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[Nintendo Switch] Rocket League $19 @ Nintendo


Whilst browsing the nintendo eshop on my switch, i noticed this bargain! Rocket League on the switch for only $19 (i realise it says 19.99 on the website but on my switch it was displayed and purchased for $19.00), cheapest i could find for a physical copy is $46 and despite already owning rocket league on 2 other platforms, the game is a match made in heaven for a portable device like the switch! also has the added benefit of 95 gold points too!

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  • Yeah it's 25% off and my console says it's 95 points btw.
    Note though that the retail copy comes with lots of DLC thigh I'm not sure which ones.

  • I really feel like this deal needs a "but wait, there's more!"

    • Switch owners tend to get the shit end of the stick when it comes to sales so we tend to get excited when there is a genuine deal to be had :D

  • Ugh.. um’d and uh’d to wait for sale and bought it yesterday for full price.. should’ve known :/

  • As someone who was a Wii U owner and now owns a switch and is therefore very accustomed to the Nintendo Lingo, I have to point out that it is "eshop" rather than e-store. Sorry, just a little thing that will make it more correct

  • This is cross compatible with Xbox/PS4/PC?

    • With some caveats, The Switch version of Rocket League can play with PC, Xbox One, and other Switch players.

      However, I believe that cross-platform support with Rocket League is limited to private matches, and cross-platform party and matchmaking functionality is slated to arrive later this year (I don't actually play Rocket League so someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

      • The only thing you can't do at this point with people on other platforms is form parties to my understanding. Everything else is cross platform enabled

  • Considering DLC…
    Is it still better then physical?
    I tried to figure out what DLC are bundled there but it is complicated…

    • From memory it’s pretty close. Depends if you want all the DLC though. It’s just car packs really.

    • DLC isn't worth it at all, its not like most other games where the dlc is either added story or like op weapons or whatever, its just purely visuals and most of the dlc cars look ugly and are not the best to use competitively.

  • Hey OP, according to this website the sale expires May 10th.


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