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We have had such an overwhelming response to our site launch we are continuing to run our $200 discount with a free mattress protector, 2 free pillows and 2 free pillow protectors. That's a gift pack valued over $300. Oh and we provide free delivery ;-). Add any mattress to cart and we will apply the discounts and freebies. The promo runs on any size mattress from single up to king.

Unlike other mattress in a box companies, Kip Set is made by real mattress makers, SleepMaker. With over 100 years in the game, we're not afraid to say we're pretty damn good at it. We have designed a mattress with three integrated layers of high quality special purpose foams, with ventilation for air flow, that work together to give you the best sleep possible.

Check out the rest but if you want the best come to Kip Set, 95% of customers decide to keep their Kip Set. Enjoy the comfort of a 100 night free trial giving you till July 2018 to make up your mind.

Sleep tight :-).

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    we provide free delivery ;-)

    Not to everywhere, unfortunately, or I'd have bought one about five minutes ago.

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    mattress protector $39, covers $10 each, and pillows $10 for 2 tortine = $69 value..So unless these are those dunlop latex pillows I cannot see how this is $300 worth of gifts. And it isn't inclusive of the $200 discount as on their site it says $200 + $300 gift

  • +5 votes

    We like to see prices. Bargains have prices.

  • +3 votes

    Agree with PJC where are the prices? There’s a heck of a lot of blarb but no prices. Basically that equates to no bargain and I’m surprised this has not been seriously negged down already…


    The brand only remind me $$$$$$$ pricey!

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