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[PC] Tomb Raider Standard $2.99 US (~$3.88 AU), Tomb Raider GOTY $4.49 US (~$5.84 AU) @ Steam


Steam are having 85% off both of these awesome games, and it's rated Very Positive on Steam after 31,577 reviews! It's best to get the GOTY Edition as you're saving $33.29 US on DLC.

AU$ based on current exchange rate.

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    Nice find OP, good deal to start my gaming on Steam. Thanks😀

  • +19

    It's best to get the GOTY Edition as you're saving $33.29 US on DLC

    The DLC’s are a waste of time for this game. Just get the base game as it’s brilliant.

    • +2

      Agreed, the extra $1.50 for the DLC is not worth it.

  • Got GOTY

  • Good game, pretty good price.

  • Got it thanks!

    and im stuck already, within first few minutes where the guy grabs my legs in a tunnel and i die. i dont understand what im supposed to do. i tried a few button combos but keep dying.
    im using xbox controller. can anyone help?

    • +1

      Try pressing F for kick (not sure of the equivalent for the controller)

      • thank you. i will give it a shot :)
        i'll check control settings which one is kick

      • it works..

        it shows in screen something like <-LS->

  • +1

    Absolutely amazing game.. don't hesitate to grab it!

    • +1

      Agreed. Really surprised me how much I enjoyed it, well worth it at this price!

  • how does this compare to horizon zero dawn?

  • I already have the main game but not the DLC.

    If I get the GOTY as a gift, can I activate DLCs individually from the main game so I can give the main game to someone else?

    • Don't think so. The DLCs aren't worth it anyway - there's only a single story one, and the multiplayer stuff is all dead.

  • +1

    Don't get GOTY it's only multiplayer DLC and nobody played it even at launch, strictly a singleplayer game.

  • +1

    Already back up to 19.99 USD.

  • Damn… Cant believe I missed this.

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