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Lenovo Tab 3 P8 Plus 4G/LTE - $149.99 USD (~ $194 AUD) Delivered @ LITB


Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus LTE/4G Version

Display: 8" 1920x1200 LCD
CPU: Snapdragon 625
Ram: 3 GB
Storage: 16 GB
Connectivity: Wifi & 4G/LTE

The rep was kind enough to lower the price and do a deal for me.
$149.97 USD Delivered (registered post with tracking)

Typically this is 160-180 USD on special. I think this is a great price if you want an 8" android tablet that works with cellphone sim card. CPU is fairly descent (same CPU as Xiaomi A1).

Edit: If you don't want 4G/LTE then you can probably find the WiFi version i special for ~$130 USD

19/4: Available again.

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  • I bought the non LTE version from last deal. Have to say it’s a great tablet for the $$$.

    Lack of android OS updates doesn’t matter too much as all key google apps are updated and you can skin android OS nice and easily so it looks fresh and modern.

    Less than ideal: Battery life is average.

    • there are custom roms available on xda website.

      my use for this tablet would only be web surfing, youtube, movies.

      shame about the battery life, how bad is it?

      • Not really had it long enough to be able to say with certainty. Just noticed that with light use (ie web browsing) I will need to charge it before end of the day.

        Reviews online also often state battery life not amazing.

        Overall it’s awesome for what I paid.

      • Can you link to any custom roms at all? Because I've looked before and never found ANY, especially not lineage OS :(.

        • I just had a quick glance, maybe I'm wrong then.

        • There are no custom ROMs because there's no bootloader unlock for it :(

        • @chossenger: yea had a look on xda, you are right. You can install a custom recovery but not unlock the boot loader. I think you are best to just stick with stock firmware. Shame. I assumed it would have a lot of 3rd party development given the cheap price.

  • If your after the WiFi only version, then you should be able to get it for around $130 USD on special, however I wanted a tablet that would take a sim card.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 and have been using it for school for 1 year and a 1/2, starting to get very sluggish and battery dies after 3-5 hours of use. Looked at a few reviews and stuff and this one seems to be a good choice. So what's trusty ozbargains thoughts? Good use for school or nah?

    • have you tried a factory reset on your tablet? Don't restore apps or data afterwards just manually reinstall the programs you use. Might improve performance. Warning: You loose all data on the device when you factory reset.

    • This is the tablet I've been waiting for to drop to below $200AU, so I was extremely happy when logged in and saw this deal.
      I was all set to jump, even creating an account, when I thought I'd do a quick review of lightinabox. Now I'm feeling very uneasy about going ahead with the purchase. I'm not knocking them, as I have had no personal experience with them, but let's just say I'm hoping Sunny from Gearbest matches this deal.

      • My experience with lightinthebox has been better than gearbest.

        I'd rate them

        1. Banggood
        2. LITB
        3. Gearbest
        4. Geekbuying

        I've had two cellphones arrive no problems from LITB (Xiaomi mi6 and Xiaomi mi A1) and I have two more cellphones in the post from them (Xiaomi A1 x2). I'd say go for it. I bought a Xiaomi A1 from gearbest originally and it sat in processing for 3 weeks, and they told me just to wait as stock was coming. Then they refused to honor the original price and wanted me to pay more. That kind of pissed me off. Some of my orders from LITB have come very quickly and some have been very slow to arrive.

        • That's fair comment. I always like to get balanced "opinions" as alot of people only use review sites to bag companies.
          I only have experience with Gearbest and Banggood, and both companies were excellent to deal with.
          Thanks again for your thoughts kiwijunglist.

        • my LITB experience

          Paid for device on Dec 9th (Saturday, essentially Dec 11 by the weekday of first processing)
          Payment validated for it on Dec 13th (had to send an email confirming what this meant, got a response within 24 hours)
          Shipped on Dec 14th
          No updates… is it coming? tracking says nothing
          Pondered getting another one from a more local seller, but opted to remain true
          Arrived on my doorstep (okay, had to go and collect it) on Jan 9th but had no idea of it arriving until the letter - I think AusPost just forgot to scan it
          Apparently came from the Netherlands

          I have no problems with 4 weeks for Paid->Arrival considering when I ordered it
          Would use them again, but am wary of the tracking taking it's time - probably just one of those things given the time of year (Xmas period)

          It's the spam emails that irritate me though, I've turned off all emails, and yet still get the "Hi, XYZ product on sale now"

        • @samdiatmh: Yes LITB is super spammy!

          Most cellphones and items with lipo / li-ion batteries get sent via the netherlands if you use cheap registered post, takes a lot longer. Both my cellphones went via the netherlands. It's because china post wont send products with these types of batteries anymore.

      • Litb is slow shipping but I do get it eventually. Average time for me is 1 month to 1.5 months.

      • Gearbest gone dead, not gonna happen. You may as well cross them off the list from now on. Check Ozb posts and see how GB seemingly came to a halt this year. I was a GB fanboi, but yeah game over man

        • +1 vote

          Same dude, I don't even bother with GB anymore

      • My personal experienced with LITB is better than Gearbest. Will often buy from them when the price is cheaper than Gearbest. I bought this tablet from Gearbest and it took a month to arrived with express shipping. I know there was delayed due to Chibese New year holiday but a month waiting was painful. LITB delivered express post within 7 working days and 2-3 weeks for priority and 3&4 weeks for normal.

      • it has been below 200aud many many many times.
        my target is below 150 and so far the lowest ever is 156-158AUD

  • Great tablet and good battery life in my opinion. Best value tablet around. I love it.

    • that's good to know, because my wife said I wasn't allowed to buy a tablet (she wants to limit our use of computer screens), however if you want to look something up while on the couch, then this is much better than tiny cellphone screens. Also I think 1920x1200 is a great resolution, 1080 width is quite narrow in portrait mode.

    • Really? Battery life is garbage in the 2 i've had.

      Charge it, come back the next day after not even using it and it's sitting at 30%.

      • hmm completely opposite experience, probably something to do with the software inside.
        by the way, pm me if you are looking to sell one at discounted price of course. thanks

      • I use mine for spotify with my chromecast audio a lot of the time, lasts me 4-5 days.

  • Duplicate

  • just incase someone is looking to put simcard:

    3G WCDMA(1900MHz), WCDMA(1800MHz), WCDMA(900MHz), WCDMA (850/2100MHz)
    4G TDD(B41 2500MHz), TDD(B40 2300MHz), TDD(B39 1900MHz), TDD(B38 2600MHz), FDD(B3 1800MHz), FDD(B1 2100MHz)

    just 2 band for use in australia 4G?

  • I hope one day the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus will reach this price point, but the best that can be done is about $350aud after cashrewards on aliexpress. Similar specs except android 7.1 (so multi-window), USB-C, front-facing stereo, and 64GB.

  • Hmmm….
    Link it says $200.64

    • Possible exchange rate differed from the time of OP's original post?
      $220.49 with express post incl insurance. Does that sound reasonable to all?

      • 150 usd is the price. I used Google exchange rate converter. Best to pay in usd and not use litb or paypal currency conversion and convert using your credit card which probably gives better rates.

        I think it's not worth paying the extra for expedited shipping as it only saves you 10 days or something like that, it will still take quite a while to get to you.

  • Shipped today.

  • Has anyone tried using this as a media player? I'd like to take this when I travel, combined with MX Player Pro. Also bonus points: has anyone tried it using x265 media (HEVC)? Thanks in advance :)

  • seems to have finished?

  • Damn it missed out

  • Showing $240. Deal expired?

  • My tablet arrived. Unfortunately it has a problem. It can connect to 3g with a good signal, but it can't transfer data properly. Intermittently it will work for a minute then it will lose the data connection even though it starts connected to the cell phone tower. Hopefully light in the box will send me a new tablet and let me send this one back after i make a video showing then problem.

    • mine has arrived open… the seal broken. Testing it out now and will report back.

      • Mine had the seal broken too, but seems to be working fine. Haven't tested the 4g yet though. Does anyone know if this is maybe a standard thing with LITB?

    • Telstra 4G sim doesn't seem to load data. All goes to 3G for some reason when its a 4G tablet…

      Vodafone works with 3G and loads.


  • I've initatied a return/replacement with lightinthebox. I've also initiated a paypal dispute as the box was open…

  • I have to test mine again. My seal was broken but the protective film looked to be brand new.