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Sanyo Eneloop 4AA Rechargeable Batteries + Standard Charger for $19.99 at DSE


Sanyo Eneloop batteries are by far the best quality mainstream rechargeable batteries you can buy.

This deal is excellent value considering DSE sells 4AA Eneloops standalone for $21.99 (http://dicksmith.com.au/product/S4414/eneloop-4-x-aa-ready-t...)

So for $2 less, you get a FREE charger.

Cheapest on Staticice is from Ryda for 4AA without charger @ $19.85, but you need to consider shipping unless you can pickup + DSE is national.

Edit: Fixed link to standalone batteries. Now point to 4AA instead of incorrectly pointing to the 4AAA.

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  • is this instore or online deal?

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      Both, its also listed in the current DSE printed catalogue.

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    If only this deal was for AAA's too. Do Eneloops require a special charger, or will any NiMH charger do?

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      Any charger will do.

    • I use a regular charger and find no ill effects although some do claim that a special charger can work better.
      I even used a cheapo usb charger that you can get for $1 on ebay during travel and found it worked alright.

      If you're willing to wait you can get AAA's or AA's on ebay for around the same price.

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      Any charger will work, but as with other NiMH batteries, using dumb timer chargers will readily lead to undercharging (so you don't benefit from full capacity) or overcharging (shortening the lifespan of the battery). And unfortunately that's the type of charger that comes in most of these cheap bundles.

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    The included charger is fairly slow. Who wants to wait 13 hours for the batteries to charge? Throw the charger away and get a decent charger.

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      Those fast "30 minute) chargers you get from supermarkets will ruin your battery very quickly.

      Professional battery chargers are the way to go if you want to prolong the life of any rechargable batt, but with eneloops being so cheap I guess most people would throw it out and buy a new batch when they start to degrade.

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        Protog is the place to look for a charger. They sell the maha brand.

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          A good charger will SAVE money in the long run, as it makes the batteries both work better and last far longer. Protog is definitely the place to go - they sell the best stuff, and Jeff is outstanding to deal with. (I've got a stack of Imedion batteries as well as chargers from there - Imedions are LSDs, the same as Eneloops.)

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          Is Protog the cheapest place to get good charger?
          So many in this list, which 1 is the best?

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          Protog is a great supplier.

          They may still be offering 10% discount off your entire order (including postage)
          You need to be registered on the Whirlpool Forum —> http://whirlpool.net.au
          Contact the rep and ask if they are offering a whirlpool discount User: Jeff Servaas (PROtog)

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    good deal! i heard these sanyo batteries are the same ones badged as apple batteries which are $39.95.. but you get 6 AA's and the charger is smaller/apple-like.

  • Nice by far my favourite battery my camera + flash + flash pack = 18 AA's and been shooting with them for over a year and they are still going strong but I don't use any of my 14 eneloop chargers they appear to be timer based instead of monitoring the voltage of the cell

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    These batteries are great! Normal NiMH batteries lose charge quickly even when they are not used. Envelopes hold charge for months.Sorry envelopes hold letters. Eneloops hold charge!

  • Great deal, appears to be the 'new' eneloop which can go through 500 more charge/discharge cycles + other benefits.

    Good price if you can pickup. If you don't need the charger, a 4pk of eneloop (again the 'new' version) can be picked up on eBay for $18.99 including postage from an Australian seller.

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      just Beware of Fake Eneloops, especially online. Apparently hard to tell until you do some tests as some people actually did…

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    For those looking for a budget charger with more than just charging but also all of the following:

    Desk charger

    USB - charging (via Laptop)

    Car adapter

    Global voltage - worldwide use (100 - 240V)

    Trickle charge

    Timer+Minus Delta V+Temperature control (SO WILL NOT OVERCHARGE YOUR BATTERIES!)

    Bad cell / Alkaline / wrong polarity detection

    I would go for this VARTA lcd charger (which come with their own 4 rechargeable batteries)and the Eneloops batteries

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      That's a nice find. I would've bought this one if I knew about it, but I ended up buying the one from Jaycar.

      So are there any reviews for this one? And is it a fast charger? ie. 2 or 4 hours?

      • This is a semi_fast charger. take about 3-4 hours for 4 AA's. So it is more gentle to the batteries long term. Super Fast like the 1-hr ones will shorten your battery life… There is little comprehensive reviews on this one (seem to be new?)

    • Thanks for pointing out the Varta charger, I picked up the last unit at my local DSE (West Lakes, SA)

      I can confirm this is a smart charger. Nice compact size. Package includes mains wall plug, car power adaptor and USB cable.

      I only dislike two points.
      1) I think it charges too fast @ 1200mA per hour (when charging 2 AA's, rate is 700mA per hour when charging 4 AA's)
      2) Can only charge cell in pairs, this gives inconsistent charging when mixing cells from different devises, or devices that use an odd number of cells.

      • Yes. it would be great if it has also a slower options to choose.
        But at that price (just pay less than $10 extra to get the charger), I think it's one of the best charger readily from shop(if not the best)…Most other charger at that price you will only get a timer but little use if you use different mAh batteries/brands as requires different times.

    • this is 39.99 @ bunnings.. get them to price match and beat by 10%! so it'll be $26.09!

    • hey.. can i just confirm if the batteries in this pack are LSDs? on the picture it says "Long Life ACCU" and "Ready 2 Use"

  • Looking at the spec of the battery it's only 800mA hours which the ones we use at work are 2000mA hours which means they will not last as long and I think it is no longer a great deal.

    • Errr - what the? The Eneloop AA's are 2000mAh. Not sure where you are getting 800mAh from, but that is a typical spec of a AAA NiMH battery

      EDIT - Ohhh, I see. The OP linked to AAA's in the first post.


      That is an error. This is the correct link for the AA batteries only…


      • Sorry the 800mAh are for the AAA batteries on the link listed at $21.99

      • Opps, I linked to the wrong battery pack. I have updated the description to link to the 4AA instead of the 4AAA. Thanks to everyone for pointing that out.

        PS: Both the 4AA and 4AAA are the same price.

    • just to clear up the confusion - the text link in the post is a comparison to Eneloop AAA's which are 800mAh…

      …if you click on the picture it takes you to the Eneloop AA's.

      Edit: lol…ninja edit, beat me to it…!

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    Trust Ozbargainers to discuss the various strengths and longevities of AA batteries.

    Squeeze every last watt boys!

  • A good for value charger from DX: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6152
    Comes with a US plug though, but just get a standard 2 prong AC chord and you'll be right.

    These Eneloops are good low self discharge batteries, but try Uniross Hybrios for use in cameras.

    • I've ordered those from last November and I'm still waiting for it…

    • yeah i got this but then it was thrown out accidentally a week later. ffs.

    • Uniross is a good one too,been using it for the past years, very long lasting and slow discharged. It is selling for $19.95 with charger and 4 batteries at HN wiley parks for the past 3 months.

  • I've bought the low self-discharge AA batteries from several brands and I don't really notice a difference between them. Ive bought AA eneloops from dx or ebay for about $14 per 4pack, so this deal is pretty good if you need a spare charger too.

    • I think there are only a couple manufacturer at this stage and they rebrand the cells to suit. Eneloops for a while was branded as either Duracell or Energizer in the US as well as stock Eneloops.

      Therefore it is likely you bought pretty much the same cells.

      • I've bought eneloops and GP Recyko cells. Also got some LSD aa's from Aldi but don't know the real manufacturer for those. Then again, my usage isn't considered hardcore enough. Just chuck em in torches for the emergencies and also in xbox controllers. Can come back after a month and just pickup and play.

  • How does these compare to : http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/32118 (Duracell "Charger + 4 AA NiMH Batteries)?

    • Those are just standard NiMH batteries. Sanyo Eneloops are a new kind of NiMH batteries that have a Low Self Discharge, which means they can store charge for much longer periods of non-use.

    • That's not what I was led to believe. I thought (and people in the other thread(s) stated) that those Duracell 2000mAh were lsd too. I have a set at home but can't clarify at present. Anyone else?

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    I haven't looked back since ditching those dodgy energizer 2500mah and picking up a bunch of these. I've been using them for years with some yum cha nimh charger I got from the swap meet. Charges in about 4hrs or so, still use the energizer 30 mins charger when I need a fast charge.
    I've got 3 batches of 4xAA and 2 batches of 4xAAA. First batch was bought when the Wii first came out at dse and they are still going as strong as the ones I bought late last year. Rest all from eBay from a south Korean seller. Perfect for wii motes as they have such low discharge.
    I left 4AAs in my Canon powershot for over 6 months after a few days use. Turned it on and still had more than 80%.
    I don't know why ppl still buy disposable ones…

    • man i dunno what's up with my batteries.. i've got these Soshine 2500mAh AAs http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.487 and they always discharge quickly on my wii controllers/wii fit with hardly ANY use

      same thing happens with my Fujicell 2800mAh AAs with the wii stuff


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        Get LSD batteries like these, they will solve your problems.

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          Some of the LSD Eneloop which sold by DX has been reported to be fake. Beware!

      • Yep - that is the BIG problem with standard rechargeables. They self-discharge so fast! The (genuine) Eneloops are the solution, since they retain a charge.

        They also tend to recover better from each high-current usage, and not "voltage droop" so far - hence even though they are rated 2,000 mAh they generally will run a device like a camera with voltage cut-out (at say 1.0v per cell) for longer than a 2500 or 2600 mAh std NiMH

      • Soshine is a normal rechargeable that lasts 3 months.
        However, since it is being compared to old energizer rechargables that last 1 month, and so is reviewed mistakenly as a LSD.

        The GP Recyko batteries from dealextreme are pretty good, but you are better paying $4 more and getting them from dicksmith so you don't have to wait 1 month to receive your items. + protected from counterfeit.

        GP Recyko is up there with Eneloop, but it the battery itself looks ugly.

  • Any possibility for pricematch from other stores?

    • of course you can

  • any thoughts on those Varta bat+charger? 15min for a full charge.

    • see my comments above about super fast charger. Only good if you really need it that fast, or do it occasionally

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    For people considering ebay or DX or anywhere else online for the eneloops, my advice is to do some research before you buy because there are lots of FAKE eneloop batteries floating around. Think sandisk memory cards. When DSE is only a few dollars more with a charger, there is no need to risk it. Plus you don't need to wait for the shipping if you can get to a DSE store.

    I have these in my Wii & 360 controllers and with light use, they last months. Infact, I reckon you could have them in the controllers for years without using them and then pick them up and away you go immediately.

    • Agree. Note that These Eneloop batteries are actually Made In JAPAN (becoming rare these days)

      • beware that: FAKE Eneloop can print "Made In JAPAN" too!
        do some research, DX is selling fake Eneloop too if anyone was considering order from them…

  • Can this battery charger be used to charge odd number of batteries eg 1 or 3, or do they need to be charged in pairs?

    • I have a Sony charger with digital display which can charge odd numbers of batteries. I bought this just for the batteries. Will probably chuck the charger away. LOL

    • No it can't. What I did though was short one of the terminals to fool the charger into thinking it's got a pair of batteries. It works but probably not recommended.

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    There are 2 kinds of eneloop AAs, HR-3UTG and new generation HR-3UTGA(2009). A lot of places selling them cheaper is selling the older generation.
    I wonder which is DSE selling..

    Ok if it says "up to 1500 charges" and "improved" on the packaging, it should be the newer generation. Australian model # is HR-3UTG2.

    • Hello, I just bought some from Nunawading DSE… The batteries are the HR-3UTGA, and like you said, the packaging says "improved" on the top left.

  • In DSE Hurstville atm and managed to grab 1 of these. Some dude grabbed all from the display just after I grabbed mine. He got like 6 packs. Share the love and savings people!!!!

  • Awesome just nabbed last one from dse chermside Westfield (smaller store) - great buy been hoping these would come on special :)

  • I was in Broadway DSE, they have the older generation on display (up to 1000 charges, 3 on display) and two newer ones at the bottom of the rack (1500 charges).

  • thanks for this, i bought a couple sets back when i got my wii. but this set says improved anyone know how it is better?

    • 'new' improved Eneloop —> http://www.eneloop.info/home/the-new-improved-eneloop.html

      •An extra of 500 charging cycles - instead of being rechargeable 1000 times, the new eneloop is even rechargeable up to 1500 times.
      •Improved self-dischcharge. Even though the self discharge of the old eneloop was already very impressive, you can store the new eneloop for 3 years and still it will retain 75% of its capacity.
      •You need a battery, which is reliable even when having cold temperatures? Before eneloop was suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C - now even until -20°C.
      •The new eneloop is even more environment-friendly as it is pre-charged with solar energy in Japan.

  • Cannington WA has a few in stock…..great price..!!….awesome batteries.. :-)

  • hi all, i just bought one pack.

    FYI the battery is 1900mAh each

    • thought the packaging said 2000mAh but the batteries themselves say minimum 1900mah

      • I have a pair of the 'old' eneloop AA batteries. These are also labelled with a minimum capacity of 1900mAh.

        I have tested these using a quality Maha MH-C9000 battery charger / analyser —> http://protog.com.au/maha-powerex-mhc9000-wizardone-aaaaa-ba...

        The test reported the following capacity for each cell: 1958mAh & 1967mAh

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    I bought this charger from jaycar and yes it is big but it is very good.
    $79. 3yrs warranty. I think it is made in Germany.

    Thanks for this link. I will get the new improved one since I have a better charger.

    • Thanks… just picked up the last one from Jaycar on the Gold Coast. Now to refresh all my batteries…

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    can reserve online n pick up from the store

    • thanks, never knew that!

    • yeah im trying to do that but i cant see how, sorry for the newby question but when i do the checkout and stuff it just tell me to pay 5.95 for shipping, which i dont really want to do,

      i went to a dicksmith today since i happen to be around one and they have these but with a fast charger for 40 bucks, standard price but yeah….figured illa throw that out there if anyone else hasnt already…

      guy said one hour charge

      • guy said one hour charge

        The specs on the website say otherwise.

        Battery Charge Times

        • AA: 3-4pcs 220mins, 2pcs 100mins (double speed), 1pc 75mins (triple speed).
        • AAA: 3-4pcs 200mins, 2pcs 100mins (double speed), 1pc 65mins
        • the one on special with the 4 pack of batteries is not the fast charger MQR06.. it's the 16hr charger MQN04 as can clearly be seen in the picture

        • The battery charge times that I posted are for the quick charger(mqr06) that cost $40 with 4 AA batteries.

  • Where are the cheapest AAA LSD batteries?
    … I'm looking to get 6 at least.

    Dicksmith eneloops too?

  • Thanks for the info on the best chargers. I have some old POS Energiser one and it is a dumb timer I suspect.

    If I want a decent charger what would you recommend, http://dicksmith.com.au/product/S4452/varta-lcd-charger-with... or something better from ProTog?

  • Picked one up today. This new version's charger is a little wider than the previous 1000 cycle one, and the power plug is right smack in the middle, so even if you try to place it at the end of the powerboard, it may still take up the adjacent socket. Apart from that, good deal. Hopefully it will work nicely with my dSLR flash.

  • just letting u guys know of CoTD's deal: fast easy charger with 8x 1800mAh AAs.. can also charge 2x 9V (who uses 9V rechargeables these days?) delivered for $13.90 —> http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/smallfish_info.php?products_...

    and also OzStock 4x 2600mAh + charger with car adapter for $26.96 delivered —> http://www.ozstock.com.au/2028/AA-and-AAA-Rapid-Charger-with...

    the eneloops/varta are still the best though imo

  • FYI
    Instead of the standard charger (RRP $29), I got the Express charger bundle (RRP $39) from DSE Bourke st! They ran out of stock of the standard one and offered me the express one for $19.99! =D

    • lucky duck!
      I got the normal deal as advertised, funnily I walked into Auburn DSE and they didnt even know about the sale and when they scanned it in the computer the $10 off didn't show.

      Happily bought from Macquarie Centre NSW