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expired [VIC/NSW] $10 off $20 Plus 15% LivenCash @ Mad Mex via Liven App (Select Locations)


Download the liven app and apply Promo code MADMEX10. Works for new and existing members.

Valid for 1st 400 uses

Available at select locations:

  • Melbourne:

    • Chadstone
    • Bourke St
    • Highpoint

  • Sydney:

    • MET Centre
    • Sydney Central Plaza
    • Harbourside
    • Wintergarden
    • Central Station
    • Randwick

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Referrer and referee get 250 LVN ($5).

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    Will Mel Gibson be there?

  • +3 votes

    make sure you get the cashier to DOUBLE CHECK the price when they accept the payment!! Once it's entered there's no undo.
    The Ahole cashier put my purchase as separate paymets $11 & $11 so it didn't work and cannot be refunded..
    I got jibbed twice now from this app. uninstalling now.


      So you mean check with cashier to see if payment is $20 that it’s $20?

    • +1 vote

      Sounds like a crappy situation but it doesn't really sound conclusive as to why he did it. I feel your story lacks a bit of context. For example, did you (and your friend?) ask for separate transactions, only to then realise AFTERWARDS that it wouldn't qualify for the promo? If so, wouldn't say the cashier was an Ahole but rather it was a case of misunderstanding/miscommunication.


        Maybe this takes into account the liven credit?


        apologies for missing context: I bought 2 things to make up the $20 spend. but casheir assumed I got 1 thing then quickly accpeted the transaction, this is out of the customer's hands, compared to card transaction where the machine would show the price before you pay.
        You cannot stop a transaction using this app once you get the payment code

        • +2 votes

          You should finalize your order first, get them to say the total price, then say you want to pay with Liven.


          Make your order, look at the total, then press the 'Ready to Pay' button, so you won't even show up on the system and they cannot bill you before the order's finalised. It's a little slower, but it avoids something like this happening.

          If using a promo code, I actually encourage looking around for Liven signage or just asking whether they take Liven, before you eat. Some places will also not take Liven for promotional items/lunch specials, even if you try to argue that you are willing to pay the $4 for a Coke that was the combo…so I'd say (similar to what oGoo59 said) the sequence is Place Your Order -> 'Do you take Liven'? -> Pay/Eat.

          If not using a promo code and not ordering anything that looks like a special, Liven's customer service has indicated to me on previous chats that they will credit your Liven account with the relevant Liven cash if the place you attend that is on the app ends up not actually offering Liven due to whatever reason. (Has happened more than once for me.) You do have to contact them via number, live chat, or press pay button -> cancel -> I am having trouble paying, and collect a receipt.


    Hi everyone, glad to see you're enjoying Mad Mex!

    Please note that there is currently an offer for one FREE BURRITO for new Liven users, available with the promo code MEXCELLENT for a $9 value.

    Also please remember to be respectful of staff and operators as we launch this new partner.



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