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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (3 Devices) / Internet Security (3 Devices) / Total Security (5 Devices) 2018 1 Year $19.99


Good deal for 3 different versions of Bitdefender, $19.99 is as low as you can get except for those 3 or 6 month free trials.

Tips: If you're using Internet Security, just buy the Total Security and contact their customer support. Ask to "downgrade" to Internet Security and they will give you a new license key with 60 days extra.

Make sure to untick auto-renewal for this order if you don't want to be charged every year (thanks pennypincher98)

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  • When's the last time they did a 3 or 6 month trial? Haven't seen any lately.

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        Your link stated "90 days free trial* instead of 30 days" but my confirmation email I got "Your subscription is valid for 3 months".

        Anyone got 30 or 90 days free trial?

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          3 months is 90 days.

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          Lay off, it could be 89,90,91 or 92 depending on the months and year haha

  • This sale is called "Last Chance 2018". Is it December already?

    And why would anybody buy the lesser functions and devices Antivirus Plus and Internet Security for the same price?

  • Among Norton, Kaspersky and BitDefender which is the best for non commercial use?

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      Bitdefender and Kaspersky rank consistently high - but Bitdefender comes out on top though - but not by much.
      Here is a report from AV Comparatives - Bitdefender 1st, Kaspersky 2nd.

      However you can't go wrong with either. https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/a...

      Right now, bit Bitdefender is REALLY CHEAP - and they let you stack codes. I've already bought 4 one year subscriptions and combined all of them into one account. I now have over 1400 days in my Bitdefender account. You need to purchase them one by one though. The discount discount apply if you change the quantity in the cart.

      • Thanks for the info. I have a Kaspersky subscription which will expire in a few months. Was just wondering if this was a reliable and reputable AV like Norton/Kaspersky. The stacking is especially useful.

        Just wanted to ask, is it worth installing this in my Macbook as well or just PC is enough?

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          Well if you get the Total Security license, (which you should be getting since they're all the same price - might as well get the best version) you can use it on 5 different computers/devices including Macs.

          A lot of people on the internet think that its useless to install anti-virus software on Macs- but in my personal experience, I've seen malware hit my co-workers macbook pro and I know of organisations we work with that have been hit by ransomware.

          I personally use a combination of Malwarebytes and Bitdefender. If i was using a Mac, it'd be the same. or atleast one of the two.

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        So you mean to say that if I purchase the above subscription three different times, I can get 3 years worth of AV for $60 ?

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          Yes. I've done it myself and now have over 4 years remaining on my subscription since they stack up.

          So if you haven't used Bitdefender before, they make you register an account, when you buy a year's subscription from the OP's link you'll receive an email with a link to activate your subscription, It asks you to log in - when you log in, the subscription automatically gets linked to your account.

          Do this a few more times and the time just adds on automatically.

          A few people below have also done it, can guarantee it 100% works.

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          @emoticon: Thanks man! I am doing it now and adding those years on. Been bitdefender member for a while now and $20 a year is cheap ass shit for TOTAL SECURITY. I am going for 5 years haha

        • @emoticon:
          Hmm. I bought one but when I go to activate it in Bitdefender Central I can't extend my subscription but only replace it with the new one. I have set a calendar reminder to add the new code on the expiration of my existing one.

        • @w1nta: Just log into bitdefender central website first then click the link in the email and it should auto add the year to it.

          BEWARE though if you have more than the limit of users which is 5, it may block out all your users over the limit. It did for me after i added the 4th year lol.

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          Yea, exactly what kennyshin said. It should’ve added it automatically when you clicked the activate link in the email and logged onto Bitdefender.

          You could also try copy and pasting the activation code in the same email into the actual Bitdefender client you’ve been using. Look under “account” for the option - it’s on the left side bar, second icon from the bottom I think. Make sure you’re logged in though.

          I’ve stacked like 4 or 5 one year subscriptions in a row, one after another and had no issues, you just see the number of remaining days increase.

          Is the new subscription you bought the same type as your previous one? Like did you have Total Security and bought another Total Security or are you moving up from Antivirus Plus to Total Security?

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          Watch those numbers climb my man. I’m at 1700+ days now. Don’t have to think about anti-virus software for a long time.

        • @emoticon: ahhahah i stopped after 1529 days.spewing it locked out all the excess users out, was good while it lasted. just have to sign up the other group now for 4 years.

  • Thanks OP

  • Expired already ?
    Showing $49/$59/$69 for me …

    • Worked for me…

    • Same - $69 for Total Security in Safari.
      Tried in Chrome and it shows for $19.99

    • Yeah … mobile website vs desktop website …
      Desktop shows me reduced price

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    I can't buy. The buy button doesnt work.

    Using phone.

    Might give it a go on the laptop

    • There's more links at botton of webpage.
      Those do work.

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    Thanks OP. Fantastic deal :-)

    My current subscription doesn't run out until July. Does anyone know if you can buy now and start the subscription at a future date?

    Even if I have to start now, this is worth an overlap of 3 months.

    Edit: I just read @emoticon comment above that the subscriptions are stackable. nice one!!

  • Initially the prices were $49, $59 and $69. Tried again and got it for $19. Now stacked on top of the existing subscription. Cheers.

  • The total security is only 3 devices for 1 year?

    Edit: strange, it says 3 devices on the buy tab, but scrolling down further it says "up to 5 devices"??

    Make sure to untick auto-renewal for this order if you don't want to be charged every year

    • +1

      Thanks, added to the post.

    • With the auto-renewal, does that mean it will only charge me $19.99 every year? Cause I don't mind doing that rather than stacking up 3 codes now.

      • I doubt it. It will probably renew at the full price. I'm stacking now just to be safe.

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          When you disable autorenewal, it will prompt you to re-enable it with the bonus of it renewing at the current price, so that may be an option as well.

      • No, it will be at full price

        • Ah okay cool thanks. They're very misleading when it comes to the price. On one page it says "Stay on Autorenewal for the same price next year.
          Switch back to Autorenewal and we guarantee you the same price you’re paying now" but in the additional info it states "Renewal prices are subject to change. You will be informed about your renewal price by email before the automatic renewal takes place. You will receive at least three email notifications before you will be billed, along with information regarding pricing and the extension of your subscription duration."

          I'll just stack the subscription then.

        • @Naiht: I once forgot to untick it and received the email notifications with full price. Luckily it didn't go to spam folder so I noticed it and removed the auto renewal right away.

        • @Naiht: How do you stack?

          Just buy multiple times under the same account?

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          @Suspect420: Yeah just buy it and activate it on your acccount. Then buy another. I've got 1095 days remaining on mine atm.

    • after you untick it it'll offer you guarantee to pay same price for the next renewal

      • I asked about this with their sales support and was advised you'll get the same price for next year's renewal but full price after that.

        I ended up buying 4 and activating them on the one account.

  • Thank you

  • As my current subscription for Total Security (TS) is valid for a further 9 months, if I stack now and activate next year will it automatically upgrade to the 2019 TS version?

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      Yes. You’ll get all future versions as long as you are still subscribed. Last year I was on the 2017 version, got automatically upgraded to the new 2018 version when it was released but was still using a license I bought from the previous year/version.

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        I'm currently using a license key I bought in 2014 :)

        • +1

          Now it’s double confirmed.

          Oh man $9 for 2 years? They were stackable too!

          With the money from the 4 years I bought today I would’ve gotten a 16 year subscription :/

          Still a good deal though, been waiting a long time for it. So thanks for posting OP.

        • +1

          That's the same license i bought, though i only activated it last year. So the timing of this deal will tied me over until the next bargain arrives.
          Q what happens when you apply a Total security over the internet one.
          Will the total devices change from 3 to 5 for the remainder of activation

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          @wpw: I think they don't stack. Personally I don't need the Total Security so I just downgrade them to Internet Security and got 60 days extra.

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          It simply replaces the lower tier you had before.

          The time you had remaining gets added onto the new subscription. Just like it would going from Total Security to Total Security.

          So you immediately get all the benefits of the higher tiers like increased devices.

          I only asked W1nta that question cause I was curious why he couldn’t stack his subscriptions and was trying to help him out by troubleshooting. But I’m pretty sure hes got it fixed by now.


        • @emoticon:
          Looks like i need to buy 1 more then.
          1500 coming up

      • +1

        Thank you emoticon.

  • Nice timing. A cheap lifetime MalwareBytes the other day an now discounted Bitdefender. Good for VMs

    • +2

      Hey deltakilo, which lifetime MalwareBytes are you referring to? Can you please share here if possible?

      • +1

        From kinguin.net. Use at your own discretion :)

        • AUD 12 for lifetime/PC, is that the one?
          Did you purchase it from kinguin.net and works?

        • +1

          It was $10.76 for 1 PC by seller called Gurukeys. He also has 3 PC version.
          Registration shows as lifetime license but only time will tell if it gets revoked.

        • @deltakilo:

          Ah ok. I am wondering if one needs Malwarebytes if already have Bitdefender Total Security..

        • +1

          No one single app is 100% effective so having 2 gives that extra comfort factor. Necessary? Probably only if one tends to wander into 'shady' areas of the web?
          I think MB has the added benefit of being able to remove nasties if already infected as well as guarding against threats wheareas

        • @deltakilo: Hi Mate did you pay extra for Kinguin protection?

        • @Smokey010:
          Have known of Kinguin for a while but this was 1st purchase so yeah, decided to add protection

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    Thanks OP good buy. Bought 2
    Fell for the old auto renewal trick though, but i just made it inactive on my paypal account in case i miss their prompt email.

    • Just disable it in your account.

      • Yea i was looking for it but couldn't find it in the settings.
        Any idea on the location

        • Please see s3n's comment below. It's very tricky indeed.

        • +1

          All done, i followed s3n steps and was surprised to see my auto renewal had been disabled already.
          The times of deactivation coincided with the paypal cancel submission i did, so it seems they took care of it for me. Sweet

  • +7

    Just reiterating please don't forget to disable auto-renewal so you don't get charged $119 in a year's time

    It is hidden in your avangate account which is very sneakily not the same as the central.bitdefender account!


    Enter your order number which comes on the 3rd email you receive and your email to set up this account, then click the "My Products" bottom and find the "Disable Auto-renewal" option for your subscription

  • Thanks for this by the way!!

    I've been waiting to save $100 on a 5 device :)

  • Jokes aside, I am genuinely curious who still buys anti-virus and for what purpose rather then the base/free trail ? Unless you're dealing with attacks on a regular basis or company :S

  • So does this have to activated by a certain date. My current A/V expires in NOV (not BD) and would like to buy and stack?

    • Start to activate in Nov - the license don't expire.

  • Cheers OP, stacked successfully into my existing one.

  • Just stacked upgraded to Total Security from my Internet Security subscription. have 366 days of android and mac and stacked my new total security days up past 500+

    How far can you stack this?

  • I wish I could give this deal more than one vote.

    I was inspired by @emoticon and @kennyshin above. I am stackup up for 1634 days and tempted to add another couple years.

    I paid $80 last year for a one year subscription and I have now added 4 years for the same price.

    This is the ozbargain deal of the month for me. Thx @tukanglistrik for posting.

  • OK i am currently using Kaspersky which cost me $15 for a 2 year licence for 3 devices both of these programs are rated highly.

    My question is, with Kaspersky easily being able to be obtained for about $11 (internet security) $16 (total security) for a 1 year licence why is Bitdefender considered a bargain at near double the price?

    • +1

      Good point. Kaspersky will be fine if you just want an AV solution for a good price.

      For me, it is just a personal thing. Kaspersky has a cloud over them because the US Government banned their AV on government systems.

      I also won't buy Lenovo because a few years ago they embedded software into their computers that would change web search results.

      I know this will probably sound a bit like a "conspiracy theory nut view of the world", but I do think that some countries are conducting cyber warfare and are indiscriminately compromising systems.

      I do all my banking and other personal activities on my computer. I don't want to be worried about somebody having a backdoor into my system.

  • is the licence only for this specific version, i.e. Bitdefender 2018 or it can be used in the future when there are newer versions, e.g. Bitdefender 2019, 2020, etc, if I purchase more than 1 and stack them up?

  • I am trial now, can I activate it after my trial expires?

  • +1

    OK, Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have tried on several computers to get this deal but each time I click on the Buy Now button on any of the three products, I get an error message that says "Fields marked in red must be filled in correctly and the price refelcted is not the discounted price."

    I can get the 29.99 deal to come up in the cart but not the 19.99 one.

    Any tips?

    • Same with me mate. If it is advertised on their site it should still be valid right?

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