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Lacoste Mens Polo Shirts - $29.99 + $5.99 P&H (RRP $64.95) Each @ 1-Day.com.au


Hey all,

Here is another decent deal from 1-day. Lacoste mens polo shirts for $29.99 (plus 5.99 postage) RRP 64.95.
I swear David Jones and other outlets sell it for around $100 or so RRP.

Details from the website are as follows:
Choose from:

  • Blue/Red, or
  • White/Blue, or
  • White/Lime

Select the colour from the available options in the drop down menu.
Each Lacoste Mens Polo Shirt is sold separately.

White/Lime & White/Blue

  • Polo shirt
  • Short sleeved
  • 3 x buttons
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Embroidered Lacoste pique on the chest
  • Embroidered Lacoste text on the back, at the top
  • Embroidered Lacoste text on the right arm
  • Back is approx 2.5cm longer than the front
  • 100% polyester


  • Polo shirt
  • Short sleeved
  • 3 x buttons
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Embroidered Lacoste pique on the chest
  • Back is approx 2.5cm longer than the front
  • 100% cotton

ENjoy! :)

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  • +2

    I really do not trust that site when it comes to branded clothing, this is coming from my own experience.

    If you can find those exact same shirts being sold somewhere else, then I would be more persuaded to trust it. More often then not when I try to find their clothes and shoes elsewhere, I never can.

  • This reminds me of the Ralph Lauren shirt I bougtht from 1-day.com.au last time. Things look good on the picture but when the shirts are delivered…

    • The Ralph Lauren shirts felt like as if they were made 15 years ago. :(

      • LOL most of the ralph lauren clothes look classical and old fashion… their styles barely ever change, so wouldn't be suprised if they were made 15 years ago :P

        • They are not old fashion. They just look old. Can you imagine wearing shirts that have been in a warehouse for 15 years?

        • There's a difference between something that has a classical old fashioned look and something that has been made 15 years ago…

        • now i know i am not the only one that hate that RL shirt. it is just a piece of ……

          the fabric is made 20 years ago. i suspect it is genuine RL's.

  • +1

    i got somebody to buy from the company shop in vietnam, they paid not more than $5 lol

  • i see all your points and understand the worries of the legitimacy of the products. however, one would think that as a proper and well established company by now 1-day would want to make sure their products are 100% legit and within regulations or else they will be in breach of the Competitions and Consumers Act 2010 (legislation replaced by Trade Practices Act 1974).
    But yea… who knows right? :P
    ive bought stuff from 1-day in the past and have had no personal problems at all.

    • Could you perhaps find me a shop that sells these shirts? There must be some around at the quoted recommended retail price of $64.95.

      • David Jones has lacoste shirts like that for about $80-100.
        If you are based in Brisbane, there is a Reebok Factory Outlet that sells these polos for about $60-80 :)
        I am not sure where they would sell this. :)

  • These are cheap most likely because they are 100% polyester not cotton. I have never seen a polyester Polo, you will sweat like a pig !!!

    • the Blue/Red one is 100% cotton. the other two white ones are polyster.
      Polyster polo must be from the Tennis Range they have. Andy Roddick wears something like this for his matches.

  • +1

    Still waiting for my refund on the Ralph Lauren Shirt. In fact, they haven't even replied to me.

    • -1

      contact ACCC ;)

    • +1

      -> Mr_vino

      That's not good advice.

      -> zhenjie

      Contact consumer affairs

  • +1

    thanks. ordered blue/red.

  • I ordered before these comments appeared, what chance do I have of returning if I find them to be fake.

    • -1

      not sure mate, read the return policy.
      last resort…. contact ACCC if u have prove that you think its dodgy or they won't give you refund. ;)

    • -> magoo

      Contact consumer affairs, not ACCC.

  • -3

    Ever hear that old story about the two crocodiles who are out playing golf, and one asks the other why he's wearing a polo with a tiny logo of a dickhead on the chest..?


  • +1

    Good deal although I've never seen a polo from lacoste retailing at $65

    • Agreed. Haven't seen any of Lacoste polo retailing at $65

      I wonder what sort of information we need to provide to ACCC. Anyone?

      • how much do they sell for then??

        • +2

          around $119 mark

      • David Jones sells it for RRP A$119
        Discount 40% over the Boxing day sale for A$69
        Bought one…love it… at least REAL ONE

  • Not touching this website
    being burned by 1-day Polo shirt and GUESS
    Got refund from 1-day 2 weeks ago.

    • wat was rong with the Polo and GUESS stuff you bought?

    • Hi cuteduck,

      May I ask how you managed to contact them? I have been tried using the "Contact Us" several times and have not received any reply.

  • Polo - Smell like sh?t; very old style ( you can't even donate it to Salvation Army)and bad quality design

  • just ordered blue red

  • i am tempted to buy one to see how it is, but im the type of person who thinks abt 'you pay for what you get'
    so if you guys would be kind enough to post a photograph of what you mean by bad quality or old product it would help the rest of us heaps!

    • +1

      if u buy it, i recommend the blue/red one which is 100% cotton, compared the other two which are polyster. i personally think its better value :)

    • +1

      i simply dont agree on "you pay for what you get". this statement is used by those retailers to manipulate buyers.

  • Ive never seen lacoste polos with the green strips on the shoulder and collar.

  • +5

    i'll live with my aldi $3.99 polo shirts :)

    • +1, I hope next time they have more colors, they are great quality for the price.

  • +1

    ive never seen a Lacoste polo selling for RRP $65 either.. Which is why I decided not to buy it..

  • +1

    perhaps they bought a heap of fakes from ioffer for 10 bucks each?

  • +3

    Buyer beware!! Just a word of caution. 1day.com.au is not a trustworthy company. I'm sure there are others like me that have sworn never to buy anything from them again. I am one of them who has not been able to receive a refund on the fake Polo Ralph Lauren shirts.


    • -1

      how do u know that it was fake?

      • +1

        The fact it was crap might be a good indication

  • -1

    This is in response to a lot of those of you who have had past bad experiences from 1-day.com.au and I fully understand your concerns. I am also bargain hunter myself and not in any way linked to 1-day. I just read the terms and conditions from the website and this is an extract from it:

    Trade Practices Act 1974
    The Trade Practices Act 1974 sets out minimum standards for goods sold by 1-day.com.au. In the event that goods sold are not of good quality or are faulty, the customer has the right to a repair, replacement or a refund.
    The Trade Practices Act 1974 is designed to protect the customer being misled, either intentionally or unintentionally. This applies to all aspects of the promotion and sale of goods and services including: pricing; where the product was made; where the product is from; the meeting of Australian safety standards; availability of products in store and the sales techniques used. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission enforces the Trade Practices Act 1974.

    From this, it appears as though 1-day are trying to acting responsibility and within legislation. I think the prices are so low, not because they are 'fake' but because 1) they are superseded stock from previous seasons and/or 2) because they are bought it bulk which tends to make the items cheaper.

    If the lacoste shirts and any other item sold from 1-day are fake, I think the company would have acted with the legislation and noted that in the description. Calling something 'fake' it one, and calling it 'low quality' is another.

    I am not ruling out the possibility that it could be fake, but if people are complaining about it - please act upon on behalf of other consumers by reporting it to ACCC. You cannot speculate unless you have hard proof and admissible evidence of the legitimacy of the products!

    PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE! if you're unhappy, contact them and they seem to be happy with giving you a refunding! :)

    • all in all, you pay for what you get.

    • mr_vino89, just to clarify, are you saying that you haven't been involved in any business which 1-day has been involved in, as well as not being related/friend of anyone in their business?

  • Meh, gave it a shot.

    • lol ozbargain cracks me up. prices to high NEG not a bargain, prices to low, not a good deal must be fake

  • nothing special with the price, plus too many copy lacoste shirts overseas, it just looks like you bought a cheap copy from bali.

  • lacoste or not, these shirts are ugly….

  • +2

    With the amount of debate on the authenticity of their product you'd think a store rep would comment on this post and address what's being said.

    • -1

      I doubt they would know about ozbargain…

  • +1


    I noticed that you posted both of these 'controversial' deals from 1-day.com.au. Please don't take our comments on the company as against you personally. We appreciate your posts and your intention of sharing the bargains. You will notice that there has been no negative votes at all. What we are trying to do is to warn our fellow ozbargainers and save them from the frustration and pain of dealing with a company that refuses to communicate. Hopefully, by sharing our experience with 1-day.com.au, fellow ozbargainers can decide on whether to purchase from the company (similar to feedback system on ebay).

    I do not agree with your call to PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE as it is not possible for a buyer to get a refund if the company refuses to communicate. So far, very few ozbargainers have reported that they have received their refunds. There are more of us waiting for a reply from the company or have just given up totally. In the end, the hassle involved in getting ACCC involved is just not worth the amount of money and I suspect the company knows that very well.

  • Anyone in Perth know of a good place to buy quality plain white polo tops at a good price? Am looking for polyester/cotton tops as they dry quicker. Also something thats thick and strong. I got some from a work wear shop recently at $20 and they are so thin that they are nearly see through.

  • I managed to track down the CEO and email him regarding this. Mine arrived today. There is no way these are legit. They need to be reported

    TEL + 64 078437772. E-mail: [email protected]

    • Any reply? I have yet to receive mine but based on what you said it looks like we all have some emails to send asking for refunds… Geez why can't these companies just obey the law?

      • I got a reply and they are processing a refund. I would say that 1 in 10 would come back doing this so it'd still work as a workable business model for them.

        Amazing that they use the Torpedo7 brand on the page though…I had a lot of respect for that brand. But now i can say there's none. Won't be buying bike gear from them again.

  • -1


    • Isnt a valid negative vote.

  • i got mine today. how can you tell if its fake? sure does smell like it came from china. and what the hell is size 5?

    • Go to a Lacoste store or any other stores and compare? How is the quality and does the colours come any close to matching the ones in the pics?

    • i compared with the lacoste store. There's no doubt that they're good fakes. But they are definitely fakes. (and Frech factories don't smell like that :P)

      • +1

        Got mine today, definately fakes, The crocodile is very different in lots of subtle little ways.
        Haven't even pulled mine out of the bag, will be seeking a refund

        • which one did you get? im 100% the two striped shirts i got is real, the quality is very good. its last years style hence you can't find it on the online uk lacoste store.

          Andy roddick wore the striped shirt as you can see from this photo:

          the new shirt this year is available on the lacoste website

          which is similar design but a chequered pattern, but logos tags etc is identical to the striped shirts sold by 1-day, the one selling on the uk lacoste even has the missing "made in" tag.

          its 100% polyester because its a tennis shirt, need to be light and also so you dont see the sweat stains when you play sport in it.

      • Refund confirmed today. If you too feel the same way I strongly recommend doing it.

  • +1

    I got blue and red one.
    its size 4??
    whats that mean? Must be foreign stock.
    It fits well tho looks nice. not worth the hassle of a refund.
    Only comoplaint is it feels thin, certainly not as thick as my other Legit Lacoste Polo.

  • I ordered the large blue/red - I got a size 4 which is defnitely not large for a real lacoste shirt.
    I don't want to open it just to find it will be too small, can anyone else who bought these confirm size 4 will fit a large size person?

    Or is it a straightforward process for me to get a refund.

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