Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch

So as you may have seen, EB are having that deal on that makes the game $29 if you trade-in 2 games worth $5 or more in Trade Value.

Was wondering what people have traded in if they've taken advantage of this deal and their respective trade values for the games traded?

I picked up Fallout 4 [PS4] ($6 cost with a trade value of $7) and GTA V [360] ($3 cost with a trade value of $7) from a couple cash converters stores today that I plan to use in order to obtain the deal tomorrow.

My other trade baits to decrease the price are a second copy of GTAV on 360 that I no longer have use for, The Dwarves [PS4] ($1.50 cost with $7 trade value) and Pikmin 3 [Wii U] ($1 cost, unsure of trade value. Please let me know what it trades for if you do know).

If that all goes to plan I should pay next to nothing additionally to get the game thanks to also being a level 4 card holder.

Anyone else over-thought this as much as I have? Especially considering I already own this on Wii U…


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    Good job, your ozbargain membership has been renewed


    I thought I heard trade ins had to be current gen? (Meaning gta wouldn’t qualify)

    Read it here


      …but then goes on to say as long as it’s over $5 should be ok, so gta should be fine :p


      Yeah games must be
      PS4, Xbox One or Switch with trade value of $5+

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        I got told otherwise and nothing specifically states it that I could find

        Edit: upon reading the email or does specify current gen, however I'm not sure if all stores are aware of this being the case. They certainly didn't today when I asked around at 3 separate stores today, but worth noting incase.

        I can still use The Dwarves and Fallout 4 in this case regardless luckily

    Merged from EB Games MAYtes Rates

    Just found out today that EB are giving more trade value throughout May.

    As a Level 4 EB World card holder, I received an additional 40% trade bonus when trading in a bunch of unwanted games that I bought for trade bait.

    I combined this trade offer with the current DKC TF deal that EB are currently running and ended up getting the game for "free" with an additional $8.80 to use instore.

    Here's what I did and the values for each game:

    Traded 2X GTA V on 360 to make DKC come down to $29

    The lady serving me then put that deal on layby so that in a separate transaction I was able to receive the 40% extra trade value

    Fallout 4 [PS4] - $9.80
    The Dwarves [PS4] - $9.80
    Pikmin 3 [Wii U] - $15.40
    Borderlands 2 [x360] - $2.80

    With the extra $8.80 I had in credit, I then got a $15 eshop voucher so only paid $6.19 for the total transaction

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      To make it to Level 4 if you have to spend a lot of money and EB aren't cheap.

      I've made more selling unwanted games on Gumtree than EB would ever offer.


        As someone who is more a collector than trader, I was hardly out of pocket here and never pay retail for games from EB.

        I picked up Fallout 4 from Cashies yesterday for $6 as well as one copy of GTAv for $3

        I got Pikmin 3 from a JB clearance a couple months ago for $1.

        Got Dwarves from JB for $1.50

        I got borderlands years ago for $5 in a clearance sale from Kmart for $5 making it the only game here that I took a loss on.

        Every game here was purchased for very cheap with the intention of being traded in for higher than the value I paid.

        As for the Level 4 card, that took me around 4 years to achieve. Any preowned item you purchase doubles your "carrots" which rank you up faster and are the majority of what I buy from EB.

        I am certainly not EB's intended market of consumers who purchase a full price game on launch, finish it within a couple of weeks and trade it in just to lose 75% of what I paid for it


          I'm also a collector but of the old original big boxed games…. expensive hobby.

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      Also the initial game is $10 more at EB than JB.

      Though $25 each for GTAV on 360 seems decent. Considering I bought my XB1 version for $20!


        I picked up my XB1 version for around that as well. Decided to make the most of my 360 copy while it still has the slightest bit of value.


      wow. basement dweller bargain prices easy to please