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Mee Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver in-Ear Monitors - Clear: $131.88 + Shipping (or Free with Club Catch) @ Catch.com.au


Was looking for some good IEM deals and found these. Read some really good reviews of this in-ear monitors so I got one. This normally retails for USD$149 on MeeAudio website or Kogan for AUD$204.95.

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Details about the M7 pro:

Hybrid Dual-Driver Musician's In-Ear Monitors with Detachable Cables

Universal-fit in-ear monitors perfect for use on and off the stage
Hybrid dual-driver technology utilizes two different driver types to deliver deep bass, superb clarity, and crisp detailing
Modular design features detachable, user-replaceable cables with MMCX connectors for added reliability
Package includes both an audio-only cable and a headset cable with built-in microphone and remote for smartphones and tablets
Flexible over-the-ear memory wire and seven pairs of eartips provide a secure, personalized fit and all-day comfort
In-ear design and included Comply? memory foam eartips reduce external noise, allowing safer listening volumes
Includes two cables, protective carrying case, 2 pairs of Comply? memory foam eartips, 5 sets of silicone eartips, and ¼" adapter
Perfect On & Off The Stage Following in the footsteps of MEE audio's best-selling M6 PRO, which made quality in-ear monitors affordable to all performers and has garnered a loyal following since its launch in 2015, the M7 PRO offers a versatile modular design, outstanding audio performance, and exceptional value. Developed with our fan base of drummers and bass guitarists in mind, the M7 PRO features a new hybrid driver technology that delivers realistic bass response without compromising the midrange and treble.

VS M6 PRO A 10mm moving coil driver similar to the one in the M6 PRO is paired with an all-new high-precision balanced armature (BA) driver. The dynamic driver is tuned to handle only bass frequencies while the BA takes over midrange and treble duties, creating a very natural separation that lets each driver do what it does best. The result is improved coverage of the full frequency spectrum with deeper, more powerful bass and smoother, more refined highs compared to the M6 PRO, all without sacrifices in clarity or detail resolution.

Hybrid Dual-driver Technology Combining a moving coil subwoofer with a balanced armature tweeter, the M7 PRO delivers deep bass, superb clarity, and crisp detailing. A 10mm moving coil (dynamic) driver acts as a subwoofer and provides air movement for realistic bass depth and impact. An all-new balanced armature (BA) driver is quick and precise for clear and detailed reproduction of midrange and treble frequencies.

Built To Last Engineered for real-world reliability, the M7 PRO features detachable, replaceable cables with MMCX connectors and includes a spare cable with headset functionality.

Headset Cable With Mic & Remote The included headset cable features a built-in microphone and remote, letting you seamlessly take calls and control media playback with phones and tablets.

Universal Fit, Customized Comfort The M7 PRO utilizes flexible memory wire and seven pairs of eartips to provide a secure, personalized fit for all ears, eliminating the need to re-adjust your earphones.

Sound-isolating Design The in-ear design of the M7 PRO blocks external noise and enables lower-volume listening, protecting your hearing and improving sound quality. Comply? memory foam eartips deliver maximum comfort and further increase noise isolation for a superior audio experience.

  • Driver type dynamic + armature hybrid
  • Bass driver 10 mm moving coil (dynamic)
  • Midrange/treble driver balanced armature
  • Frequency response 10 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance 16 Ohms at 1K
  • Sensitivity 96±3 dB (1mW at 1KHZ)
  • Maximum power input 30mW directivity omnidirectional
  • Frequency response 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Sensitivity -42dB± 3dB ear coupling intraaural (in-ear)
  • Cable length 51 inches (1.3m), MMCX detachable
  • Cable connector 3.5mm, right angle plug
  • Included accessories stereo audio cable, stereo headset cable, protective carrying case, comply memory foam eartips (2 pairs), silicone eartips (4 pairs), shirt clips (2), ¼" adapter, user manual

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closed Comments

  • The current hype train for IEMs is for the KZ ZS10s from Aliexpress, about $60USD and they have 4 BAs and 1 dynamic driver for 5 total drivers per ear. I have a pair and they are probably the best KZs I have heard so far.

    • How do they compare to the ZS5 v1? Or any Xiaomi in-ear? I really like the new style Hybrid Pro HDs atm.

      • I have ZS5 too and being Not An Audiophile ZS10 seems more anaytical to me, and bass isnt as strong. They also got rid of the harsh treble in ZS6. Overall I'd say this is KZ's best effort yet. Still some ways behind iBasso IT01 though…that one is a universal giant killer with only 1 DD.

    • Ordered the ZS10 last week. Hoping they are good once they arrive, I guess you can’t go too wrong for $60.

    • not worth it when tin t2 is on the market and cheaper - only 2xdd but beats the crap out of zs10 and eons past zs5 v1.

    • AU $53.99 from ebay, got better buyer protection with paypal.

    • Are those any good for studio/stage monitoring?

      I almost got the KZ KST instead of this but the accessories that the M7 pro has plus the lifetime guarantee sold it to me.

    • Am I really 7 generations behind? How'd they get to 10 already haha

  • Ahh I miss the days of MEE posting deals here regularly. Left mine in an airport once :(

    • likewise - for what it's worth the Pinnicle model is the best IEM from MEE and in short if you are more of a bass head or has a leaning towards modern day hip hop/ pop songs these range of IEM will probably be a bit underwhelming.

      a monitoring IEM strives to achieve the cleanest sound output hence used my professional monitoring usage as to perhaps provide the most detailed version of a life recording. You often find these IEM's to be "cold" sounding as in that clarity is great but subdued bass.

      think of it as perhaps having an amazing app that is able to deconstruct a person's "tinder" photo and reproduce it as the orginal pic.

      buy it - but just be aware of what you are getting into. alternatively - checkout massdrop's version which costs $114 USD eith shipping to be less than $20usd. they ship everyday on this model so theres no need to worry bout waiting times https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-mee-audio-pinnacle-p...

      i personally do not own the mx7 but have the MX6 which is great. I can't justify the costs for the MX7 and from my experience with iems - it really easn't about the number of drivers in the headset and other snakeoil but rather the design and tuning of an IEM.

      that said - MEE electronics have carved a niche on on their IEMs with many credible reviews with consistent good reviews.

      Note audio reviews are often very subjective compared to hard ware component benchmarking but if one invested a great deal deciphering a review - you'd be able to have make an informed decision of a particular headset's sound signature enough to justify a test at a jb hifi out for comfort.

      The pinnacle has never won any stupendous award due to perhaps the relative small marketing budget of MEE.

      However - reviews conducted by fairly respected sites and mags (ignote the forum fanboys) would run through every test and have zero faults to note but the conclusion for not obtaining a 4.5 stars or 5/5 stars would be a comment along the lines such as (it's great - clear with superb soundstage BUT there's something that just doesn't seem right)

      try putting that pissweal justification on a sennheiser/shure review?