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BlitzWolf BW-L1 20W/3A USB Solar Charger US $41.02 / AU ~$54.10 Delivered @ Amazon US


I missed a recent Amazon Gold Box deal to buy a Blitzwolf USB solar panel for $36USD + delivery so I emailed their customer support and received this 35% off coupon (which I was advised I could share). It makes this solar panel $31.84USD + delivery (delivery to my address was $9.18), so the total cost is approx $54AUD delivered. (this solar panel is currently $45.99USD + delivery on Banggood).
I think this a very reasonable price for a 3-panel solar charger that was worth sharing.
I am not sure how long the coupon lasts for.

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  • Bought the same one from Wish for $37, arrived in 8 days too.

  • Great price - thanks OP.

    I have had CamelCamelCamel price alerts for months on all three of the big name brand 20W/3A units (Anker, Aukey and Blitzwolf) but your code beats them all. Cheers

  • Bought mine from Banggood for AUD$59 and it came within a few days (Oz warehouse). Amazing little unit. Absolute must have for the hiker/camper/outdoorsman.

  • This looks so cool but I will never use it… but my mind is like buy it.

  • Bought it …. Don't know why.

  • You also get a free micro usb or lightning cable as well.

  • How is it 20 Watts? Says 5 volt, 3 amps. Shouldn’t that be 15 Watts?

    • 3A total across both USB ports?

    • Panels are rated for 20w, maximum it can ever probably out put is 15 though. By rating the panel a little bit higher you might be able to still get the maximum output in conditions that arent quite perfect. Still dodgy by the manufacturer though imo

      • They explain the apparent discrepancy completely in the 15W version description:

        Note: The power can up to 15W when tested by machine, but usually about 5V 2A in total when charged under the sunshine.

        ie. Stick it under a dozen carbon arc lamps and you'll get 15W out of it like we did rather than the real world figure of 10W.

        Same methodology applies to the "20W" version.

        • Yeah id imagine you'd need perfect conditions and some sort of mppt charger (which have their own losses of 10%ish) to get even close the the rater value.

  • I must be nuts or something.

    I don't quite understand the appeal of carrying around a 27cm by 7cm solar panel that weighs more than half a kg to charge my device, when you could probably carry at least 2x 20,000 mah powerbank with the same amount of space/weight.

    Not to mention what use is it when the sun isn't out.

    • The main appeal would be for people who go hiking for several days. Once your powerbanks are flat, you're done. At least with this you can recharge stuff if there's sun. Personally I think one of these AND a good powerbank would be the go for serious hikers. But most people wouldn't use something like this.

      I do a fair bit of camping, but I'm never away from my vehicle for more than a few hours and it has a big ass solar panel and 300+ah of power ready to go most of the time. So while I'm really tempted to get one of these, I really wouldn't use it.

    • My 2018 hiking guide listed the following items in order of importance:
      1. Smart device and plenty of charge.
      2. Water.
      3. Food.

      • +2 votes

        I guess Smart devices have replaced Common sense/Knowledge as the number one item.

        To be expected I guess since most peoples Common sense battery ran flat a long time ago.

    • Same point of view here.
      1 x 20,000mah unit would charge an average phone to full 6-7 times (at 3000mah per charge).
      2 power banks would do 12-14 charges.

      Solar in inconvenient as you charge during the day, which is when you use the phone.
      while a power bank charges overnight sorta of deal.

  • These are really only recommended to be used to charge backup batteries, not a phone directly. Plus phones are normally more fussy with these things, whereas battery packs are not.

  • This might be handy, but it looks horrible. Bring back the changeable batteries in devices. I'd much rather carry a spare battery or 2 round, like we could with phones such as Samsung s5, instead of wearing this horrible looking contraption on my back lol.
    At least black out or colour some of the writing, could make it look a bit more stylish. Have we really come to this, where we so desperately need charge for our devices when batteries go flat, that some are happy to wear this awful looking thing as a backpack :/

    • A spare battery still only last you another day, two at most. Then you're SOL.

      • So may be 3-5 spare batteries then, still beats the weight of this and you don't need to wait for it to charge. Unfortunately flag ship phones are not heading this way…

        • So you're carrying another 3-5 batteries for a single device. What about if you have something else you need power for? Then again, you're SOL. Sure you can say "carry spare batteries for everything" but that's just not practical. This thing weighs basically nothing when stuffed in a hiking backpack.

          Not to mention the average spare phone battery is $20 - $40 so you're already paying minimum $60 just for 3 batteries. Might as well just get the solar charger.

        • @potplanty: You can potentially charge 1 device off another. ie. Plug a device into your phone and charge the other device. I forget what its called (basically reverse charging) . It can certainly be enabled, not all phones can do ut though.

        • @ozzpete: In which case you're draining your phone battery faster anyway and leaving you with nothing even faster.

        • @potplanty: Not left with nothing, if they bring back exchangeable batteries. You just put another battery in :)

  • Might be good for running a dashcam without using a hardwire kit at least during the day.

    • Just use a multi USB port cigarette lighter charger?

      • +2 votes

        Sorry I meant in parking mode while there is no power to the cigarette lighter socket

        • Yeah but on a cloudy day it's useless.

        • If you need that, just wire it to a different circuit that keeps power…

        • Unless you put the panel outside the car then you're probably not going to get enough power to run the dashcam due to the glass filtering the light.

        • @team teri:
          Yeah but scared I'd flatten the battery. Reviews suggest that most power cut off circuits on hard wire kits let the car battery drop too low. Expensive ones are configurable but cost as much as this solar panel

    • Most car windows have UV filters, and these work on UV I believe?

  • I haven't had much luck with solar chargers in the past. So this one works well?

  • Did anyone else just get a refund on this without an explanation?

    • Yes - 17 hours ago email with the news arrived:

      You ordered the item below, but the package was returned to us by the carrier. We’ve issued your refund.

      You can find the list of possible reasons why the package was returned to us as undelivered here. If you still want the item, please check your address and place a new order.

      Address is fine etc, so can only assume customs possibly blocked it?

      Not impressed with lack of information.

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