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Tefal Clipso Minut Duo 5L P4605131 Pressure & Slow Cooker $67.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU (New Users)

  • The first 2 in 1 pressure cooker & stewpot : Steam or stew, it does it for you.
  • 2 cooking selector to perfectly steam soups, fish and vegetables, or richly stew meats and sauce
  • Steam cooking: ultra fast steaming up to 2 times faster (compared to a cooking time in a Tefal stewpot)
  • Slow cooking: Ultra savory stews, for rich, flavorful dishes
  • Ultra resistant non stick titanium coating for easy clean up

Myer currently has this for $449.95

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    Thanks OP - was on the lookout for a mid-size, induction-capable pressure cooker.

    • 5L is pretty small, you can only fill them to 2/3 so really only about 3.5L capacity.

      • I currently have a 2L Fissler (as old as the hills, and doesn't work on my new induction hob) and a 9L Scanpan.

        I can generally make do with the 2L (just) and my wife complains that the 9L is too bulky so I think the pair of 5L and 9L will work nicely.

        I'm interested to see if the fancy coating helps to avoid burn-on.

  • Why can't we have one post for all three Amazon 50% off? Must be a slow day.

  • Got one thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, got one

  • Shows Price: $174.30 & FREE Delivery for me, deal over?

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      Make sure you have a new Amazon au account created.
      The price will reduce from $174.30 to $87.15 once you add to cart logged in with your payment method confirmed.
      Add the AMAZON20 code in the required field also to get it down to $67.15

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • Done and purchased.
    Thanks OP.

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    "Myer currently has this for $449.95"

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase. Why?

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    "The first 2 in 1 pressure cooker & stewpot : Steam or stew, it does it for you."

    Pretty sure you can make a stew in the pot of any pressure cooker.

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • Awesome thanks for posting! I love pressure cookers but not sure where they get the slow cooking part from? I suppose if you dont seal it then put it in the oven at 120 it would be a slow cooker technically but thats a pretty long bow to draw.

    • There is an extra position on the pressure valve to release steam during cooking. If you turn up the heat, pressure may build up.

      See e-page 37/154 of instruction manual

      Product page

  • Thanks OP, I like the idea of steaming things twice as quick.

  • Thanks, bought one!
    Seems technically it works as pressure cooker only!

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • +5

    Good prices and was keen till I saw it was aluminium, I know it says its coated with non stick but personally I'll hold out for a stainless one.
    There is a tefal product in ss on amazon but a lot more $$ , not sure if any of the current deals apply to this or other alternates

  • Does this work on induction cook tops? I can't find this answer anywhere

  • Best of with a stainless pressure cooker. non stick -pass

  • Surprised this is still going. Wow.

    • its not that good imo. my gran has had the non-stick teflon types and the coating falls off in about a years time :(

      • From the warranty conditions:
        "The non stick coating is guaranteed for the life of the pan against blistering and peeling."

        Since the metal base has a guarantee of 10 years the 'life of the pan' should be at least that long.

        I have had Tefal non-stick pans for a very long time. I never found any blistering. Over time the coating accumulates scratches though, even when never using metal utensils. Then it stops working - stuff sticks.

        That's when I get a new one. For frequently used pans that would be after 5 years or more, for a pressure cooker that gets little use it might well last a decade for me.

      • +1

        The warranty is pretty good though - 2 years plus 10 years for pot or metal damage

    • I'm not a fan of ingesting the non-stick coating material which will no doubt wear away under the high heat / pressure environment, so best stick with a stainless steel unit even if it means paying more for it.

      "Ultra resistant non stick titanium coating" will still have some Teflon.

      • The heat produced in a pressure cooker (~120 degrees C) is a lot less than that of a frypan (200 degrees C or more).

        • Still, I've seen the layer chip or wear away on pots owned by friends. Why take the risk when the Stainless Steel variant is available for use?

  • no longer available at this price

    • cheers, I have reported it to mark it as expired

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