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I'll be spending upwards of $15,000 overseas for a wedding in a months time and was wondering what the best credit card would be for this. Looking for one with best rewards to maximise the spend but also need to keep in mind the overseas transaction costs of some cards that will negate the bonuses in some cases. I have the cash but figure might as well stick it on the card to try and get benefits.

I'll be approved for a large amount as I have a good credit history and earn about $200k per annum.

QFF points I guess would be most beneficial. Not too concerned about annual fees etc if it means a big jump in points as I travel regularly overseas. Still using my 28 Degrees card from OZB from years ago…

I can always get the ANZ 75,000 rewards points one, but just thought I'd ask the wise folk before applying.



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    I’d suggest stick with the 28 degrees for fee free transactions
    3% of $15k is $450

    I doubt you’d get that much benefit from any reward points


    "I'll be approved for a large amount as I have a good credit history and earn about $200k per annum".

    From what i witness in everyday life, the more you earn the more you waste on an unsustainable lifestyle so no guarantee you will get approved for a large amount


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    Bankwest Qantas Platinum/World MasterCards. No foreign transaction fees and the exchange rate is the MasterCard rate.


    Thanks all, yeah looks like i'll just stick with 28 degrees for these purchases.

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      Why not the BankWest Qantas platinum MasterCard like someone else recommended? You get the same fee-free rates as 28degrees but you'll get points for any purchases on the card. If you travel overseas regularly and you want to earn points on your overseas spend without incurring any foreign transaction fees, this would be the best card for you, no buts about it. And you'll get free travel insurance on the card as well.

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    Coles MasterCard does points. $99 annual fee and no FX fees.

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    ANZ Explorer Card earns you points (that can be converted to Velocity, then Kris Flyer) and does not have currency conversion fees.

    There is an annual fee though but is offset by a free return domestic flight in Australia.


    $200k / annum?

    Please consult a lawyer for a Binding Financial Agreement.

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