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YouFoodz 8 Meals for $49 Delivered (New Customers Only, Excludes WA)


8 meals for $49 delivered.

Valid for new customers only (even if they all have different spellings of your own name, use the same credit card and live at the same address).

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  • First time trying this, hope it’s good

  • No free delivery for Perth metro ☹

  • How od you get 6 meals for 49

    The lowest I got is 10 meals for 69

  • I really like the balsamic beef.

  • Really like these meals - the perfect size for lunch. I recommend them

  • They are great for variety, however, it’s still a better bargain to learn to cook yourself

  • Any other recommendations for which meals are tasty??

  • Does this stack with referral bonus?

  • When does this code expire?

  • How are they different to HelloFresh? Are these pre prepared?

    • Not sure about HelloFresh - but yeah, they're all pre-prepared ready to go. I saw them in my local servo the other week and they looked really good but they were really expensive there. Saw this deal and thought I'd give it a go.

    • You cook and prepare the food with HelloFresh. YouFoodz is just prepacked fresh meals that you eat fresh or microwave.

    • Not as tasty, probably less healthy, but tastes quite good for a prepared meal.

    • I used both, HelloFresh is much more healthier but also if you buy the family sized packages, even if its for 2 people, it will at least give you another serving the next day.

      But groupon and Hellofresh are constantly having deals so I wouldn't recommend to buy it @ the full price. It's NOT worth it.

      You do get recipe cards with HelloFresh and the ingredients you need. I've got approx 13 recipe cards and it's cheaper to buy the ingredients yourself than rely on Hellofresh.

      You are paying for convenience, there is no way $180 worth of ingredients for 5 x days, 4 people. Now I have the recipe cards, I buy the ingredients myself.

      • think a huge factor with youfoodz is that you chuck it in the microwave and you are eating 2 mins later. With hello fresh the convenience is that they send you the ingredients but you still need the time to cook yourself. For some this would suck (e.g. those counting calories, or studying or working shift work or something where they don't want to spend to the time to cook and clean)

  • will give them a go this time. thank you!

  • Each meal of YouFoodz is about $10 so half the price of HelloFresh. And YouFoodz tastes very good. You do realise you're on Ozbargain right? Why pay double the price?

    • Aren't YouFoodz for 1 person and Hello Fresh is for 2/4? I think they're about the same cost per person per meal, it just depends on which you prefer.

  • interestingly my local IGA would never sell any of these full price.. as soon as they were marked down to $4 though, bam entire lot cleared out. I noticed last night that now the supermarket doesn't stock ANY youfoodz products at all so I guess that market sample failed.

  • Giving it a go! Saves me buying lunch everyday for a week at least

  • Just a heads up that the code might not work in the app - but works on their mobile site and desktop site. I got in touch with their customer service team, who said that they have been having a few problems with their app.

  • how does it compare to lean cuisine/weight watchers/mccain healthy choice meals from coles & woolies? as these are often on special for approx $3, (i.e. half the cost per serving)?? is it worth spending more on youfoodz?

    • I think those are frozen meals, which usually means long expiry and tastes awful. Youfoodz is fresh (refridged), tastes great, lasts for about a week.

    • Much better taste wise, especially with the quality of the veggies and the protein. Less generic "mush" that you often find with frozen meals.

  • how long do their meals keep for? i assume they are frozen so as long as they are kept in the freezer, it can last months? or am i wrong?

  • Expired? It says "This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?"

    • Same, can someone please confirm.

    • Yes this code has indeed expired. Just chatted with a customer rep on the website and she issued me my own code (the same code above prefixed with my initials) after i registered. May be try it out. I dont think its a generic code anymore.

  • Hello everyone found this code on facebook Social8898 7 meals for 49 dollars

  • SOCIAL6634 works - 8 meals for $49