Broken Camera Glass Samsung S7 - I Need Advice

So yesterday I was walking around as normal with my phone in my pocket. It is a Samsung galaxy S7 which I purchased in December. When I pulled it from my pocket and tried to take a picture, I noticed that the image was blurry and washed out so checked to see if the lens was dirty. When I turned it around, the glass covering the lens was completely shattered. There was no impact when I was walking around to my pocket!!!!!

So I took my phone to the Samsung store expecting to be covered by warranty as my phone is only 4 months old. However they told me straight away that it was MY FAULT and that any physical damages are not covered by warranty…. They then proceeded to quote me $200 to repair it.

I also know that many other S7 users have experienced this problem after a quick Google search.

Am I covered under Australian consumer Law? What are my rights here and how should I proceed?


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    so you're claiming the glass shattered by itself without any force ?

  • Was it in a protective case by any chance?

    The only results I can find on Google seem super speculative. I'm taking everything with a grain of salt, because the evidence is only as good as the stories people tell. (Such as the Digital Trends article you've linked above).

    However it may have happened, you're going to have a difficult time providing proof that you didn't drop it. Samsung will likely claim that the glass has been cracked as a result of your error and will offer a repair on the basis that you pay.

    As cases are few and far between and Samsung refuses to accept that "spontaneous shattering" is a legitimate manufacturing defect, I'd start looking at prices for repairs.

    • Yes it was in a protective case at the time.

      • As suggested by the Digital Trends article that you linked above, could it not be argued by Samsung that the case that you have used has placed additional pressure/flex on the device, causing minute structural weakness in the glass, ultimately resulting in the crack?

        It's a more feasible explanation than the glass spontaneously cracking as a result of a manufacturing defect, in my opinion.

        As per my comment above, I think it's best to start looking for prices to repair the glass — as I don't believe that you'll be able to successfully make a claim under ACL.

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    I lost my S6 lens in a similar way - protective case, no drop, I just replaced it myself. The replacement lens was under 10 bucks and surprisingly the back cover went back on without a replacement gasket, sits flush - I genuinely didn't expect it to go back cleanly as it did!

    Just DIY, you won't win this fight.

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    unless you made direct contact with the camera, it would be difficult to break the camera without damaging the screen. It's still not impossible but yeh. Hard to prove either way

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    If it's just the lens glass that's cracked, you can get it done by numerous stores for $50-$60.

  • No way Samsung will fix this for free. It may be a manufacturing issue but the chances of you convincing them of this are nil. I suggest you repair yourself

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    same thing happened to my s7 edge. 40$ to replace the outer camera glass. Even mine did break without dropping. It was in my pocket and took out to take a photo and it was all blurry. People just wouldn't believe me.

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