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Free Colgate Sample Pack Containing Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief and Toothbrush Worth $8.98 [Delivered]


Enter your details to receive a Colgate® Sensitive Pro Relief™ sample.

Sample will be mailed within 21 days of a valid claim being received.

Limit of one per household.

Sample pack consists of:

A Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief 50g toothpaste valued at RRP $4.99 and
A Colgate Slim Soft Single toothbrush valued at $3.99.

Total RRP value of samples = $8.98.

If it does not work, copy and paste this link

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  • +9

    Got a 404

    • +3

      They run Ubuntu

      • +3

        … how does this information help me get free toothpaste???

        • +5

          Can I sample that woman instead?

        • @montorola:
          First 100 customers only.

        • It doesn't.

      • with nginx server.

    • +1

      copy and paste the link it will work

    • +6

      Try this.

      • Thanks ronnknee, link worked for me

        • Thanks ronnknee, link worked for me too.

    • +6


      I thought only 1 sample per household 😝

      • List your own house address, as 404 units . 1/11 smith st, 2/11 smith st, 404/11 smith st 😉

    • same as last time, refresh 50 times and it works

      but you can't get one if you did on the last occasion

  • +1

    Incognito worked for me..

  • +1

    Hammer time

  • +6

    For the people getting the 404 errors,
    go to the colgate main site and click on the banner http://www.colgatesensitiveprorelief.com.au/

    • Thanks mate

    • This works. Its laggy at the entering address page though

    • Yeah, I searched for Colgate free sample pack

  • +7

    We crashed their site

  • +1

    It looks like we've sent a sample to this address already.
    There's a limit of one sample per address. We'd love to send you more, but others might miss out.


    EDIT: Shite website… got the confirmation e-mail late.. looks like a tried to click it too many time after nothing happened

  • Looks like hotlinking problem.

  • Damn already got before

  • +1

    I just received mine from the last deal today. Yet to open it.

  • -3

    Got one the other day and just signed up again. Thanks

    • You better use every atom inside that tube then

    • Haha why am I getting neg votes for this?

  • +4

    Currently being OzBargained.

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed
    Backend fetch failed

    Guru Meditation:
    XID: 6455341

    • +2

      Error 503 Backend fetch failed
      Backend fetch failed

      Their server must be running like a dog…

      • +1

        For barking out loud..

    • +1

      Colgate, stop trying to make "fetch" happen

  • +1

    404 not found ;)

  • +1

    Does everyone here actually have sensitive teeth? Or just here for the freebie?

    • +8

      we all are sensitive 😜

    • +2

      This beats Sensodyne hands down. Was just given this sample from my dentist as I suffer from sensitive teeth from overbrushing with an electric toothbrush and you notice a difference straightaway. In 4 days it goes away. Don't waste your money on Sensodyne-expensive and crap

      • +1

        Found the same. Heaps better than sensodyne.

      • +2

        Didn't do anything for me, my dentures still hurt, I suffer from no teeth.

        • That sucks :-)

    • +3

      I’ve got a sensitive wallet and this seems to assist.

  • +3

    404 :( going to have a coke while wait

    • Make sure it's warm. You wouldn't want any pain.

      • The sweetness and acidity can trigger sensitive teeth.

        • +1

          Perfect! Now he can have an actual reason to use this freebie!

  • +2

    Google'd "Colgate Sensitive Pro" went to the first result (same URL) and it worked for me.

    • Thank you!

  • Thanks OP. Googling worked for me.

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me.. refreshed page a few times.

  • Error 503 Backend fetch failed

  • Retrying the URL a few times eventually got me there just now. After filling in the details had to mash the submit button a few more times. It eventually told me they'd already sent a sample to that address - checking my email showed an email saying a sample was on its way.

    I can't believe the site was overwhelmed. Also, site isn't https so I guess my name and address was just sent unencrypted over the Internets. Pretty shoddy website design contractor being used there.

    • Https everywhere?

  • OzBargain hug of death!

  • +1



    Keep refreshing your browsers, this will make things better.


    • Initially got Error 503 Backend fetch failed

      after refreshing got 404

      don't know if that is better lol

  • Thanks Op.

    It says there were errors and tried submitting a few times. Gave up but then received an email saying sample sent.

  • $10 per 100gr?

  • -1

    I got this error mssg..

    Thank you for requesting the Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ starter kit. The kit should be with you within 15 working days.

  • 404

  • Just got mine delivered yesterday my dudes! Good quality brush and paste.

  • +2

    It works
    go on this site an click on top right
    option 'FREE STARTER KIT'

    • Thanks janakang93, link worked for me 😀

  • So many people wanting free toothpaste lol.

  • Error: There was an error. Please try again later.

  • Just received mine yesterday from previous run. The sample box is quite big, I thought who bought me chocolates.

  • +1

    Really good toothpaste. I had a temporary bit of sensitivity that was hanging around (probably some decay bubbling away underneath). One brush with this and it went away. I've only used the demo tube a couple of times in a year.

  • +1

    404 error

  • +1

    I met 404 page not found message..

  • OZbargained

  • Keep trying and it eventually works.

    “Thank you for requesting the Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ starter kit. The kit should be with you within 15 working days”

  • ozbargained?

  • i just received a sample in the mail only last week

  • +1


  • +1


  • Update previous deal?

  • +4

    Got a 404 Toothbrush Not Found.

  • Submit and get error
    Or it tells me I have ordered before but haven’t.

  • Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed

  • After few attempts(errors) managed to order one.

  • Thanks OP. Got the 404 error a few times but eventually got through.

  • The email looks like it was setup in a rush:

    (Optional) This text will appear in the inbox preview, but not the email body. It can be used to supplement the email subject line or even summarize the email's contents. Extended text preheaders (~490 characters) seems like a better UX for anyone using a screenreader or voice-command apps like Siri to dictate the contents of an email. If this text is not included, email clients will automatically populate it using the text (including image alt text) at the start of the email's body.

  • Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Backend fetch failed
    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 11763818

    Varnish cache server

  • +6

    Good deal. Might need to start brushing my teeth again.

    • I might go back to twice a day.

  • 404 :'(.

    7793 clicks could be Ozbargained?

  • Try on your mobile phone, working perfectly fine for me but the laptop doesn't want to play ball.

  • I just got mine yesterday and thought I found out about it from here…

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