Safer Way to Sell Any Airline, Bank or Credit Card Points - Enquire Within

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If you are not using your frequent flyer points for premium travel, you are losing out!

I can change that.

Dont use your points for economy flights, gift cards or overpriced headphones at horrible redemption rates!

Cash out your points for more and get paid today!

Generally I will pay 1 cent per point

Being the Number 1 points buyer on Ozbargain means I ensure safe practice and professionalism for every transaction - sell with confidence :)

Please PM me with any inquiries.

Note: The Moderators have asked me to list this ad here instead of in the classifieds as I run a registered business. Moderators take no responsibility and you are selling/trading at your own risk.


  • I do not sell points.

  • Obviously the airlines don't allow buying/selling of points and in no way am I suggesting they do. The methods I use minimize the risks involved and for that reason I obviously wouldn't publicize them here.

  • I ask users to PM me because I speak to everyone of my clients individually over the phone. This allows any questions or concerns to be answered and we only proceed if they are 100% satisfied. This also helps me personalize the experience and results in happy customers.

I am not pressuring anyone to sell me points. Get in touch if you think my service may be of use to you and hopefully i can help you as i have done for hundreds of Ozbarginers already :)


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    Interesting. Do you have published fixed rates somewhere? Thanks

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      Generally its the ozbargain going rate of 1 cent per point. please PM for more info.

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        Ok. So I'm thinking my 29 woolworths everyday reward points aren't of interest. It's taken me 2.5 years to get them.

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    FYI I was v sceptical about the whole points selling thing. Decided to take a chance and have since sold close to $10K points to TUVZ. Not only has he been reliable and a nice bloke, only last week I went to sell all my remaining points for $2300, he got back to me and pointed out that I added up the points wrong and paid me the correct amount which was almost $1000 more. There's more integrity right there than I've ever seen by any other person in business.

    Can't recommend more highly.

    Flick me a PM if you have any questions.

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      Thanks Bellpop. Always a pleasure working with you.

      Speak soon.

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        TuvZ, I recommend a tablet of rates (how much $$ per points) and what the details involved are, as well as possible details of your business (where applicable). It'll reduce the number of questions you'll need to answer.


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          Agreed. tuvz solicited me once for points, and after asking a very explicit question as to points value for a certain amount of points, I received some very vague answers that didn't go close to answering my question.

          It's good to hear Bellpop has a different experience, but it was a frustrating exchange for me that could've been solved simply by an exchange table, and since left me less inclined to want to exchange with a vague and secretive operator. And that's before you even get to the legalities surrounding selling points…

        • +1



          I am sorry you had that experience and I appreciate the feedback.

          Looking back through my messages i see that i PM'd you similar to what i wrote above…
          That is, I generally pay the going rate of 1 cent per point.


        • Description updated with rate of 1 cent per point.

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          What makes you think he needs to disclose every bit of information to you and be 100% transparent? It's quite simple, the rate is 1 point = 1 cent. That's all you need to know, nothing more, nothing less.

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          Nothing illegal about selling points, in most instances your are breaking the terms of your loyalty program but there's definitely no criminality involved. Some may even argue not being able to transfer your points is considered an unconscionable clause and is unenforceable, but I wouldn't be taking Qantas to court over some QFF points.

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      have since sold close to $10K points

      Is this tax free (FBT) or declarable income?

      • 250k points is the limit to be captured by FBT

        • Once you sell it for real money, it becomes income. Not Fringe Benefits. If he's not declaring it, he's evading taxes and ATO frowns on that.

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      How does one accrue 1 million points?!

      • +1

        Travel a lot for work, sign up for credit card introductory offers

        (No, I don't have 1 mil points)

    • +4

      So you are saying you couldn't add up your points and multiply them with .01 ?
      That is points to a tune of a 100,000.

    • +5

      8 month later update: I no longer recommend TUVZ. He took more points from my account than was negotiated. He also pressured me into changing my for sale price to look like we sold them for a lower price than we worked out, so he could manipulate the market. Would I work with TUVZ again? No.

      • +1

        Hi Bellpop,

        I am sorry you had this negative experience. You are correct that I unintentionally used 20k extra points.
        This was an honest mistake which i normally would rectify myself but i obviously missed it. Sorry

        However as soon as it was brought to my attention I sent you money ASAP.

        I have made numerous transactions with you and have purchased close to a million points.
        On a previous occasion you miscalculated the amount of money and points sold to me which meant you asked me to pay you $1000 less then what should have been paid. I picked this up straight away and paid you the extra money.
        Mistakes are a part of life, but its how we rectify them which counts.

        I try my best to account for every single point and dollar and the hundreds of positive comments attest to that.
        I am sorry that i let you down on this occasion


        • Thanks for your philosophical response. Also, you haven’t mentioned deliberatly manipulating and deceiving the ozbargain community regarding the price they can sell their points for. You know, by buying at one price and then having the the selling make it look like it was considerably less in an effort to take funds from future sellers.

      • Hi Bellpop,
        Would you be able to share the current market rate for 1 Qantas Point?

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    i have some HK express points, i:ll contact you tonight about them

  • tuvs - have you had any hassles at all with either Virgin/Qantas suspending yours or the seller accounts?

    • +1

      No. I plan to keep it this way:)

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        Interesting. I purchased some points 3 years ago on OzBargain and got called by Qantas, both our accounts locked and I had to admit to what I was doing. They confirmed with me they saw my advert on OzBargain.

        Qantas were really good about it and gave me a warning instead of forfeiting all my remaining points, however there is no way I would ever try and do it again. There has been a few reports over the years of similar things happen to other people, so I guess it's just good to put it out there in case people think this is risk free.

        • How were they able to determine that? Did you post your phone number/email or something?

        • +2

          @ronnknee: Nope. Just the amount of points I was after. A seller contacted me, we did the transaction, and within a few hours I had a phone call and my account was locked out.

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    Tuvs are you my cousin? ;)

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      Want to go bowling?

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      Do you live in Tasmania?

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    Positive experience with tuvz. Nothing to complain about and very easy to deal with. Prompt payment too.

    • +1

      Thanks mate.

      Pleasure working with you as well.

  • +5

    can vouch for tuvs, top bloke

    • Thanks Jason

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    What do you use all the points for?

    • +100

      Hes on a plane flying firstclass, 24/7 non stop around the world… no stops, in air fueling…

      If his body goes below 1000kph it explodes

      • Sounds like a script for a movie..

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          "the plane that couldn't slow down"

      • Unable to upvote this. Mate you made me to choke on my lunch!!

        • ha thanks for the notification, my humour usually isn't to most people's taste

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    How is it possible to run a business which buys points like this when it is against airline rules?

    • -1

      How is it possible to run a business which buys points like this when it is against airline rules?

      Ever bought gift card using Amex for cash back? Exactly..

      • +5

        Sorry I don't understand. How does your response answer my question? Yes I have purchased a gift card using an Amex before…..??

        • Yes I have purchased a gift card using an Amex before

          FYI - that's against the Amex cash back offer rules.

        • @RockMeLoOn: What on earth are you talking about?

          Buying a gift card with AMEX, whether you're talking about using an AMEX Credit Card to buy a gift card, or using AMEX points to buy a gift card are not against any rules…

        • +2

          @RockMeLoOn: I am still very confused by your comments. Yes I have an Amex credit card. Yes I have used it to buy gift cards before. Either I am a bit slow or you need to explain your comments better? What cash back are you referring to?

        • +2


          When Amex has a cash back offer like this, buying gift card is against their rules for cash back but we still buy gift cards and we still get cash back.

        • +1

          @RockMeLoOn: It is not against their rules to buy gift card. You dont manually apply for cashback after purchase. You sign up for the cashback offer and if you are eligible you get your money back, if not you dont. Simple as that. Its not our problem that they dont have a way of differentiating gift card purchases from normal purchases.

        • +1

          @praga: then use your logic it is not seller and buyer problem if airline can't differentiate the selling transaction.

        • +1

          @samehada: Well in the Amex situation you are not breaking their T&Cs (The T&Cs says you dont get cashback for gift card purchases, if you get then it is not your problem) but here you are. The airline can differentiate transaction if you are not careful hence some people got their banned. So no Amex and this is not the same.

        • @praga: I understand transferring Airline points, but how do you transfer AMEX points?

        • @Peck: Sorry I have no idea how to do that, and I was not talking about transferring AMEX points. My comment was in regards to AMEX cashback gift card purchases

        • @praga: Oh ok. ta!

  • Any minimums?

    • Can usually work with 5k+

      • +5

        5k Dollars or points?

        • +2

          5k points

  • +3

    i like your name

    • :)

    • +2

      i like your name

      are you hitting on tuvz?

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    Hi Tuvz,

    I'm Just a skeptic. Please help me understand more. What are you doing with the points? What is your business doing? Do you have a website? Is this legal/unethical?

    If satisfied with the answers, I'd be happy to do a trade.

    Thanks! (I'm excited and curious!)

    • +3

      Yeah, same.
      I want to know more before proceeding.
      Do you onsell the points?
      Are you connected to ?

      • -4

        no affiliation with points hacks

        i have answered some of the common inquiries in the original post

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    Another satisfied transactor with tuvz here. Dealings were of the utmost integrity and I will be dealing with him again in the future for sure. Suffice to say I won't be selling points in the OzB classifieds again.

    For those who doubt the legitimacy or question the risk of a points sale, I suggest you PM tuvz directly with your questions. I had the same plus more and there are valid answers to all of them.

    • +7

      For those who doubt the legitimacy or question the risk of a points sale, I suggest you PM tuvz directly with your questions. I had the same plus more and there are valid answers to all of them

      But why PM? If purchasing points is a legitimate and legal practice, surely those questions can be answered in a public forum? Transparency can gain trust and goodwill, not to mention further business.

      • +2

        It's legal, but against terms and conditions of airline programs.


        19.3 Points do not have a monetary value and cannot be converted to money. They cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The prices for additional Points do not represent a monetary value for Points.


        10.8.4 Points do not have a cash value and cannot be converted into cash. They cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The price paid for Points does not represent a monetary value for the Points.

      • +7

        Let's not forget that this is tuvz' business. It's not prudent to give away trade secrets so easily. Frankly I was shocked by the level of detail tuvz went to on the phone.

  • do you also sell points?

  • +1

    Hi Tuvz
    Can we buy points from you? Price? Thanks.

  • There are a few outstanding questions by others above Tuvz.
    Also I would like to know how you do it safely when others have failed. Or are the answers 'Commercial in Confidence' ?

    • Have added a FAQ to the original post


  • +5

    So if you don't sell points you must sell business class and up airfares?

  • I know you don't sell, but do you swap?
    24k of QFF for Velocity?

    • Don't buy or swap. Sorry.

      • +1

        Thanks for reply!

        • +3


          the above comment should say sell* :)

  • +8

    So many nosey people here thinking they're entitled to know everything about the business and all of tuvz's trade secrets, which I'm sure he has worked hard to find and secure. When you sell something on Gumtree, do you go asking the buyer what they plan to do with the item and what their business tactics are (if they're a business)? No, you don't. Same concept here.

    • +6

      In saying that, +1 for tuvz. Sold him some points a while ago and the transaction(s) was/were extremely smooth. Would definitely sell to him again.

      • +2

        Thanks Nurries, Was a pleasure working with you.

    • +4

      Well, I don't go on gumtree to sell something governed by membership rules pertaining to the product and my conduct. So no, not quite the same. As tuvz says above:

      Obviously the airlines don't allow buying/selling of points and in no way am I suggesting they do. The methods I use minimize the risks involved

      So if I choose to transact, it is in my best interest to pursue a path of due diligence that will avoid (if not eliminate) any repercussions from the transaction. And so I ask for information to satisfy myself that the transaction won't carry repercussions (legal, financial or otherwise).

      If the seller cannot provide adequate information to assist in eliminating my doubt, I won't transact. For me, tuvz hasn't. But as frequent flyers often say, YMMV.

      • +14

        I do my best and thankfully I have hundreds of satisfied clients here on Ozbargain.

        Originally you didn't want to speak to me over the phone and therefore i was unable to explain to you how i do business or answer any of your concerns.

        If you don't trust me or the way I work, that's fine…i don't need to buy your points.

        I am not forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do, I'm just providing a different opportunity to those who are interested.


      • -3

        You're being hypocritical here. You definitely know that trading point is against the airline rules so what you're intending to do with tuvz is going to be in the shady zone. It is similar to a druggie demanding to know what his dealer going to do with his money or where he source the crack from. Using those due diligence excuses is nonsense in this case and not justified for your intention to sell point. Unless you're selling something legitimate otherwise you have no such rights. You sound like a nosey buyer want to know his trade secrets.

    • Ozbargain is a community of hopefully like minded people who want to help each other and feel free to chat. Gumtree is not!

  • +1

    Add me to the list of satisfied clients. I sold Tuvz some points today with no issues. Communication was first rate and payment was fast. Would recommend to anyone.

    • Thanks mate,

      Gr8 working with you!

  • What airlines points will you buy outside of qv and va?

    • Singapore, cathay, etihad, emirates, amex/bank rewards and hotel points. To name a few

      • Malaysian airlines?

        • Probably not cause they suck now lol

          And also not sure if they can even be transferred.

  • So I've been using my points for economy flights. The premium flights seem to cost double the points or more? Can you explain how it's more worth it for premium flights?

    • +4

      if you look at the cost of business/first class flights compared to an economy flight, they cost way more than double the $$, more likely 3-4x the $$. So in that sense, premium-class flights are more worth it, more bang for buck/frequent flyer point

      Of course, this only makes sense if you appreciate flying in premium classes, if you're happy flying in economy, then it won't really be worth it for you.

    • +1

      generally I buy a cheap economy tickets (making sure it is at least upgradable) and always on flights with the lower passenger numbers then use points for upgrade. can make the points worth 3 or 4 cents each this way, great bang for buck if you fly a lot.

  • +15

    With the reduction in interchange fees that banks can charge, most banks have made it much harder to earn points. As an example, earn on Bank Issued Amex cards are worse than Visa/MC and many banks have introduced caps on number of points you can earn a month.

    In the long-term, I see an increase in the valuation of a point to closer to 1.5c on the black market as the supply will reduce over time as people are not signing up to new cards and bonus points are being reduced. Personally, I wouldn't let go of my points for anything less than 2c/pt, but I value my points much more than others as I travel frequently. However I may be wrong and people will continue to let go of their points at 1c/pt as there are plenty of uninformed sellers and not that many willing professional buyers/brokers like tuvz for there to be an efficient market.

    Here is pointshacks' valuation

    If you're desperate to monetise your points and you were going to redeem your points on gift cards or toasters and are happy to get ripped off by the banks then by all means use tuvz to sell at what I consider below the market rate. He provides a great and reliable service. The method in which he takes control of your points makes it hard for the airline to detect.

    However, even redeeming Economy Flights with Classic Rewards, you should be able to attain better than 1c/point on most routes and if you redeem business/first class flights, redemption value can be anything from 2c-10c/point. A Starwood Hotel room booked with Amex flights during peak periods could value your Amex Points around 5c/point.

    As tuvz has explained to me over the phone, he sells your redeemed business class flight/hotel room to another party/travel agent who is willing to pay close to the actual business class flight/hotel room cost, meaning a profit for tuvz.

    Understandably not everyone values business class flights and would rather the money, so exploiting this arbitrage definitely makes for a profitable business.

    • +11

      I would really be surprised if point value increases, airlines are continually devaluing their programs. The airlines are doing this because the market is becoming increasingly saturated, we have more ways to earn points than ever before, credit cards, supermarket rewards, online shopping stores, health insurances etc

      As to the current value of point redemptions I'll give you my recent example and why I sold my points to Tuvz. Flying to Europe next year and I was looking to redeem flights with Singapore airlines as I had a mixture of Velocity points and Amex Accent points. But for this example I'll assume one has enough Amex points to transfer to Krisflyer at 1:1.

      I could have booked economy saver return to London for 106k Krisflyer points and $312 in taxes. Cost assuming 1c point value $1372
      I could have booked business saver award return to London for 210k Krisflyer points and $439 in taxes. Cost assuming 1c point value $2539

      Now fair enough if I wanted to book with Singapore airlines only then I could not have bought these flights for cheaper. But instead I booked with Thai Airlines who Skytrax just ranked the number 1 economy airline. I booked a return economy flight for $1097.

      So by selling my points I saved $275 in economy. It would have cost me $1442 more to fly business than selling my points, each to their own but I'd rather spend that money on my holiday than fly business. Now in my case the savings were greater because I needed to transfer some Velocity points to Krisflyer at 1.35 to 1 whilst Tuvz bought my Velocity points off me for 1c per point. On top of that it saved the messing around with trying to be flexible with dates and also booking 12 months in advance to get an award seat before they booked out.

      • +5

        Statements like "Business Class gives you the best value for your points" are often thrown around as blanket statements that apply to everyone in every scenario, but this is actually a great example of when this does not hold true.

      • On point @donkcat
        couldn't have said it better myself

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