expired 10% off @ Agoda Hotel Bookings


Saw this on Agoda's offers page -> "10% coupon on top of great deals worldwide"

Clicked on it, and the following was displayed
"Expires in 4 weeks!
Valid on bookings made 1 Feb 2018 through 30 Apr 2018 for accommodation that shows the option to enter a coupon code on the booking form."

I have found the standard Agoda rates to be lower than the Expedia(after 12% off) and CheapTickets (after 16% off). This code makes it sweeter.

Worked on quite a few hotel options. Not sure if there are any exclusions. I have applied it on a $2000 room as well and it applied.

Code looks generic.

Let me know how you go, may be there are some limits/exclusions.

You have to hit the 10% off box at the top centre of the page

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    Now this is tempting.


    Not working for me, says invalid.


    code didn't work for me……


    This discount may have been running for awhile, don't know how I missed it.

    You need to enable desktop mode on mobile or use a desktop. It may not work on mobile app.

    I also found this procedure which worked for me.

    1. Enable desktop mode

    2. Visit this hotel in Agoda first.

    3. You will get a pop-up with a 10% off voucher. Copy it.

    4. If not go to

    5. Find your hotel and change the currancy to the hotels country local currancy, then enter the coupon in the coupon box on the booking screen.

    • I think you got that from this page. Your links above need the parameters in the link. Their instructions work but it appears to be an affiliate link so you won't be getting cashback if you use that method. I'll see if I can work out how that works.

      EDIT: Figured it out, This link has the coupon box. No, that didn't work.
      EDIT2: This link Edited OP.


    Thanks Neil, I did not notice it was an affiliate link.


    Be aware that Agoda, like many other hotel sites, adjusts its prices depending on how you access the site. That 10% might also be obtainable through other referral sites or through newsletter links, not even with a coupon. Just FYI. And Agoda aggressively and opaquely restricts the use of certain coupons and gift vouchers.

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      Just use trivago to find the cheapest link to the hotel website you want to use.


      Yeah, experienced similar when trying to get the coupon code to work. Open up the link from this deal, then in another incognito window go directly to Agoda and check the prices. I only checked the 1 hotel but the 10% ended up almost the same price as the "special offer" they had on which doesn't show with the coupon.


        Worked fine for me, after making sure they had a good price on the hotel I wanted I tried to use the code, which it rejected. I used the special link, the code started working, I refreshed and put the code in again, and it worked.

        Seems shady though.

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    Better deal on cheapticket 16% with promo code BLOOM plus Cashback through ebates


      Thanks for the tip! I was going through Agoda and just can't find anywhere to enter in the promo code, this does end up to be better although I dont have an ebates acc.


    Where do you put the code?


    THANK YOU jitubisht took a couple of go's (page refreshes) but the code worked :)
    I'm in UK in September so it's good timing for me ……every little bit helps !!
    Amazing the daily price differences how they vary so much between Agoda/Hotels/Bookings/Expedia etc ….prices are like YoYo's ….hard to tell the best time to bite !


    Can't seem to get a field to input this code. I did get the promotion pop up but no code field during checkout.
    Maybe this is the case because I am booking cheaper >$20 hotels?

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      Hey mate, I was having issues getting the code box too. It worked for me in Chrome incognito mode.


        So in incognito mode you did not login? Did you activate the cashback as well? Thanks.


          Nope. With cashback I couldn't get the code box. I chose to use the code because it was instant and higher discount.

          I did login, but on the final confirmation page.



          Well, I get a personalised user discount when I login plus 6% cashback, it s better than 10% for a cheap hotel. I will have another go tonight to compare the final prices.
          Doesn't really matter, thanks for your help.


    Thanks OP and neil,
    Couldn't get the promo code box to show until I followed the link here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/5805217/redir
    Best price compared to all the others without the code, and then applied 10% more!


    Confirmed worked today 17/4/18 so 18% total discount off - and Agoda have price match if you find cheaper later.


    thanks op- didnt work when i normally login, but followed your instructions and got the 10%

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