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Google Home Mini (Coral) $55 Delivered (HK) @ Kogan


The Google Home Mini is a powerful smart speaker that is easy to set up wherever you want.

Voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant
Integrates with your favourite smart devices
Control music, streaming services, lighting and more just by using your voice
Compatible with a huge range of partners including Netflix, Spotify, Philips, Polk and more
Get instant answers about weather, traffic, finance, sports results and much more
The Google Home Mini allows you to control your entire home without having to lift a finger. Powered by Google Assistant, the Google Home Mini responds to voice commands, assisting you with everything from playing your favourite shows on TV to dimming the lights and setting the perfect temperature at home.

Ask away

Whether you want an update on the latest news or today’s weather, or have a question that you’re burning to know the answer to, simply turn to the Google Home Mini and ask away. Delivering the power of Google Search, the Google Home Mini is always on hand to provide you with the answers you need.

Convenient to set up

The compact, unobtrusive design of the Google Home Mini makes it the perfect addition to rooms of any size, whether you have a large home or a small apartment. A small device that’s larger than life, the Google Home Mini will truly simplify your life like never before.

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  • +2 votes

    $54.07 delivered w/PULL5 on their eBay store or $45 if you create an account via the referral link in this deal to get $10 in credit (Min spend $35)

  • the red is tempting. all the 2 for 79 deals were either white or black.

  • is there any difference between the AU version and the overseas version?

    • Nope, well yes.

      Overseas version is a US version - meaning support is only available within the US - go to Kogan for any support (including setup, dropouts etc)

      The US version comes with an AU power adaptor (USB) - usually a two port, with a kogan usb cable. You get the sealed box with the US adaptor in it, but they can't supply a convertor as they ran/run foul of the AU standards.

      On the hardware side, its region is US-EN and initial language is EN-US. When you power on, its in a yank accent, when you pair with your mobile / setup it switches to language EN-AU and then further restricts the feature sets to the AU models.

      Physically, the same, except power supply. Software wise, same firmwares - picks you local language and sets features based on that.

  • Cheers, got one. Tah

  • +1 vote

    Poor Coral was only released to make the other two look even better by comparison.

  • Coming up as $59 on their site?

  • Do we still get 6 months youtube red?

    • The mini version doesn't come with any Youtube Red. I believe it's only the more costly full sized Google Home which does.

      However new Google Play users can currently get 4 months of free Youtube Red according to this deal post. Whether it still works now or not i don't know.


      • my previous MIni gabe me 6 month of youtube red, now want to buy a new one if i can get other 6 months :)

        • How did it do that?. I bought a mini around Christmas from Harvey Norman and it didn't come with 6 months of Youtube Red. It came with none.

          I wonder if it's only applicable to the international model grey import and Australian stock buyers get shafted.

        • @hollykryten: mine from jbhifi, just go to home app and check offers, it was there for me