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[NSW, ACT, VIC] ALDI Whisky Day 19th May - Suntory Whisky and Glen Marnoch $40


World Whisky Day is the 19th May - Aldi have some specials on the 16th of May.

On sale 16 May in NSW, VIC and ACT while stocks last*
For WA customers, please check the liquor specials on sale in your local WA store.

Mod: Updated deal dates, while World Whisky Day is 19th of May, the ALDI sale actually starts 16th of May.
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    I believe it's 16 May rather than 19 May.


    could not get my hand on it on the north sydney store last time

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    Laphroaig 10years for $74 is not bad. Might grab a bottle or 2

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    For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

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    Not jealous in Qld, Not jealous in Qld, etc


    True ozbargainers would have bought 1L Laphroaig 10yo at $99 during 10% off eBay sales, which equates to $62.37/700ml before cashrewards, not considering 5-10% off eBay gift card in woolloies.

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      Pretty sure a large part of being a true Ozbargainer is regretting buying stuff because someone found it cheaper 3 days later. :p


      not considering 5-10% off eBay gift card in woolloies.

      Can you buy the eBay cards at woolies with a wish cards via cash rewards? Giving you 9.75 - 14.5% off …

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    that suntory whisky is about $10 in Japan. :(

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      The Johnnie red of Japan

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      I know :( I wish we could bring back those 3L bottles of the stuff. It's actually really nice and smooth for a cheap whiskey.

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      Yeah its the everyday conveniencxe store one you dont want to see when your walking around looking to buy nikka and suntorys labels (yamazaki, yoichu, hakushu etc)

      It's crazy how jacked up japanese whisky is in aus i wouldnt bother. Like we bought the nikka coffee grain and coffee malt whiskey from the convenience store off the street. 5680 yen from seico mart. Just in feb 2018.

      Under 70 aud basically a bottle. Just saw it in liquor shed or whatever it is. I think 149 or was it 169 bucks. Huge markup its ridic


        Coffey* grain and malt. I've made the same mistake before. They're unrelated to coffee


          There's a huge tax on alcohol in Australia.

          It's why we have so few craft distillers.

          The costs are too high to overcome without huge economies of scale.


          wow I did not notice that. I had to go back to the pictures in japan and also here, and how true. Lol i am not that blur but this is one thing I did not see whatsoever. I kept thinking coffee malt and grain. I bet the mrs will get a rude shock too hahaha.


    What is the Glen Marnoch 25 like? Is it similar to any other scotch?

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      Basically it doesn't exist.

      "Glen Marnoch" is a brand name for what ever batch of malt Aldi bought up to make it sound right and give it that 'premium' image. If you look, this one is a Highland malt. Issue is, you really don't know what you are going to get, and similar types of product have horrible in the past, eg https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/glen-marnoch-24-year-o...

      If you think about it, if the distillery had a name and had a good 25 year old single malt, would they sell it to Aldi to flog off?

      If you are comparing it to Red Label, well maybe you will like it, but don't expect too much.

      You might do better with the Speyside, but again, you can't know what's actually in this bottle till it's too late.


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        Well said…..They just buy whatever whiskey relevant to the age statement and flog it off as 18, 21, 25 or 30 years.

        I have had some tasting sessions with my "Old time whisky drinking" buddies and found these Aldi whiskies to be far inferior than the comparable age statement whiskies from "REAL DISTILLERIES".

        They are cheap for a reason.


          Yeah, they're not even particularly cheap. I'd take the Laphroaig anyday, and even then there are better Islay for not much difference in price (eg Bunnahabhain @ ~$91).

          The overtaxing of whisky in Australia tends to kill price differentials between good and bad.

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    Dan Murphy price match in 3, 2, 1,,,,

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    Obligatory which one goes best with coke comment ?!?


    I would like to try the 25yr old (whiskey) but i wont bother this time, they usually have something crappy like one case for each store so unless you aren't working and come in early the day of release, you're wasting your time.


      Not even one case sometimes only 2 or 3 bottles.

      The first one to reach the aisle grabs them all.

      Its a different matter that after opening the bottle he realises that it wasnt worth the effort.


    Not sure id try an aldi 25 yr at 99 bucks. I mean a glen farclas 10 yo that im itching to try as ive never tried the brand is 99 fpr 10 yr old. You cant help but wonder what quality you get that theyd need to flog 25 yrs at that price.

    It reminds me of aldis wines. Everyone raves about it and although i know wine is personal a good wine is like any good whisky. You may not suit your buds but the quality and complexity is still there..and frankly the aldi reds i had to try were just not of a high quality.

    Which i guess is where they get their sub $20 price to begin with.