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Hi all,

So if you're a fashion icon like me and enjoy wearing garish ties, why not show your love for the greatest little one-season TV show in the whole 'verse! Great for all occasions, goes particularly well with anything brown. Everyone knows that if you see a man (or woman) walking down the street wearing this tie, s/he isn't afraid of anything!

I'll stop now, but seriously, it's $12 for a cool tie. Buy it. Now. Off you go.

Oh also EB Games has it 'on sale' for about $26 down from $35. Except you can't order online and pick it up in-store. You can with Zing! though, still trying to figure that one out…

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    Big upvote here.. don't wear ties for work anymore but very cool. Don't need it..lol ..

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    I just use to be a lowly worker in the mall room, until one day I wore this tie to work..
    Within a week I was promoted to CEO.


      I wore this exact tie to the club one night, and walked out with 5 hot chics. Then when it came time to take off the tie, the spell was broken and they all disappeared. Now I leave the tie on.

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    Definitely the worst tie ever, but upvote for the best TV show ever.


      Everyone must know. We can bring it back!!! … Maybe


        No. It stays at legendary status. If they bring it back, they will (profanity) it up. They (profanity) up EVERYTHING they bring back.


    Plus around $9 for delivery - might need to add it to the title/description?


    I actually got this tie for Christmas - it's great! I love to wear it and I always get nods of approval from others when they see it.