Which OEM Car Floor Mat Do You Prefer and Why?

Which OEM Car Floor Mat Do You Prefer and Why?

Or should you forgo them and get aftermarket ones? Any recommended brands?


EDIT: FYI I've only owned carpet ones. If you've owned both types I would appreciate if you can share your experience also.

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    I use deep dish rubber mats. They collect the dirt, mud and water well. My carpets are usually really clean underneath thanks to them.

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    OEM ones are generally the best because they're perfectly designed to fit your car, and won't slip around/bunch up under the pedals etc.

    As far as what type… I like the carpet ones, as they're generally colour coded to the rest of your carpet. Rubber is suitable if you're walking in wet mud often. Get the type that suits your usage scenario.

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    Use both. Fitted rubber mats with high lips are best for debris and liquids, but carpet is fine for most drivers. Also, rubber mats will inevitably wear down where your heel rests, in case that's something that bothers you. I prefer OEM mats, but make sure 3rd party use the included fitting points to prevent slippage.

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    Cheap supermarket mats with some velcro tabs stuck underneath to keep them in place.

    • Velcro… dammit why didn't I think of this.

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    Carpet for the passenger/driver seats just because it looks better and feels nicer to step on. Rubber for the boot (4WD) as it's easier to clean.

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    Rubber - because kids, soccer boots and beach.

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    Utility car - deep dish rubber.

    Daily driver - carpet with stitched in steel heel plates.

    My private stretch limo - carpet

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    Utes, 4x4 and commercial vehicles, rubber all the way. Personal vehicle that don’t get dirty, muddy feet dragged through them, carpet.

    When I was working for Land Rover years ago, there was an option for the top of the range Range Rover Vogue that had lambs wool floor mats, now they were plush!

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    the skin of my enemies

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    OEM Carpet, because it looks and feels nicer

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    Quilted leather. https://autopreme.com/ As easy to clean as rubber, as attractive and feels as nice as carpet.

  • Autopreme dont seem to exist anymore and i wasnt that impressed with their fit and quality. I ended up getting www.lyx.com.au mats as they are made for RHD cars and they fit a lot better. They also didnt seem to smell like my older autopreme's did, probably due to better quality material

    As mentioend above, these are easy clean (shake and wipe off) rather then spending ages vacuming and still having little bits stuck in your ccarpet fibres. Your OEM carpet will look like new when removed.

  • Merged from Floor Mat Recommendation for New Car

    Just bought a new car without the floor mats. Need advice on what to get.

    Supercheap Auto has got the rubber type for $59.99, store pickup.

    FitMyCar.com has got the carpet type for $79.98/$99.98/$149.98, delivered.

    Rubber vs carpet. Pros and cons?

    As for carpet, is it really worthwhile to go for the prestige grade (950g/sm)?



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      Get one that is secured somehow to the car floor. You don’t want it jamming the pedals

      • 110% this

        Although it's par for the course to include them with the sale, Toyota are now including floor mats from the factory with their new cars 🙂

    • Carpet if you don't have grubby shoes often.

    • What's your car?

      • KIA Seltos (SUV)

    • I got the Fit My Car mats and love them. So much better than various previous ones I tried (Big W and Auto Barn generics). I got the Executive and they look still look brand new after about 60,000km. They fit perfectly and don't move around.

      Rubber is easier to clean, carpet feels much nicer if you can keep it vaguely clean.

    • +1 for Fit My Car. I get all my mats from them as well as mats for family, friends and customers. Great service and as as good as any genuine mat I have used.

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      Rubber mats for me. My Ute gets used in the bush, on the beach, work boots. Wife’s ‘family’ car has carpet in the front, rubber in the back to deal with kids and football boots.

    • is it really worthwhile to go for the prestige grade (950g/sm)?

      I wonder what g/sm the OEM ones are…I guess depends on the car…

  • Wet shoes and dripping umbrellas. Carpet needs protection.

    Poll needs another option for "Both".

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