Powerbank for Lenovo Thinkpad S430


I have Lenovo Thinkpad Edge S430; it's an old laptop (2012 model) but I like it as it has two hard drives (1 x 128GB SSD and 1 x 1TB hdd), Intel i7 and 16GB memory inside.

What drives me mad is the battery capacity; I managed to replace the internal battery a couple of years ago; but now it is started to drain too quickly (15 minutes without power adapter).
Rather than purchasing another internal battery, I've been thinking to buy a powerbank.

I contacted Lenovo, unfortunately, they don't sell powerbank for laptops; does anyone know what are my options here?

I saw Dell has powerbank for its XPS laptop; that is really a neat thing (no long-winded cords and extra juice when on the plane)
Note: the adapter states: 90W 20V


  • My wife also uses an S430 — it still works great except for battery life. What I ended up doing is buying an battery on eBay — around USD $55 delivered from eBay for a "genuine" Lenovo battery last year — and then replace it yourself. S430 is probably one of least serviceable ThinkPad around as you need to remove everything from keyboard to motherboard to access the battery, but it's quite doable as Lenovo provides service manual for all the ThinkPads.

  • The powerbanks are generally for laptops that charge with USB-C.

  • a couple of years ago

    Really not that bad, ~$100 for a battery which lasts a few years :) This battery should really just see out the usable life of the laptop.

    I vote to just replace the battery 1 last time

  • This model cannot be charged with a powerbank. Your only option is 1) replace battery or 2) new laptop.

    Do note that older chips are not as power efficient as newer models. Running an ssd and hdd uses more power. Ultrabooks these days run off 1 larger ssd and uses an Ultra Low Voltage processor.

  • after installing your battery - run intel XTU or throttle stop - google undervolting and u replace any HDD with a SSD.

    Tha undervolting method would probabbly have the largest impact too as it you can also limit the turbo mode. Again its dependant on how you utilise the laptop..

    the 35w ivy bridge CPUs are can still go head to head with the 6th gen Skylake equivalent ulv cpu on any cpu benchmark

  • Thanks everyone, decided to buy Dell XPS13 at the end (company approved the 16GB model Woohoo!); if I can keep the laptop, I might replace the battery and try the above suggestions (including "undervolting", looks like a great idea)