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Sale on Sidchrome Socket, Spanner and Wrench Sets (from $152) - Special Order @ Bunnings


Not sure who they are price-matching, but a reduction in price on Assorted Sidchrome tools from Bunnings.

Please note these are a Special Order from Bunnings, you must purchase online or order in store
You can either Pick-up for free from your selected store, or have delivered for a flat rate of $10.00

Sidchrome 10 Piece Metric Pro Series Geared Spanners was $249.00 now $194.00

Sidchrome 52 Piece 1/2" Metric / AF Drive Socket And Wrench Set was $476.00 now $389.00

Sidchrome 68pc Metric/AF Socket/Wrench Set was $334.00 now $260.00

Sidchrome 16 Piece Metric 467 Pro Series Geared Spanners Set was $425.00 now $327.00

Sidchrome 12 Piece Metric Pro Series Geared Spanners Set was $275.00 now $207.00

Sidchrome 56 Piece 1/4″ And 1/2″ Metric / AF Drive Socket And Spanner Set was $430.00 now $380.00

Sidchrome 14 Piece AF 440 Pro Series Ring And Open End Spanner Set was $199.00 now $152.00

Sidchrome 60 Piece 1/4" Drive Socket Set With Adjustable Wrench was $229.00 now $194.00

Sidchrome 33 Piece 1/2" Square Drive Metric Socket Set was $235.00 now $218.00

Sidchrome 41 Piece 1/2dr Metric And AF Socket Set was $275.00 now $259.00

Sidchrome 56 Piece 3/8dr Metric And AF Socket Set was $264.00 now $250.00

Sidchrome 60 Piece 1/4" 1/2" Metric / AF Drive Socket Set was $379.00 now $371.00

Sidchrome 43 Piece 3/8” Metric And AF Socket Set as $230.00 now $222.00

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  • +2 votes

    Sidchrome 56 Piece 1/4″ And 1/2″ Metric / AF Drive Socket And Spanner Set Set was $380.00 now 430.00

    Price jacking!

    • +2 votes

      Dammit, doesn't matter how many times I check there is always something!

      Thanks Doweyy :)


    Damn, if the AF 13 piece geared spanner set was around $200ish like the 12 piece metric set I'd probably get it.

  • +2 votes

    Good quality but not great value for home use when compared to a cheaper Stanley or Millers Falls kit? Surely a cheaper brand kit is a better buy if you don't use it every day?

    • +3 votes

      But if you intend on working on cars every six months, do yourself a favour and get a decent set of common size sockets and spanners. It will make your life a whole lot easier, and less chancing of rounding off nuts on weekends where everything is shut.

      • +2 votes

        You’ll never regret buying a good tool, even if you use it twice at year


          Personally I only use quality hand tools (having access to a tool distributor does help with pricing!). But I can understand if one has to pay out of their own pocket at retail prices


          Twice a year is wayy more than some of us do. For example, i bought a Stanley set on sale for about $120. It has everything except an adequate extension bar. I've used it twice in about 3 years - battery and headlights. I hope to not use it again for another few years. I don't regret my decision to buy a cheap set at all


          stanley cr-v sets are fine i own a few , as good as sidchrome or kinchrome .. if you want better it’s german like stahlewille which i also own, or hazet or dowidat …….i get my german tools sent direct much cheaper than local.


          @garage sale:
          Where do you get your German tools cheaper than local?

        • +1 vote


          they are good on freight but it’s incremenetal so i tend to fill up so no wasted weight left, eg don’t order 1screw driver, order a set of spanners and a screw driver to get the most from freight.


        So are you saying that a similar set made by Stanley would possibly do damage in the process of removing nuts/bolts?


          Stanley isn't a bad manufacturer, sure they aren't what they used to be, but definitely decent enough for the home user, and even the apprentice mechanic. And in all honesty, you would probably have to do a lot of work before they have the chance to damage anything.


        I do odd stuff on my car every few months. A $50 Stanley kit has served me well for 7 years now.

        This $100 kit seems pretty decent…


    • +1 vote

      stanley own sidchrome …… so probabaly the same alloy , production lines etc …..


      Check out the ToolPro brand from Supercheap. The quality varies for the tools under that brand but some of them are very good for the price.

      Has anyone else had the problem with Stanley socket ratchets locking up or reversing on they're own? (Always at the worst time! Arm bent into some impossible angles to reach that bolt/nut) I've got both the black and chrome sets and the ratchets have always locked/changed on me. Often drop out of the lock and get stuck in the middle freewheeling, requiring two hands to reset. Or they won't lock in without a bit of maneuvering. They are serviceable with lube and tightening but are a hassle.

      The sockets themselves seem fine. But I get the Supercheap ToolPro ratchets to replace the Stanley. I also use ToolPro breaker bars etc. They are very nice for the price. One can never truly have too many extensions and joints in all the sizes. ToolPro "rainbow" shiny spanners are good too, although not the cheapest.

      Of course the expensive quality brands like SnapOn, Sidchrome et'al will last a long time and are a superior choice if you can afford them. As long as they are actually high quality and not just the brand name being thrashed. That is until you lose one or two in the dust/bush or someone borrowed it. Heh.

      Just go with a mix of brands, that way you can get the best value and best quality. There are a lot of perfect quality no-name brands out of China/Anywhere. A quality tool makes all the difference. Nothing worse than striping a bolt or screw due to poor fit. Or a screwdriver/spanner/implement turning to butter.

      Just fondle and fiddle with a tool before you commit to taking it home. :) Make sure it is robust and HARD.


      Thanks for the Deal Xev. I was chasing new multi-grips but they don't seem to be in the deal.

  • +1 vote

    Too true but this is still expensive

    • +2 votes

      Good tools cost money, but work out cheaper in the end.

      Have the 33pc metric bought over a decade ago. No rust, no rounded sockets. Might buy a second set and leave the old set for the old man. No room for AF here!


    Having spent too much money on rubbish, the saying "buy your last tool first" rings true for me, as does the saying "quality remains long after the price is forgotten" Sidchrome is generally "semi" professional quality.
    For a once in a lifetime user/hacker buy rubbish, for everyone else buy quality & buy it once.
    Flamesuit on!

    • +1 vote

      i rebuy tools like sockets not because they break …. its because i loose them ……and if you have 6 point sockets, they never round nuts.


    Keep hearing sidchrome ain't the king it used to be. My dad's got a tonne of it, but it's from back in the you'll never-hanna-manna-granda-spanner days.

    Still good? They do look a little cheaper now

    • -1 vote

      They definitely are nothing like the quality they were say 30 years ago.
      You can pick up some of the old stuff cheap from markets and garage sales. Just check where it is made (Aussie made is much better than made in Taiwan newer stuff) .
      I have many sidchrome tools, probably most of socket set.
      I just need/want a nice neat case of sorts to keep them in and in order like the case you get in new sets.


      the thing isn’t that sidchrome were made better 30 years ago , ( i have some ) , it’s that other tools have gotten better out of asia.

      metallurgy is no longer a mystic art but a science so they all have access to the same alloys.

      differences come into precision of manufacturing eg gap in open spanners.

      ANSI sets some minimum standards, that stanley and sidchrome are compliant with, as are gearwrench and many other brands.

      the only differentiator seems to be plating in regards to thickness, if shiny or matt.

      and you get plastic case or metal case which lasts longer.


        Yes, it is true that asia can (and does) make good tools sometimes.
        I would trust Aussie manufactured tools to be of a better quality and consistently manufactured well and with pride.


    If you can put your hands on Usag (Italy) or Wurth (Germany) go for it. Usag is my favourite but I have never seen them sold in Oz


      I have found Wurth is just a rebranded Hazet. Hazet in Europe is pretty reasonable.

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