expired Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L $24 Coles (Nationwide)


Arguably the best extra virgin olive oil in Australia.

Whilst it regularly flits between $25-32 it rarely hits $24, so get it while you can.

Price is valid for following two varieties
Light & Delicate
Extra Virgin Classic

Not sure if 'Robust' is at this price also

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    It would be a good deal if it was 4L at that price IMO.


    Which variety is better for direct consumption, taste-wise?


    Anyone actually used these to cook steaks? I know for steaks you need high smoke point oil like Rice Bran, so yeh, just askin….


      we only use OO at our house.

      Can't complain about the smoke point- I generally cook my steaks at a medium-low heat to a medium point.

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        …..I don't think you're cooking your steaks correctly :O


          You'd be surprised ;)

          This is coming from a typical South American/European BBQ mindset.

          For example, we marinate pork ribs in beer, salt, pepper, paprika etc for at least 24 houra before putting it on a grill


          @rodripa: You would be putting it over a flame though, not a slow cooker. Also you should be using the italian brands OO right? Closer to South American ones. But you should be doing your steaks at higher temp, do bigger cuts on higher to sear, then lower to cook. I cook south american (Brazilian and Argentinian bbq styles)

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          @OnlinePred: Don't know about others, but traditional South American BBQ uses charcoal, very little flame, you control the intensity of the cooking using something like this


          You lower or raise the grill based on what you're trying to cook and how.

          Sorry don't know how to translate the name of this type of BBQ into English, parrilla (PA-RI-JA) is what its called

          here is a cruder, traditional one


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          @rodripa: Yea that's how you cook SOME of the south american dishes. I never had steaks prepared on these.

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    Olive oil does go rancid, so make sure you are able to use it within months once opened if you're buying this size :) I know I can't, so I stick with the 750ml bottles. Store it in a cool, dark place, away from the stove.

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    it is same as the regular price in Aldi.

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      Aldi sells a different packaged product (whether its Cobram or not is anyone's guess)

      Also the Aldi one is 'fruity', which generally translates to 'robust'.

      The Cobram ones are Light & Delicate and Extra Virgin Classic, neither or which Aldi sells.


        I haven't tried Aldi's olive oil, they good?


          Being fruity flavoured I like it when dipped in bread and such, less so on a salad because even a small amount can overpower it. Once again, depends on your palate.


          @Homr: True, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'Olive Tree' brand is a repackaged Cobram tin. Cobram must do this to stay onside with Colesworth.


          @rodripa: huh? You mean Coles and Woolies are the only ones that can sell the Cobram brand?

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          @Homr: a lot of Aldi goods are from the big boys, for example all their Aussie tinned fruit is SPC. Cobram\SPC and other brands relabel their goods in order to

          a) keep the big 2 happy
          b) ensure their brand is not 'diluted' by selling it at a lower tier supermarket

          Some products may stay the same, for example the smaller Cobram bottles are less problematic, as they sell them basically everywhere. Not every supermarket sells the 3L tins, for example, Woolies does not sell the 'light and delicate' 3L range

          purely a theory


          If it is cobram oil, it's not the same grade as their branded product, based on the taste results from the choice test ( https://www.choice.com.au/oliveoil#table )

          Maybe using the best olives for Cobram brand then selling the rest as Aldi brand oil? Either way, looks like a good deal from Coles.

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    It's the highest rated Extra Virgin Olive Oil as rated by Choice (rated 1st of 23 reviewed).
    Best in sensory, chemical, and show judging taste test scores.

    Interestingly, the Aldi variants are in the bottom four… but are half the price, so quality v budget I guess.

    We buy a few when on sale like this and stock up to decant into a smaller glass bottle for easier use and store the bulk container away, but won't pay full price for it (because I have OzBargain blood in me :)). As OP said, rarely $24. Always floating between $25-$32, but normally $29-30.

    A tip for rookies, look at the harvest date on the top of the can- and not just the "best before". Fresher is better (like anything), and always seal the container properly after opening. Store in a constantly cool dark place. Large temperature variations like storing where the sun can hit the can or near the stove/oven will wreck it. Bottom of the pantry in a dark corner, away from any heat sources.

    At this price its a good buy, go get some.


      Thanks, will get a bottle tonight. It takes me a good 2months to use a 750ml bottle, so 3L bottle will last me 6months+. Is that too long to leave it open for???

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        Definitely too long. Just make more salads, or give a litre to a mate

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        Hmm… to be honest I reckon you're pushing it.

        You're kinda pushing it there if it takes a couple months just for the 750ml.

        We use it every day, and probably go through the 3L in 2 months tops. When on sale we buy 3x 3L, but we know it'll be all gone in 6 months (plus the other 2 containers won't be opened till we need them).

        If you're struggling to use 750ml in two months, then you're stretching out to maybe 9 months or more for the whole lot.

        This would be ok if it was unopened, but you'd be reopening every couple months to top up the small bottle.
        Your call, but I reckon 3L is too much for your needs…. and definitely too much if you'll be using it more than frying! A crisp fresh oil on cold salad is yummo! A stale oil wrecks it… you can taste it going off.

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          Thanks, you've just saved me $24 :)

          I'll just wait for the 750ml to be on special and I'll grab that instead.


        Make Castile soap out of the rest

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      Grain of salt stuff that Choice report. Wife (Spanish) can't stand the taste of Cobram and doesn't like the flavour it gives to food (not sure which one she tried). Probably best to buy a small bottle to try first before jumping into 3l tins.


        That's with anything mate.
        Single malt Irish Whiskey is very popular with some mates of mine, but I can't stand the stuff… and apparently the one I appreciate the least is the most expensive and sort after!

        Different strokes for different folks. But that Choice review wasn't done by some random people at Choice. It used International judging standards by professionals doing the tasting. No offence to your wife and her taste buds of course :).

        But good advice. Try a little before buying a lot!


        Yep, as with anything from Choice.


          Agreed. Learned that a loooong time ago when they did a review of top line cameras and lenses. Amateurish evaluations at best and unsurprisingly at odds with most expert photography reviews at the time. The lens reviews were particularly hilarious.


    How does it compare with the Squeaky Gate All Rounder Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L that was $20 at Coles?


      I don't have the choice article, but if I recall correctly Cobram was 1st and Squeaky gate was near 10th place- a decent result since there were 23 entries.

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      I just re-checked the results.
      Apparently the Squeaky Gate didn't pass mustard (sorry to say).

      No final grade was given due to:

      Not entered in show judging tasting – as first sample analysed failed sensory test.

      Copy and paste of what that test is:

      Sensory test

      Extra virgin olive oils must have fruity attributes and be free from defects as determined by an IOC-accredited sensory panel of at least eight tasters in order to meet the standard. Defects include fusty/muddy sediment, musty, rancid and winey-vinegary flavours.

      Sooo… in a nutshell, not a great oil- but obviously could have been a bad batch or something.

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    Was same price at Woolies about three weeks ago.


    I've never seen the Robust flavor version in this size .


    1 once bought 4 litres for $22.

    Inflation at it's worst.
    that was red island, which is 2nd best out of the choice test.

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