End of Year Peak Season USA trip - Cash or QFF Points?

Wanting to travel to USA from December 24 - Late January.

Best I could find was $4800 for two travellers via Qantas. Sydney -> Chicago Return (Need to visit family there)

I have approximately 180 000 worth in Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, which is a discount of approx $1300 when used.

Is there a better way I can use my points. Or should I suck it up and pay the full $4800 fare :(



    You're booking way too early which is why the price is so high. Prices generally only start to actually reflect the loading of the flight about 6-8 weeks out.

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    You can sell here for $1800 minimum.

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    I would use points in this case. If you value points at 1cpp and you're using 180k points, then you're "paying" $1800, saving $3k off the cash fare.

    General rule of thumb - Use points for business/first class fares. Only use points for economy fares during peak periods.


    What a rort. I would fly to LA then transfer.

    What's wrong with you?

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    $2400 each sounds alight to Chicago to me. For that time of the year, if you're lucky you might get down to $2K each.

    Personally I think points are best used when used for upgrades.


    There is flights to lax using Philippine airlines for 1300 from dec 22-jan26 or 1500 dec24 to jan 26

    Use qff to book a flight to. Chicago for ~10 dollars

    cost 1310

    Why do you have to use qantas ?

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