Best TV for Watching Sport - under $600

Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions for the best TV for watching sport on.
Looking in store is often hard to gauge for the few minutes you look.
Budget under $600
Size: around 50"

If you often watch sports and your happy with your TV, would be great to hear make and model.

I do no want any trailing of the ball.

Currently have Plasma’s, which have been good. AFL basketball cricket tennis nrl union all good viewing on it.



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    10k OLED


    I watch sport on a cheapo Palsonic 4k 55 inch from big W don't see any motion blur or lines however its more motor racing than running, Cricket looks fine, soccer ok don't watch rugby league or tennis

    I guess its all down to the telecast where possible I use a HD channel rather than the std def if its available ( i.e) SBS or Nine HD rather than sbs or nine) while the tv ramps up 720P to 1080 ok the HD channels have a better sound stream through my 5.1 sony system

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    hisense 50n6


    buy another plasma


    Anyone else got any other suggestions?


      I am right now tossing between an older kogan KU8000 panel or the new Android tv kogan shipping may 15 and a JVC one from eBay.

      Can't decide between 48" JVC ($349 but need to figure out delivery), 55" Kogan ($520 free delivery), 50" Android TV Kogan with HDR ($599 + delivery), 55" JVC ($449 to $549 for curved equivalent but also need to work out shipping) and a 60" JVC ($549 plus need to figure out delivery).

      The 55" and 50" Android TV looks the most best for me but the 48" is the best value by far. I will be staring at this screen for some time so I am thinking the 60" JVC for $549 and delivery cost is the best one atm as the 65" is an extra $200 so $749

      But then the Android TV is pretty bomb and am thinking this will be the best decision especially when the larger models come out as it has HDR which is perfect for me (Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, YouTube, Netflix)


        Have you seen jvc on display?
        I’ve seen them while back and we’re by far worst picture I’d seen if any brand it stuck with me how bad it was for that brand.


          Yeah I think I came to the same conclusion before but forgot.. this is why I come back to the place of shopping heaven because you guys are my conscience

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