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Also, there is incentive for the people accepting wages in cash (on which tax isn't probably reported) for such providers to exist. So they...
19/05/2018 - 21:20
You have been negged unfairly in most of your comments, but I agree with you
19/05/2018 - 21:18
Where'd you buy it from ?
16/05/2018 - 10:34
I find gold label (reserve) relatively smoother than the green. Its almost got no 'feel' to it I love green label.
15/05/2018 - 13:15
Slackers, the lot of you. The princely people of Darwin only fly Singapore Airlines for international travel ! ... its another thing that...
14/05/2018 - 16:48
What does your contract say ? Does it say notice period can be bought by either side ?
12/05/2018 - 22:17
Thanks mate. I used your tip and saved a bit. Cheers.
10/05/2018 - 21:20
I was surprised to see this on TV. I never knew these guys existed. Next time around, I will give them a go and see how they are...
07/05/2018 - 20:21
Sorry, we have formed a group. Cheers.
06/05/2018 - 20:09
Sorry mate. We have formed a group. Cheers.
06/05/2018 - 20:09
Sorry guys, we are waiting just on one more confirmation. If that falls through, I will PM you guys. Cheers
05/05/2018 - 20:37
Cannot send PM to you as you are not accepting messages ?
05/05/2018 - 10:44
>GPs are literally the lowest paid out of the MD profession and the literally deal with everyones initial BS problems. No, they are not !...
04/05/2018 - 21:40
Sent PM
04/05/2018 - 21:37
Sent PM
04/05/2018 - 21:36
yes. If starryy and Stahh reply, straight away. Your user id says you are not accepting messages ?
04/05/2018 - 21:35
Sweet. Just waiting for 2 more.
04/05/2018 - 19:51
Are you still looking ? I have created a similar classified https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/376261
04/05/2018 - 11:27
Look for 3 people to share the Netflix premium plan. $54 for one year. Reply/PM if interested. Haven't done this before so happy for...
04/05/2018 - 08:47
>In Europe healthcare is free Really ? Which country ? It isn't 'free' in Germany, Scandinavian countries and a handful of other EU Nations.
03/05/2018 - 21:02
I'd still like to be able to plant a fruit tree someday. So concrete is out.
02/05/2018 - 10:53
No. No.
02/05/2018 - 10:15
He just asked me if I want single grind or double grind. He didn't have the authority/education to comment on roaches :(
02/05/2018 - 09:57
I am looking to cover about 20 square metres with a weed mat and was looking to put some mulch on top of the mat. But I am told, mulch...
02/05/2018 - 09:49
Thanks for your insight. No further questions.
02/05/2018 - 09:46
I also read a lot of people complaining about soft-serve thing. Thanks for replying.
02/05/2018 - 09:45
This is a prime motivator for me. I am surprised that there are so few and so bad sugar free ice cream options in Australia. Back in the...
01/05/2018 - 21:00
Hello, I am not sure if going for an ice cream maker is going to be fun I was looking [at...
01/05/2018 - 16:20
How do these compare to Sara Lee ?
26/04/2018 - 21:00
Hello, How do you guys go about stir frying? I have a wok but on a Gasmate stove the stir fry isn't upto the mark obviously. What kind of a...
26/04/2018 - 20:51