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[Nintendo Switch] Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze - $29 When You Trade in 2 Games over $5 @ EB Games


Hi all,

Just got an email from EB saying that you can trade any 2 current gen games (ps4, xbox one or switch) with a trade value of over $5 and get Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for $29.

Pretty good deal as likely we all have a couple junk games in our collection. Remember of course to check to ensure said game trades in for $5 or more by asking at your store or calling.

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  • Got a screenshot of the email?

      • Oh just realised they have to be current gen games, damn. I was hoping to get rid of some shitty Wii U games.

        • EB only trade if heavily in their favour.

          Seriously just wait a month or two and grab it off Gumtree/FB market second hand.

        • @jaimex2: good luck with that. Hardly ever see second hand switch games for sale and if they are they are not much less than retail

        • @tassieeagle:

          There's tons right now, all sub $50…

          What city are you in?

        • @jaimex2: yeah I'm in central Brisbane and I can confirm there's a fair few for less than $50

        • @tassieeagle: I traded Skyrim on switch for Xenoblades. You can get pretty lucky sometimes.

        • Where does it say it has to be current gen?

        • @tassieeagle: that's because from what I've heard Nintendo games retain their value & I kind of thought it was bull-ish. I had BotW which I got for $79 during the December Amazon sale, traded it at JB for $49 with no special deals or anything, just straight up $49 and I had owned the game for 4 months by then. There are other AAA games I can buy at full price & I'll be lucky if I can trade them for $30 after 2 weeks.

        • I was actually just able to trade 2 Wii U games to get this deal at EB Games Highpoint, including the original Tropical Freeze. They told me the original was worth $12, and my other game, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was worth $9. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee all Wii U games would be eligible though.

  • I do, just on the train atm. Can upload later.

  • As if eb offer over $5 for any game

  • For those of us that don't have any games to trade in, what are the cheapest games that have a $5 trade in value?

    • Maybe Sea of Thieves, God of War will probably get you $15-20.

      • Nah what I meant was cheap games that could be purchased, and then traded in (with trade-in value of $5).

        Obviously, this would not really be feasible, if you have to buy the games for $20-$30+ each in order to trade them in for $5…but if there were $10 games that could be traded in for $5, that would make the total outlay $49, which is not too bad!

        (I’m guessing it’s not so easy!)

      • Man if eb were to give 15-20 for god of war which is like a week old.. I know jb gives like minimum 35 for newer titles you are better off going there

  • I shouldn't be surprised that Nintendo are charging the retail price of a game that is essentially a Wii U port. 💰

    • Why not though? Everyone else does and people pay it. Seems like a bit of a cheap shot at Nintendo tbh, I like my Switch but I'm not a Nintendo fan, I haven't been for two decades now.

    • +1 vote

      If you've got it on the Wii U, then just play it there.

      If you don't (and with the Wii U sales figures, that's most people), then it's basically a new game to you.

  • uhhh gotta stop accumulating switch games .. so many backlogs …

  • This is a really decent deal if you have some crappy games lying around. In fact I'm going to go and check my PS4 collecting dust since opening a switch right now…

  • So Nintendo exclusive for Switch = rerelease old games in last gen console(s)? Price is good if you have crappy games to trade in but don't Switch owners deserve something better?

    • Most people have never played or owned this (great) game - might as well be new to them. There are many other great ‘new’ side scrolling platformers on the eshop if you need them. Steamworld Dig 2 is a good example.

      • I agree. Speaking of platforms, I cannot recommend RUNBOW enough! A fun romp in multiplayer, competitive or cooperative alike!

        Edit: on Wii U, Xbox 1. soon on switch & ps4

    • So tell us also about all the rereleased games on PS4 too while you're at it


      • Other than the last of us, heavy rain, a few of those exclusive I can't think of that many. The % in rerelease of exclusive with Switch seems to be more than any other platforms compared with the new games released from console launch to date. As a Wii U owner it is just not enough reason to get a Switch but yeah I agree with Mortal Krumpet that first time Nintendo console owners will love the rerelease of the port from older generation Nintendo consoles.
        Btw did you know Zelda Twilight Princess was released in 3 gens consoles in GameCube, Wii and Wii U? Talking about rerelease of exclusive games no one beats Nintendo.

      • God Of War 3, The Last Of Us, Kingdom Hearts, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 1/2/3, Crash Bandicoot, Shadow Of The Collosus, Final Fantasy X/X2, Gravity Rush, Loco Roco, Okami, Wipeout.

        These are all PS exclusives that have been remastered on PS4 that I can recall off the top of my head. There will be more I'm sure.

        Personally I would be stoked if we could get a Metal Gear Solid 4 remaster.

        Yes Switch has a good amount of rereleases but they do add a lot to some of them. Also the switch is only just over a year old, if you go back to PS4 at that age there were people whining about the amount of remasters for that at the time and now look at it. It's because the PS4, like the switch sold not only to the usual PS fans who owned the PS3 but also Xbox, Nintendo and casual users all bought into it so they had a library of games that new users would buy up.

  • Nice. Will do this tomorrow.

  • +10 votes

    Is there anyone working at an EB that can take a screenshot of the trade in values of games atm?

  • I am curious what are these "over $5" games?

    • I remember an EB Games staff once commented here using the preowned advertised prices divided by 4 you will get the trade in value.

      • That sounds about right (from my experience) stores will buy for $5 trade in, then sell for $20 .
        I have many times called and asked for trade prices over the phone, about 3/4 of stores will be happy to tell you, then the 1 in 4 will tell you no we cant tell trade prices over phone, you have to come in . Then I just hang up, and phone a different store to ask :)

    • Straight from the horses mouth: There's no list unfortunately but there are many many games that apply to that deal. If you have any older games you can definitely check their trade value with us.

  • double comment, never mind

  • Don't forget, if the RRP on the eShop is 90 bucks then you'll also get 90 cents back in gold coins, so it's really only $28.10

    Awwww yeah.

  • doesnt nintendo think people enjoy 3d platformers? my memory of DK64 is it was a pretty good game and had decent multiplayer battle mode

  • IIRC, dishonoured 2 and Fallout 4 trades in at least $5 each.

  • When you buy all your games from ozgameshop that feature UK ratings on the cover they won't let you trade em in at EB :-(

    • Differs between staff. I've seen UK and Japanese games on the shelves - some with the lack of English printed and everything.

    • I’ve never had a problem, as long as it’s PAL. They usually just hit you wth the refurb fee to cover the ever rising cost of peeling an Aussie classification sticker off a sheet and sticking it on the outside of the case.

      • Cool, alright. That's good. Being a port of a Wii U game, it should be $40 for the regular price at the most. I get the feeling that switch owners are starting to get a bit miffed about the amount of Wii U ports going for full price.

      • That refurb fee is the biggest con job ever. Someone made the mistake of trading some old FIFA games into EB once. Trade value for each game: 50 cents, refurb for each game: $1.50. That's right, EB actually charged the customer to sell games to them and they ended up losing money on the transaction. How is that even possible?

        • +2 votes

          This is likely incorrect as the system won't allow a game to be traded if the refurb fee is higher than the game's value… and a customer would never be put in a position where they have to pay to trade in their games.

        • @Heckenberg: ORLY? Is that your final answer? Lying about EB's business practices, tisk tisk. I was off by 50 cents regarding the refurb fee but otherwise, the truth comes to light. https://ibb.co/hF9RWx

          Very disappointed - I traded in a bunch of pre-owned games at your Claremont store the other day. I was shocked to discover, after checking my receipt, that I had paid YOU to take on one of my games! The trade in price for Fifa 11 on PS3 was a measly 50 cents, and as it didn't have a case you then charged me $1. So I essentially paid you 50 cents to have a game of mine, which then you will sell on for $6 (according to your website). That's a pretty incredible margin for you and a pretty huge rip-off for your customers. At no point did a staff member bother to notify me that this was the case either. Absolutely disgusted by this business practice!

        • @Aussie World Warrior: Measly? Dude, they sell the older FIFA games for a dollar or two. No one is really racing it to buy them. Giving you 50% of what they'll be selling it for is pretty decent if you ask me. Not to mention if you're level 4 like me and get the 20% extra, you'd end up with another 10 cents, so for a game they sell for a dollar, they give you 60% of that.

          That's a great deal.


        I've even inadvertently bought pre-owned NTSC games before, then found I couldn't play them.

        This has happened multiple times, so clearly someone at my local EB doesn't care if the games are imports.

    • You can always buy game from eb, go colour photocopy cover for game, return game under their 14 day returns on preowned policy … Then cut out colour photo copy and trade game :) . Also EB except games without cover, but they give you less. Also could try your luck at other stores, and maybe they wont notice it is non-australian copy.

  • Where does it state it must be current gen trades only? Mine says $5trade value.

  • 4 year old game… lol

    • skyrim and dark souls
      7 year old games… LOooooLLL

      • +1 vote

        Final fantasy x 17 year old game.. Lol


        Hell, God of War was in development for five years. So clearly some elements of that game are years old too!

        I fail to see how age affects the game. If it's new to a platform, it's new.

      • Imagine having to trade in 2 games for the privilege to spend $30 (on special) for a 4 year old direct port to the wii u (cool new renamed edition), sucker born every minute.

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  • is this the same game as wii u?

  • Any reason why the Wii U games havnt dropped in price when Switch GAmes are cheaper?

    • Nintendo being Nintendo.

      It's why I picked up a copy of Hyrule Warriors the other week for 20 on Wii U due to an EB clearance, you know you'll see it discontinued before it hits that price again, even with the Switch version almost out.

  • When You Trade in 2 Games over $5 @ EB

    ffs. This always gets me with EB Games, and now it got me here on Ozbargain.

    I read the title, the price, frantically clicked the deal (missing the link a few times) and then got disappointed.

  • Sold the Wii U version for $40 on eBay. EB give you carrots!

  • I traded in two old games Evolve Xbox one and Wolfenstein Old Blood Ps4 for pre-order price. I think they told me these games have $7 tradein value for each game.

  • Has anyone successfully done this in-store?