Recommendations for Fitbit-Type Device

Would appreciate peoples suggestions & comments on a fitbit device (I guess something like the Alta).
I see lots of alternatives (include many Chinese ones) - for example the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 seems to have similar features & is substantially cheaper.


  • How about a.. umm.. Fitbit?

    • errr…pretty sure he's asking about the chinese versions compared to the fitbit. I'd like to know too.

      • Most of the functionality is built into the high-end phones nowadays.


        Just need the right software, which some phones already come with or can easily be downloaded.

        Accuracy of the devices, similar to scales, are all relative.

  • None, live free and save $

  • It all depends on what you want one for. Does it need to track heart rate as well as steps? Or have gps capabilities? Would you want it to be waterproof?

    Do you want it to sync with your phone so you can read emails/messages etc?

  • I've been after the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 due to the relatively lower price, really long battery life and heart rate monitor. Was misled by an ebay listing and ended up with some knock off. So will have to be extra careful next time.

    • Hi, any tips on how to avoid a knock-off of the Xiomi Mi Band 2 ?
      Presumably Ebay protects you but its still a hassle?

      • I should have been more careful. It was advertised as Mi Band 2 but not as a genuine Xiaomi. I am requesting a refund as the product isn't even called a Mi Band. Yeah it was cheap, just a hassle.

  • I would like to know as well. Want it for a child so they can do fitbit competitions (don't know if non-fitbitters can join fitbitters?) but don't want to pay as much. Thank you