expired Bellini 90cm Curve Glass Stainless Rangehood $197 @ Bunnings (was $329)


The Bellini 90cm curve glass rangehood is affordable, stylish and designed for easy everyday use. A combination of European stainless steel design, and quality finishes make this rangehood the perfect, functional addition to any modern kitchen.

  • Stylish curve glass design
  • 3 speed fan operation
  • 2 x 20 Watt halogen lights
  • Aluminium filters
  • 10 Amp plug in power supply

Don't forget to change the lights to LED (G4)

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  • +2 votes

    hmmm, I suspect this product is the same, hence the price beat?



    Yet to find a range hood that does what its supposed to.


    Do the aluminium filters fit in the dishwasher?

  • +5 votes

    Missing the most important spec for a range hood - suction!


    Our new (old) house has what looks like an identical but different brand unit and I can’t say I’d recommend it. Design is dated. Fans are very very loud. 12vdc power supply for the lights was dead when we got it.


    Not all rangehoods are made equal. For something that needs to be built into your house and roof, it's best not to cut cost. Cheap ones like this will cause issues, e.g.:

    • Very noisy
    • Not enough suction, causing oil to fly around your kitchen instead of getting sucked up
    • Inadequate filters

    Our old one had all 3, and the oil kept leaking from the motor, though the filters, onto our cooktop. Did not have enough suction, and we could not hold a conversation when it was running. Our old and new one look almost the same, except the new one works and is manufactured properly. Don't judge a rangehood by its look - check for noise levels and suction


      Wait… what?

      Rangehoods are meant to suck up oil that would normally hit a person or a wall?

      I feel like it would need a jet engine inside to make that happen…

      • +3 votes

        Small oil particles which are airborne. Not talking about splashes of oil. That would be awesome, but would likely suck the food out of your pans and distribute it around the neighbourhood.

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    Don't forget to change the lights to LED (G4)

    I tried that with ours - no success.

    LED bulbs cannot handle high heat without melting, and in our case the enclosure was very small and got extremely hot inside. I went through 2 sets of (different model) G4 bulbs, both of which melted/burned. Only halogen can handle the heat inside the light enclosure for ours, and I suspect the same applies to other rangehoods. Be careful not to set your house on fire.


      Does your rangehood have a cover for the lights?

      I've changed mine to LED and never had an issue, it also would never get hot enough for it to be an issue due to the light cover.


        Yes. For mine, the lights are in a dome-shaped enclosure with a glass cover. It gets hot because it is enclosed and the bulb generates heat, not from the heat of the stove.


          What kind of bulbs were they?

          Mine are 3W LED bulbs from bunnings and they run cool, like all LED's should.


          @samfisher5986: I think about 5W. You must have the Phillips ones - they couldn't fit in my rangehood (larger than the original G4's). Phillips is always good - mine were Chinese ones not meant to be used in enclosed unit.


    Note: If you are after charcaol filters for this model they are also available (to order) from Bunnings