How to Use 150,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer to Its Best

Hi guys , I have about 150,000 qantas points and might apply for a new card offering another 100,000 . I’ve done some digging and noticed about 20,000 gets you $100 grocery voucher . Some say use points to upgrade flight . I’m just a simple guy running a family so wanted to check what people like me who don’t carry Louis Vuitton all the time have used these points for to get the best value


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    Using the points for a grocery voucher is terrible value at only 0.5c per point. On the Ozbargain Classifieds, you can get at least 1 cent per point cash for selling the points to other people who use them to buy or upgrade to Business/First Class flights.

    Otherwise using the points for simple economy tickets will also get you a bit above 1 cent per point depending on taxes etc.

    If you provide some more details on what you want I might be able to help you out with some recommendations.


      Thanks a lot for this. I didn’t know you could sell them - can you please guide me how I can sell them please ? Or tra safer them for $$ guaranteed ? I tried using it for a family Bali holiday in August and paying for a Qantas flight gave me $1000 off for 150,000 points so didn’t seem a good value as well considering I could sell them for like $1500


        For you, maybe message tuvz He takes care of everything that way, I've used him before and he is very good and will send you the money straight away.

        Otherwise, the process is usually to put an ad on the Ozbargain Classifieds, someone will PM you and you use the Family Transfer function to transfer the points to them and they then transfer you the money. This is risky however, because Qantas can ask for verification at any time and if you fail to prove a family relation to the transferee, the points will be voided and your accounts suspended.

        Maybe have a look at some of the other classifieds listings to get an idea of how it works


          Safest and best value is to sell redemptions. Buyers who want to travel Business Class will pay well for a redemption and still end up paying less than half of the price of a Business Class ticket. And it IS within the Qantas t & c's to redeem points for a ticket in someone elses name.
          Selling points is not within the Qantas t & c's and can be detected by frequent transfers by either party.
          Selling redemptions is not within the Qantas t & c's but not detectable.
          Buyers pay you first, and so there is no risk to you of non-payment.
          (I have bought 1 business class redemption before)

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        Also, it sounds like you were using points + pay for those bali flights, that is really bad value. You want Classic Reward Seats.

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        Selling them is a massive risk imo. Qantas has really cracked down on transfers to random people and hour account can end up suspended and you don’t get anything.

        Do a family holiday. Easily the best value.

        I tried using it for a family Bali holiday in August and paying for a Qantas flight gave me $1000 off for 150,000

        I don’t get what that means ? Did the taxes add up to only $1000 less than paying cash ?

        You’d be better off doing a Europe trip.


          @knick007 It sounds like they were using them for Points + Pay and only got a $1000 discount on their flights.

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    transfer them all to me


    The best value of QFF points comes from a round the world Classic Award for 140K points for one person in economy. However, being a family man, the OP does not have enough to take the family on this holiday.

    This award allows for 5 stops anywhere in any order as long as total distance does not exceed 30K miles.

    We got one booked in August going Melbourne - Vietnam - Bahrain - Rome x Paris - New York x Washington x Los Angeles - Melbourne.


    Best value would be redeeming Classic Award flights for Economy for your family. If you're patient enough, you can wait for a 30% off (or 50% off) deal that they have on redemptions.

    Previous deals:
    30% off:
    50% off:


      Even with the discounts, Qantas usually has very high fees and taxes (I think the same whether Economy or Business Class).
      I would suggest comparing these costs to the prices of other airlines for the same trip.


    That's awesome thanks guys, I will use Classic rewards when sales are like 50% . Love this website and help.

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