expired Ardbeg 10YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL $72 (Pickup or $6.95 Next Day Shipping) @ First Choice Liquor


First Choice Liquor is selling Ardbeg 700ml 10yo for $72, haven't been this price for about a year. Price match at Dan Murphys and they'll do $71 apparently.

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    Great deal, though it was available on FC ebay for $65 after discount late December. That was after 20% discount though.

    Glenmorangie 10 @ $63 and nectar d'or @ $82 FYI.

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    A proper tipple, but be aware it is reminiscent of old ashtray and muddy boots.

    Be sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, subtle it ain't.


      Yeah, yes, I should've added it's for those who really like the Islay Smokiness, it's what it's for (and all it's got).

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      It's not even a strong peat.

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        A lof of people seem to think that Islay = only smoke. There is as much difference between these whiskys as there is between different Highland whiskys. It's fine if you're not a fan, but don't be dismissive.


          Agreed wholeheartedly, not all about the smoke/peat. There’s a lot more complexity to Islay scotch that is missed because all that’s focused on is peat, peat and peat. Ardbeg being no exception.

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          I agree! The second things get a tiny bit peaty, people just run out the door saying how strong the smokeyness is etc etc.

          IMO the Ardberg 10 is an incredibly bold whisky with loads of complexity and a good hint of peat. It's one of my go-to's when recommending islay whiskies to friends.

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        It's no monster like the octamore, or the ardbeg supernova but as far as standard Islay bottlings its a heavy hitter… They've always used the most strongly peated malts (at around 50-55 ppm) - a bit more than Laphroaig and much more than Lagavulin, Bowmore Kilchoman or Caol Ila.. not to mention the milder Islays like Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain…. dunno if I've missed some Islay distilleries but, monsters like the octamore aside, I can't think of a distillery that has a regular "standard" release with more peat than the ardbeg 10.


          dunno if I've missed some Islay distilleries

          Port Ellen ? ;-)

          I'm not saying that Ardbeg doesn't have it's charm (I've a bottle on the shelf), but if you are new to islay single malts then something like Bunnahabhain would ease you in gentle (and it's more complex in my book).


          @sane: Ah ofcourse! I always forget about Port Ellen

          I don't disagree with you. I was replying to OnlinePred's assertion that Ardbeg isn't strongly peated.. with which I think I disagree

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          I tried the octomore (7.1 perhaps?) - tasted a bit young and thin/monotonous to me.

          Ardbeg, Laga, and Laphroaig are my go to whiskeys.

          Maybe a dumb question - but how would describe the taste of peat alone? An earthiness, muddiness, brine flavour?

          I'm not sure I really am naming my flavours properly.


          @sane: You can work your way up to the real treasures. IMO the Bunnahabhain is too smooth and too bland, it's not strong enough. Tastes like they just put some smoke in the bottle.



          Depends on if you have some taste buds left. To me reigning in the peat etc. a bit allows the other flavours to shine through.



          If you're just sniffing raw peat, its basically decaying plant matter in dirt that's on its way to becoming coal. So it smells sort of like a swamp (reminiscent of seaweed) and a lot like soil or tar or coal.

          What aromas it imparts to whisky is hard to pin down, because just the addition of peat alone can impart a range of different aroma/flavour profiles depending on the process. There's a range of phenols and other aromatic compounds that stick to the wet malted barley when its put over a peat fire. After the barley comes off the peat the distiller can decide how many and which compounds remain will based on the processes the barley is put through.. ferment times, still shape, fill level, speed of distillation, cut points and maturation will all determine what effect the peat will have had on the final product. Sometimes it will pick up more of the seaweedy iodine notes, others will get more of a tarry smoke (like the kind you get when you burn redgum) others will taste more medicinal, like bandages or hospital disinfectant. All of these are a result of the peat smoke.



          Wow thanks for the detailed answer. Much clearer now.


    This is good


    Price is $90 ATM

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