Buy Cheap or Expensive Booze for Wedding?

So I'm planning a country wedding and I'm in charge of the alcohol order for 80 people.
Ordering alcohol could very easily get out of hand if we order the good stuff vs the average stuff (Champagne vs. Sparkling, for example).
Shout out question to those who have arranged own weddings or been to lots. Does it matter the quality of alcohol served?
As people will get stuck into it regardless as its free.


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    Invite a miracle worker to turn water into wine. 😉

    But seriously, as with dinners, whatever the price point, start with the light wines before progressing to the heavy ones, if any.

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    find out what the bride wants…… she needs to be happy

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    When I had my wedding there were 80 adults. we bought our booze from woolworths and the bottle shop manager was happy to take back any overstock.

    for 80 adults we bought 36 bottles (3 cases) of white - sauv blanc or chardonnay. 2 cases of red. 10 slabs of full strength beer (various) and 1 light beer. plus heaps of softdrink, mineral water. total over kill. returned 4 slabs of beer. most of the wine was drunk. the rest was kept to be consumed over the next few months.

    quality- it was all reasonable wine that I had tried previously . wine was ~$8-10 a bottle (this was 15 years ago).

    worst thing to hear at a wedding - "they have run out of booze"

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    Please avoid very cheap/poor quality alcohol. But you don’t have to go expensive either.

    My favourite white wines are around $10-$15. You can also get good quality Australian sparkling wine for under $20 a bottle.


    Get a reasonable mix.

    My go to beer mix is usually furphy and Carlton draft. Don’t cheap out and not buy enough. Better to have too much and if you do uowant can usually return it or it can go in the fridge for future drinking.

    Will people drink spirits ? Maybe get some mixers as well. As well as the usual white wine, red wine , champagne for the toast and sparkling for the rest of the night.

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    if im the guest, expensive, if im the host paying for it, cheap

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    Tell guests there is no alcohol as you will then ensure they can't get done for dui after serve softdrinks instead much cheaper and if they don't like it don't invite them to the next wedding :)

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      that will be a cheap wedding then,would save on food too as no-one would turn up!
      If i went to a wedding without booze i would absolutely storm out of there. sorry, but it unaustralian to not have a heap of grog at a wedding.

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        Not at all directed at You wordplay, but in general. You raise a great point, at most celebrations be it weddings or BBQs, birthdays there MUST be grog or the average Aussie will not attend!! Alcohol consumption at any minor or major celebration is seen to be an Aussie right, a tradition.

        This also extends to bday parties for 1, 2 and 4 yr olds, the parents and adults MUST drink alcohol as its a celebration. Almost everything where there is gathering HAS to have alcohol or it "ain't gunna happen" for many.

        Weddings are not about the grog though its about a man and a women getting married? To many Aussies its just another excuse to get pissed.

        Australia has become a nation of irresponsible alcoholics who cry unaustralian if the "life giving" alcohol isn't allowed to them for turning up to a celebration?

        Some people are so brainwashed that Alcohol is needed to "be cool, get the best looking partner, be successful etc." That the need for grog as a reward for anything and every achievement has become the norm not the exception, ridiculous even down to some quoting beer commercials in an attempt to justify drinking; "A mans gotta have a beer after a hard days work" I've earn't it bullshit.

        What next? Get pissed with the mates, go home, smack the little woman around a bit cause dinners not on the table ready for the man? That used to be a great Australian tradition too wasn't it at one time?


          Weddings are not just about man and woman getting married, we voted yes remember.

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          I voted no, only ppl with gay sons voted yes and of course the vote was rigged from the start the tv ads had the yes vote being ticked from the start brainwashing

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    I haven’t organised one of these before but chat to Dan Muhphy and see if they will organise a taster for you and the wedding party to gauge something suitable.. you could contact their wedding planner people and see what they can do for you. Personally, I think, you need a mixture. The better stuff for early on and cheaper later when people are less choosy. Make sure people aren’t too drunk to drive home. If you have a decent size property you might find a way to get people to sleep over and provide breakfast in the morning.

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    Screw that, buy a few tabletop herbal vaporisers, a disposable mouthpiece for each guest, and as much weed as you consider necessary. Then proceed to have a chill and positive wedding, instead of an embarrassing one with angry drunks, DUI's and piss everywhere. That's our plan for our second wedding anyway :3 (first one was a paperwork wedding because we're broke so guests weren't an issue)

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      don't get people hooked on illegal drugs for your wedding!!!
      they want to celebrate, not be surrounded by a bunch of tweaking junkies hepped up to their eyeballs.

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      So your guests can still be charged if they drive under the influence of drugs and any amount is illegal. I hope the cops don’t decide to raid the wedding, but it would be something to tell the grand kids.

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    Beer is not expences, just get stuff you'd be happy to finish later.

    Wines can be had cheap, say counting sheep save blanc 6 for $36 isn't horrible or a JP chanet sav blanc is about $9 a bottle.

    For cider sommersbys as a sweet cider, or maybe see if you can pick up some of the Kopparberg 500ml bottles cartons at Dan's for $30ea equates to $2ea

    If doing cider budget for cups and ice. It's much better on ice and serves to slow down the drinker.

    If you want something to show off ive been enjoying some of them little fat lamb ciders lately. Cost $28 a 10 pack but are 2.4 standards a can so quite strong… 10 is a bottle of rum.

    Soft drinks, water and little juice boxes (for the kiddies) and mixers.

    I'd get some appletiser fake sparkling wine if there are kids so they can also join in toasting.

    Set a budget and enjoy.

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    Does the venue have it's own liquor licence?
    I've been to several weddings where the beer, house wine & champagne were provided, but you could buy spirits etc at the bar if you didn't want to drink the free stuff.

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    PM me, I think I have a couple ideas that could help you out