Set up a Discord for Everyone

I was actually surprised there isn't one already… or maybe I just didn't notice?

I've set one up here that everyone is free to join
New link:

I think it would be a good way to chat or even set up trades with fellow ozbargainers :)


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    I believe you have solved a problem we do not have?

    • +1

      What's this problem I don't have? If it's free I want two! And some Eneloops!

      • Can confirm no Eneloops.
        It was full of the lowest of the low.

  • Live chat! :)

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    forums are here

    • It's live!! :P

      • +3

        We can just chat here tho.

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        Use the forums, it supports OzBargain as a site, not only through community site activity, but also ads. Further, about swaps, yes it's easier by Discord, but would lack proper moderation and it would discount the forum tools that the OzBargain team put in effort integrating into the site.

  • I'd get behind a shoutbox built into the site, perhaps under the top orange bar of the page with a toggle to 'drop' the shoutbox down.
    That way you opt into a live community conversation rather than being forced into it.
    Would also have to be heavily moderated I imagine auto banning/excluding swear words. (and perhaps an auto timeout/mute feature for users who get community reported by other members in the shoutbox)

    • +1

      arent shoutboxes from like 1994

      • -1

        yeah, but it would also give scotty and co the ability to control the content and keep it in line with community guidelines.
        it would probably integrate quite easy/efficiently too with the awesome scrolling mode :D

        • discord is fun im in there

        • +2

          Target aquired!
          tuzii-bot advance!
          tuzii-bot attack!
          tuzii-bot crush!
          tuzii-bot win!

          Say, what ever happened to wunzii?

  • Get in the discord boiz

  • I approve.

    Still haven't been made a mod yet though… Odd.

    • _____<

      • (-_-)

        • I know right!

  • +2

    Too bad it's crap in there.

  • Could not pay me to install that malware on my computer.

    • Would you install it for free then?

  • telegram is better

    • What bargains you intend on discussing there?

      • 10% off your next telegram.

  • I read a comment sometime ago that someone else has set up a Discord server, probably this dominant group the mods where talking about?

    • +1

      probably this dominant group the mods where talking about


    • I think the Ozbargain mod team have an internal Slack but not Discord.

  • The invite has expired

  • New link, this one wont expire -

  • You should advertise this more

    Or get it stickied by the mods/admins

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