Which Bottled Water Companies Use BPA FREE? Prepackaged Bottled Water Only

I've tried to look at a few of the major companies but have not come across any recently with the bottle labels stating they are PBA free.

I don't use them often so a 24 pack may last a while so I'm concerned about them sitting around and the chemicals leaching into the water.

Should I be looking out for more than just PBA FREE?

If someone knows of any please let me know
Thanks in advance


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      VOSS all the way….. I only drink and bath in VOSS!

      • How does one get direct pipe access to the Norwegian artesian source?

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          haha I wish….. You should see my recycling bin!

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    PET bottles do not contain BPA, so all of them. Basically a PET bottle stating it is BPA free is like a sugar packet stating it is fat free.
    Some fun facts about the PET bottle here: https://napcor.com/frequently-asked-questions/

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    I am just wondering…

    Would VOSS be the next 'eneloop' in the bottled water market?


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      Possibly, they are technically re-usable and recyclable.

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    Just filter tap water into a stainless steel bottle

    • Stop confusing the OP!!

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    just drink from the tap, dont need a bottle then.

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    Just get this one, guaranteed to inspire awe among your friends

    (also BPA free)

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    Even if you find BPA-free ones, you are most likely ingesting small plastic particles.

    According to article : Plastic particles found in bottled water

    Tests on major brands of bottled water have found that nearly all of them contained tiny particles of plastic

    Currently, there is no evidence that ingesting very small pieces of plastic (microplastics) can cause harm, but understanding the potential implications is an active area of science.

    Until the implications of ingesting small plastic pieces on a continual basis is clear, as others have said, water from the tap is probably a safer alternative.

  • Why don't you buy a filter bottle or something like that instead of contributing an already ridiculous level of excessive plastic?