Assorted Hand Tools $4.99, Nando's PERi PERi Sauce 125ml $2.99, South African Cadbury's Dairy Milk 80g $1.99 @ ALDI

  • Metal Cutters, Tower Pincers, Cutting Pliers or Adjustable Wrench
  • Tower Pincers, Side Cutting Pliers, Adjustable Wrench, Metal Shears (straight cut), Metal Shears (left cut) or Metal Shears (right cut)

Nando's peri peri sauce

South African Cadbury Chocolate Blocks

Mini Soldering Torch Kit $29.99

Plus more

XL wrench/spanner set 25 pcs $49.99


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    Aldi have a 200g block of chocolate for $2.00 that's very similar to Cadbury's. I think it's made in Belgium.


      Is Cadbury chocolate now made in China? I think I read somewhere on whirlpool.


        M&M's chocolate bars are, but most Cadbury's English output has now been moved to Poland. This is the first I heard of South African Cadbury's.

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      If it's made in Belgium it is almost certainly superior to Cadbury's.


      aldi is. dry good if you like european chocolate and are on a budget ….choice also have them some good write ups.

      i still buy cadbury if made in australia but haven’t checked origin in a while ….if it’s made overseas then the patriotic edge is gone.

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        Main factory for south east Asia, Pacific region is in Hobart Tasmania. Another one in Melbourne, and then a few others scattered around the region, but the bulk is Hobart.

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    I thought it was an error. Only 80g of Cadbury's for $1.99! Not your fault OP but that's a rip-off. Plus-voting for the tools.


    Coles has 200g Cadbury for $3.


      $15 kg for cadbury is about right ….swiss and belgium you can get for $20kg if you include aldi.
      woollies also now has excluded line of cheap imported chocolate.


    Nando's Extra Bloody Hot, though not very hot, is absolutely delicious (and low carbs/sugars!).

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