Bin Not Enough to Collect All Leaves


I'm new to gardening and hence a silly question. There are so much leaves around the property and would probably need 10+ bins of fill, but the green bin is collected only once in two weeks by the council. I'm wondering there should definitely be a simple solution (cost, effort wise) to this - really appreciate if anyone can help.

I assume hiring a service would be expensive but they probably collect all these stuffs and take it with them (this is my last resort, if this is the only option).



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  • Collect on bags, take them to local dump/transfer station. You can empty the bags for free as long as it's organic green waste.

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      Plus this

      Most councils accept additional green waste free of charge

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    mulcher - it greatly reduces the volume and can add to garden beds

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    Cut down all the trees and burn them. I guarantee this won't happen again next year.

  • Leaf blower into neighbours house

  • Organize council garbage collection along with your other unwanted items. I believe you can get up to 10+ collection in a year.

  • FIRE

  • Every two weeks is 10 bins? Or you have a once off 10 bins?

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    wtf? you throw out leaves?

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      Yeah, I was wondering the same as well.

      I know my neighbour sweeps up leaves every day and then puts it in the green bin like the fool she is.

      I just use it to cover areas where I don't want grass or weeds to grow. It also acts as a fertiliser once it breaks down.

      I think the OP has a misunderstanding of what nature is providing for us.

      Anyone who is sweeping up leaves into the green bin is a fool to be honest.

    • I have a tiny patch of grass in my rental, genuinely 2mx2m. I’ve been pulled up by my property manager for having leaves on the pavement before even if they’re in a neat pile.

      • pulled up by my property manager for having leaves on the pavement before even if they’re in a neat pile.

        Did you ever tell them that you're vegan and just preparing your weekly meals?

    • If you have the space required for a bin and somewhere to use the resulting compost, this is a good idea … but that specific example appears ineffectual.

      It looks maybe 50cm across so holds barely a small wheelie-bin worth and you'd be lucky to build up the heat required to break anything down.

      Bunnings and similar sell larger cages or plastic bins around 200 litres for under $50 but try your local council or , they may deliver one double or more that size for a similar cost.

      I'd suggest a solid one vs clever-looking doors.
      In my experience, simply lifting the bin off the top, placing it down next to the heap and forking the material back into it provides good aeration, an opportunity to monitor moisture levels and access to the good stuff at the bottom.

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        FFS - then just build it bigger.

        • Such structures don't scale well - chook wire is fairly soft and as the pile settles it'll tend to fold and collapse.

          By the time you up the gauge to wire stiff enough to support itself adequately, the cost is around that of a bin or cage built for the purpose and a lot easier to use.

          My objective was to provide useful anecdotal experience so OP achieves the desired result but thanks for the exasperated profanity.

        • @AnneThrope:

          Such structures don't scale well - chook wire is fairly soft and as the pile settles it'll tend to fold and collapse.

          You don't use heavier wire, you just bang more stakes in, like building a fence.

          Nobody makes anything anymore, one person puts up an article or video it gets referenced and discussed for eternity.

    1. Begin using the green bin every fortnight and clean up a section of the garden, not just a 1 off once every few weeks.
    2. Look at composting
    3. People might recommend shredders, however be aware the weight becomes an issue
  • Find a neighbour or friend who gardens and has a large compost bin - they would probably be happy to take the bags of leaves off your hands.

  • You can ask for more bins. Will cost about 50/- per bin per year in my area

  • Rake them into a big pile, tip a bit of metho on, burn them.

  • My council doesn’t even give us green bins.

  • I saw a 3 in one blower, vaccum and mulcher at bunnings for $50. Would be great. You would be surprised how much less space mulch will take rather than the leaves

  • chop down trees then concrete everything. Then put in some concrete or marble columns too.

  • Someone in your area will take them for their garden, ask your friends/neighbours.

  • I must be the only one that loves the autumn leaves covering the ground in Melbourne.

  • If you don't have a mulcher just run over the leaves with a mower. The shredded leaves in the catcher will be only a piddling % of the original volume. Should fit in the green bin…or just compost better. Small leaves won't bother the mower at all.

  • Councils will often provide a 2nd green bin for free.
    Just tell council the problem and see what they say.
    Also use a mulching blower/vac which will shred your leaves into tiny pieces allowing you to fit 5x more in a single bin

  • Ozito Silent Shredder or an Atom 855 with vacuum attachment. Just don't suck up rocks or sticks.