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Free to Play: This War of Mine [Steam]


Enjoy :)

To celebrate the upcoming release of Frostpunk, 11 Bit Studios' previous indie hit is free to play until April 8th.


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    Will you also keep it after April 8th?

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      No, it's basically just a trial for the weekend. The base game is $5.99.

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    I've put close to 100 hours in to it, and it's at the top of my steam time list.

    • +6

      That makes me realise how much time I've wasted playing video games over the years. My top game alone has around 2200 hours. FFS.

      • +9

        4000 hours on dota… i could have had a PhD..

        • +2

          You probably do…in dota.

          Speaking of dota, I recently got into playing dota2 after not playing the original for about 7 years. So much has changed…

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          Meant Dota 2 on steam! Advice from a seasoned (ageing) veteran, do not get into it, becoming a toxic community and the guys are getting greedy re subscription based game play etc.

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          @tightm8: dota has always had a toxic community. hahaha That's what I love about it. Shit talking is awesome.

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          4000 hours on DOTA or a PhD… sounds like you made the right choice.

    • Wierd I have a playtime of 5-6 hours and thought I thought it was interesting and novel I kinda thought I had played it all at that point it was fairly repetitive. So I think a lot of people could easily get all they need out of this game on a free weekend of play.

      • each scenario plays out a little differently and the length of time till evacuation differs also.
        Interesting scenarios and level of difficulties too:

        from easy street: a house with a militia member and a street smart thief
        to struggle street: two old academics with limited carry space and no propensity to violence

        I got hundreds of hours out of it.
        Fond memories of checking out the door every 10am to see if new character would join the house

        Its a damn shame the recent additions to the game were only story-based DLCs, they have got a great basic idea and could have developed it further with persistent seller inventory, and a more complex city. Maybe turn it into a new game called the Sarajevo Sims

  • +1

    Too many depressing decisions to make. I couldnt handle more than 20min of this game

    • +9

      This depressing side scroller of mine.

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    Played this before, amazing game but defs semi depressing, so many hard decisions to make. I quit when one of my favourite characters died lolol

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    Does this include the child update? I never got around to actually trying that update.

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      its not that great, you can't send out the kids with AK to scavenge and raid the neighbouring houses
      they just stay home

  • i love this game too and anyone looking to try it should definitely take advantage of it!

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