expired Russell Hobbs Waffle Bowl Maker $19 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


This very popular deal is back again https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/329017

Credit to Pricehipster https://pricehipster.com/product/1N0ghdJecDaugc-a3g6KDA~r1s7...


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    not sure where i put it … still in box unopened


    I just dug it out last weekend to make savoury waffle bowls! Great little thing :)


      Savoury waffles? you just blew my mind.

      what kind of ingredients are you talking about here?

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        Maybe I should rephrase to a Non-sweet waffle. Just added more salt and took out the sugar from the recipe :P Standard stuff from pantry as I was too lazy to go out. Butter, baking soda, flour, milk and egg.

        However, I have put my leftover mashed potatoes in it. It wasn't 'bowl-ey' (maybe if you put it in longer..) , but it tasted pretty damn good! Like a hash brown.

        Next time I'm going to put some leftover cake/ brownies in there and see what turns up :P Imagine a crispy brownie bowl mmmm.


          Sounds good!

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          @b-radicool: I find that if you mix some mashed potato, cheese, finely chopped onion and one egg you can make quite a nice savoury bowl. Left long enough they go quite crunchy and have a really nice flavour. I use them to serve salads for lunch or even for fries.