Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Update Finally Available in Australia

After waiting so long, seems like they've hosted the file on a 386 with 56k dialup connection!
1gb is taking an eternity to download.


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    1gb is taking an eternity to download.

    you must not have NBN

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      Speedtest shows 96/38mbps so no my nbn seems ok for everything else.

  • Took a few hours for me when I downloaded it a few weeks ago (Optus). Worth it though!

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      Was gonna say, got it a few weeks back on telstra

      Haven't noticed much difference tbh

  • I can't tell what version my s8+ is, is version 8.0 Oreo?

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      Settings - About Phone - Software Information
      Android Version is 8 if on Oreo

      Can double tap android version for a silly android animation.

      • Oo thanks! Yes to 8.0.0 but no animation for me :(

  • be wary that if you are not a Facebook fan, Optus install it for you with the Oreo system update and make it a system app to prevent removal!. You will need a tethered PC, dev mode, and to be confident with ADB commands to delete it.

    • My S8 has been that way since I got it pre-ordered at JB hifi (so no Telstra/optus branding). I dont think Oreo update causes this?

  • I've heard bad things about battery usage after people have updated to Oreo, figured i'll hold off on the update

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    Been out a while now?

    • If you got a custom OS then yeah it's been out for a while now. But if you were waiting for the official release then I don't know. Can't access the proper server to see official updates.

      • No customer release, on Telstra, had it about a month ago. Although a Month is not a long time i guess. Just feels like ive had it a while now.

  • Err.. the Oreo update for the S8 and + has been out for some weeks now (on Australian carriers - i.e. TEL and XSA CSCs), it's not a new thing?

  • Couldn't be that long ago as I manually checked end of March.
    Used to have a notification when new update was available even if don't have auto install turned on, that didn't seem to happen on my device.