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limit tenants to non pet owners
29/09/2023 - 18:09
buy the monitor you want first, waiting a few months to see where the market is at and what deals can be found then
25/08/2023 - 06:34
just put the url into your browser I got the formatting symbols mixed up or do a google search on T420 its not hard? [Ebay T420…
14/08/2023 - 12:37
looks great till I enter postcode for postage no items available for your area LOL I live on Cooloola coast Q
12/08/2023 - 07:01
Take pc down to local servo with older style manual air gun make sure covers are off, blow out with air no cost
11/08/2023 - 05:30
Keep a gun burglar enters house, shoot burglar, then shoot roof tell cops you fired warning shot into roof 1st he kept coming
06/08/2023 - 07:52
well, while I game I don't have a console but a mid range PC capable of most games at up to 4k. My problem is having moved to a 1 room…
05/08/2023 - 14:28
I can remember a mate going into Harvey Norman many years ago and buying a 2x? cd player with a soundblaster card for 499.00, cd mind you…
03/08/2023 - 06:18
go [here]( to see many DIY things to make, projects etc some involve circuits and soldering some woodwork etc
25/07/2023 - 15:54
watched 1 episode and thought it was overrated never bothered with it again. I resigned up but looking at what's avail I've already watched…
23/07/2023 - 17:32
Phillips is now being [sued](…
19/07/2023 - 18:43
I used to play Battlechess on my a 500 and later a 600 I sold them at Computerspot Burwood for some time in the early 90's amazing what…
17/07/2023 - 22:52
Is this subtitled for English?
16/07/2023 - 08:05
Make sure you have the original receipt that way they cant use that as an excuse to not deal with you
12/07/2023 - 07:50
best way to get the tenants to talk is to go to the house and let them know you are the landlord take a cop along . and remove both the…
24/06/2023 - 20:45
Thanks went there and ordered free del got it for 723.00
24/06/2023 - 15:24
Might be ok for you to spend heaps on the real thing but the whole point of a hackintosh was to get a mac for peanuts using older or…
16/06/2023 - 18:43…
09/05/2023 - 22:13
dodgy site with canned reviews maybe spelling is bad I'll pass after seeing the url muckup and that a mod had to fix it?
02/05/2023 - 18:39
send me the link to aud 30 dollar drives please I'll buy a few?
25/04/2023 - 21:22
yeah rub it in sorry I made a comment
09/03/2023 - 15:07
did a ppsr? check to see if vin etc matched previous rego label (still had those in 99) got motor registry to check if car was stolen etc…
07/03/2023 - 11:10
sure, in my case I made the effort to be there as I don't trust r/e agents, had several leave lights on and garage door unlocked after 1…
07/03/2023 - 11:07
Feed them? Lawyers are so poor others have to pay for their kids to go to fancy schools, have flagship phones and live on takeaways
06/03/2023 - 17:34
How did the "Your very efficient REA" when doing inspections not see the different tenant . Surely they had met the original tenant when…
06/03/2023 - 17:31
OP could think of friend with oil leaking car that would be enough to get really angry
06/03/2023 - 17:20
Here's a true story happened to me some years back Bought privately a vn wagon needed a bit of work etc unreg but vin etc, and PP whatever…
06/03/2023 - 17:09
Get two big carpet pythons build secure wire "run" the length of the fence let pythons loose no more mice problems
24/02/2023 - 23:51
when you say it wont turn on is power getting to the cpu, as in is the cpu fan spinning. I'd check if the power on button may be screwed
22/02/2023 - 01:38