expired Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Watch - $479.08 Delivered - RRP $599 @ NoFrills (Ryda) eBay


Spotted on eBay with the current Mother's Day special. Also at Rebel Sport currently at a similar price (but apparently sold out both online and in store). Australian stock with warranty.

Has the following features:

Storage space for up to 500 songs
Garmin Pay contactless pay solutions allows for payments to be made with a tap of the watch
Wrist based heart rate monitor

RRP is $599.
Link to product page at Garmin: https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/612476

Also available with Cerise band at: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Garmin-010-01863-31-Forerunner-6...

Enjoy :)

Original 20% off Select Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Checked Garmin's specs on how big is the music storage
    all they say is 'up to 500 songs'
    err, how many megs is the actual storage space, Garmin?

    3.5gb according to ArsTechnica

    Also, how good is Garmin Pay vs Samsung Pay ?


    Not commenting on the watch per se, but how useful is music storage when people are predominantly streaming (Spotify, Apple Music) these days? I don't carry a phone when I run or cycle, I ended up investing in a Mighty Spotify player.


    Really tempted with this.

    From what I have read it doesn't work with Spotify. Spotify is refusing to allow it to integrate with wearables… I would love if someone could confirm otherwise


      It won't work with Spotify or Apple Music (obviously, given Garmin's essentially a direct Apple Watch competitor).

      As I mentioned above the only standalone player for Spotify I've come across is the Mighty, which requires Spotify Premium as you download playlists to it. I have one, it's a little clunky to use but it's the size and shape of a 6th Gen iPod nano with a built in clip with Bluetooth so it's perfect for running

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        Hey vat! I've been looking at pulling the trigger on the mighty! I've heard known issues with bluetooth connectivity and super short battery. Have you encountered this or any other issues?
        The battery issue isn't a big deal as I can always charge it after every run, but the Bluetooth connectivity dropping in and out worries me.
        Would you recommend it? (I have a premium spotify account)

        Edit: also I'm currently in Hong Kong for the year, havent been able to find the mighty anywhere here, where did you purchase it from?


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          Okay - Bluetooth experience is probably the Mighty's weakest point. Takes a while to sync with the previous selected device, 20 to 30 seconds, but it will eventually sync. If you "change state", for example, if I have the Mighty hooked into my running shorts and bend over, the Bluetooth may drop out and then pick up again. When running, though, haven't had any issues. Seems better after the last firmware update. There is always the wired headphone option. Battery life - I'm recovering from injury (and being fat) at the moment so runs are only to half an hour, haven't had any issues.

          Haven't really got to grips with the interface properly but the track forward/back and volume up/down works well enough. Shuffle would be nice but not there yet so it's the same order as the playlist.

          Would I recommend it? Yes. Yes I would. Wife took mine for a test drive and pretty much ordered one the moment she got back.

          I bought mine direct through the website: https://bemighty.com/products/mighty. There are specials from time to time.


          @The Vat: absolute legend! Thanks for the info!


    If you’re looking for a smart watch, this isn’t it.
    If you’re looking for a runners watch, with some smart watch features, this is your watch.


    I've done some research into buying a new watch and looked at this one. Apparently there a known issues with headphones Bluetooth connectivity (cutting in and out) with the watch while running. Ive googled for example jaybird X2 and have found known issues from a fair people.

    Just a FYI keep in mind when buying :).

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