in my pocket I usually only have one playing. If memory serves, I think one device gets priority over the other but unsure how to tell which since they both sync as soon as you power it on.

          iOS has NFC chip but its locked down and only enabled for Apple pay.

        • @BargainKen: Ah, good ol' Apple protecting you from danger. They make everyone type out my super long wifi password to use my internet because WPS is too risky and they need to protect us from hackers.

  • Can these headphones be used wired? and if so, do they generate any latency or lag for things like gaming?

    • They can be used in wired mode. Cannot say much for gaming though.

    • Don't buy these for if you do a lot of gaming, they are bang average for that, though still probably better than those 'gaming headphones' they sell at JB/EB.
      I didn't notice much latency when I tried, but trying to hear which direction the footsteps were coming from in CS/Overwatch/PUBG wasn't good.

  • Couldn't grab the black ones for delivery but snatched up a pair of goldies. Thanks OP!

  • Hope they can bring back 399 switch anytime soon.

    • Only Zelda and Mario are worthy AAA titles available on the platform.

      I will probably wait till it hits 299 or when the specs are upgraded to support more 3rd party titles.

      • It was around $299 at Amazon AU with AMEX offer on boxing day. Or maybe it was a little bit more. Amazon listed it at $369 I think.

  • Just bought a pair yesterday for $350 :(

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