Is iMac The Cheapest Desktop ?

I'm planning to buy a decent desktop and strangely iMac seems to be the cheapest.
The "Retina 4K display 3.0GHz Processor 1TB Storage" gives a great screen along with "Radeon Pro 555".
Its fairly common to get 10% off apple at jbhifi . That will make the deal super sweet.
I have tried Dell/ Lenovo/ HP but could not find an equivalent deal.

Guess I have to change my perception that Apple is expensive :)


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  • What sort of price are we talking about here?

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  • iMacs are definitely not the cheapest desktop by a fair margin….
    Radeon Pro 555 is a basic laptop graphics card
    1Tb of slow HDD which can't be changed will make this computer obsolete as soon as you buy it.
    The only good thing going for it is MacOS and the 4K screen (which can not be used with other computers…)

    Also depends on what you have pre-exisiting? Good monitor? Keyboard? Speakers? Mouse? Anything you can recycle in your new computer will make it a lot cheaper.

    Also what are you planning to do with it?

    • I have a surface pro, no desktop at this moment.
      I'm looking to edit photos, make family movies and general office tasks.
      Surface pro is great but it's small screen is making me think of an upgrade.
      The only Apple product currently we use is my wife's iphone X. I use a Pixel 2 XL, I'm certainly not an apple fanboy.
      I'm also into some android programming which I find comfortable on surface pro, but a bigger screen will always be handy.

      • Why not just buy a large monitor (needs miniDP to DP cable) + wireless keyboard and mouse to attach to your surface?

        This would be your most bang for your buck.

        If you need more power later on than you can then buy the desktop.

        • Or a dock for the surface and make the setup a bit nicer to plug into.
          Surface Pro's only have 2 USB's at most, so a dock would make life a lot easier.

      • This imac's display is only 21.5 inches…

      • Monitor route would be fine

  • Mate, you didn't even include a price…

  • OP your not too far off the mark. Quickly putting together a similar config on PCParkPicker the tower came to $749. Adding in the LG UltraFine Monitor at $1000 and a keyboard and mouse plus the cost of windows would bring the total cost to around the cost of that iMac.

    The components in that iMac are however not optimal and spending less on the screen and upgrading the hard drive to an ssd and getting a better value graphics card would result in a computer that would out perform that imac.

    There is of course the argument of MacOS vs Windows…


    build a hackintosh.

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  • The price isn't too bad for the package really. Take for example the 27 inch 2017 iMac variant with an 8GB graphics card. You get a 2TB fusion drive (which has a 128gb SSD in it), an absolutely gorgeous 5k display, and thunderbolt 3 ports that can support external GPUs. Also, it can apparently support VR as well. Any custom rig with similar specs would come quite close to that price point.

    I bought a 2015 iMac for $2700 in early 2016 and sold it last month for $2300. And I bought the 27 inch 2017 iMac variant with an 8GB graphics card for $2900. I can play many of the new games on pretty high graphic settings with no issues. The system looks sleek AF, I would still get a pretty good resale value on it if I plan to upgrade a few years down the line, you dont get that with a custom rig.

    • The screens definitely set them apart but you can get AIOs with better specs for less money nowadays. Resale value is a very valid point for all Apple products.

      • I haven't seen an AIO system that can match the specs of the system I got.

        The best alternative option is the Microsoft surface studio which costs 1.5k more and has only a 64gb SSD, 1TB HDD, 2gb graphics, and 16gb RAM which cant be upgraded. So basically all specs halved or worse compared to the 8Gb Gfx variant of the 2017 iMac at a higher price. The only plus is the touchscreen.

        Another alternative is the HP Pavilion which is 1.5k cheaper than my iMac but no SSD, RAM limited to 16gb, 4gb graphics etc. But it has a touchscreen.

        So ye, specs wise only a more expensive branded gaming rig or a custom build that would cost the nearly the same is close to comparison.