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Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirts for $24.99 each + $5.99 shipping


Considering 1-Day is posting this up as 'Ralph Lauren' Polo shirts, I assume they are authentic. You won't find them cheaper than $60 even at warehouse outlets or Boxing Day sales, $25 is quite a bargain!

This is from the website:

Add some couture to your wardrobe this summer with a brightly coloured, smile inspiring polo shirt from Mr Lauren. The short sleeves and breathable cotton fabric will keep you cool in the warmer weather, whilst the colours will make sure you stand out in the crowd.

Choose from:

  • Black, or
  • Light Green, or
  • Pink, or
  • Orange, or
  • Red, or
  • Maroon, or
  • Light Blue, or
  • Navy, or
  • Royal Blue, or
  • White

Select the colour from the available options in the drop down menu.
Each Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt is sold separately.

  • Classic fitting
  • Short sleeved
  • Polo mesh shirt
  • Breathable, durable cotton mesh
  • 100% cotton

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  • +1

    they are at it again

  • -1

    not too bad for 30buks or so..
    but be prepare to get heaps of hate comments from people who have bought stuff from 1-day in the past and think that its fake or did not like the quality etc etc….. lol

    • +1

      Yeah I realised that but I guess people just have to be careful on their descriptions. If they don't mention the brand at all, then it is most likely to be a fake. I bought an ipod nano from them last year at 70% of its RRP and it is the real thing. Guess you just have to be extra careful.

    • +2

      Haven't people stated that the actual Ralph Lauren Polos they got from 1-day were crap quality? Could just be my mind making things up though.

    • yea post stuff on ozBargain of polo shirts and other from 1-day and alot of people were having ago at the authenticity and quality of their stuff.
      by ur right, just be careful. ive bought stuff from them in the past and seemed fine to me.

  • +2

    Myer had these on speical yesterday for $70 reduced from $109

    Hard to think these are the real deal hey

    • +1

      In the US, they only go for like $30 or so. i bought some whilst i was over there.
      so wouldnt be surprised if its real and they bought it direct from US or something.
      but who knows right? lol

      • you can get them even cheaper in Thailand!

        Definitely fakes tho

      • Yeah, but that's in the US. I'm willing to put a wager that these aren't real. Don't trust 1-day to sell legit stuff. They were selling fake Dyson fans yesterday (and claimed it was the real deal)!

        • +2

          actually that isnt true - 1-day yesterday they were selling "air multipliers" which stated - "why pay $379.99 - pay only $89.99" I scoured the website but nowhere did the advertisement say that they were dysons. I was going to get one but i wasnt born yesterday. Sometime during the evening, they changed the website. instead of calling them air multipliers - they changed them to air blowers.

          They implied they were dyson by using air multipliers and the RRP - but never stated they actually were dyson. The thing is if they sell a name brand (like ralph lauren today, or the sony dictaphones yesterday) then it is stated within the ad

        • -1

          flashi007 is right - clearly u don't have strong attention to detail. At no time did they mention Dyson in their advertisment.

          It is a cheap replica or a knock-off of the dyson fan, but they are two totally different items and prices.

        • It was pointed out that the fan was originally being called an Air Multiplier.

          Dyson are calling this a trade marked name

          Presumably, by trying to name the fan an "Air Multiplier" and quoting prices that would be commonly found for the Dyson Air Multiplier (as opposed to the fan from 1-day) they were providing ample room for customers to be confused.

    • The special offer is still available?

    • $31 for a rl polo isn't that unbelievable actually. They all come from places like Sri Lanka anyway. If you do not want to risk it with 1-day, just pop over to the DFO outlets. I bought a polo from the custom fit range for $39 just a couple of weeks ago. Classic fits are even more plentiful especially the larger sizes.

      • yeah they aren't worth more than $50 anyway. Looking at Myer and DJ chargin $109 or about $70 on sale and I just laugh…

        You don't have to look far to find them less than $50 and still genuine..

  • -1

    hope it's good. :) I like these polo shirts… got 2.

  • These are most likely genuine. Ralph Lauren has a few labels

    Ralph Lauren (green) - The cheapest and nasiest label. Not made by Ralph Lauren so anyone with a few $$$ can sell under their label.
    Polo Ralph Lauren -> Cheapest label made by Ralph Lauren. Not bad quality
    Ralph Lauren Black Label -> Very very nice
    Ralph Lauren Purple Label -> Supreme, MOP buttons, finest cotton, made in italy (most time)

    The ones at Myer and David Jones for $70 are Polo Ralph Lauren. I just bought two of the purple label polos from the US but they too big so i must sell.. They are sweet.

    • So what do you think of these? what label are they?

      • From the pictures should be Polos.

  • Bought one too!
    Hope it is the Real Deal here and not some crappy copy. If anyone finds out after they received it is a fake, please share their findings for the benefit of future buyings from any dodgy sites. I will post my feedback after I received it. Cheers!

    • Shirt was of cheap copy wrote email to them and got no reply!!!!!
      Last time I am buying anything from them.

  • +3

    Bought 2 RL shirts last time! They weren't fake but the quality of the shirts are not good as the new ones in the shops…

    • +2

      Those polos are most probably the rejects so it didn't pass store quality control and dumped in clearance/bargain outlets.

  • +5

    Dodgy, would not buy from here. Much rather go to Ralph Lauren at DFO where they are $39 each or 2 for $65.

    Also, this is the classic fit. They are very baggy and the tail is long. When it comes to RL Polo it's custom or nothing in my opinion.

    • I concur - classic fit is pretty bad for average/fit people - it suits bigger guys much better.

      Was tempted to buy but as with all clothes trying before buying is rather important.

      • yeah I am a bigger guy but I like my polo shirts fitted. tight around the arms and not too long. I am 6ft4 and weigh 90kg but custom fit in medium fits me perfectly.

        Also, your right that you need to try before you buy. I have found differences in the same size polo shirts before. I wouldn't risk buying on the net.

  • These look exactly like the ones I picked up in Thailand a few years back.

    That said those shirts I bought are very comfortable and are still alive and well.

  • I've bought a couple of those from the Ralph Lauren store at Birkenhead Point for $39. Surely it must be real at their own store :-D

    • yeah they are real. I got a few there as well. Sometimes they are even down to $30.

      I have trouble finding good colours in my size though. But they got some nice stuff, i got socks 3 pairs for $5, tshirts for $15-$25.

  • I just purchased 4 of them, I'm going to be pissed off if they are not the same quality as my other polo's.

    Then again, as long as they are not as bad as some fake polo's I was given from Thailand (that are worse then $4 Aldi polo shirts) then I don't mind too much.

  • Hope these are legit, wonder if the lacoste ones were legit too?

  • +1

    The sizing of these are weird? anyone else?

    they seem very wide and short

  • +1

    okay i just received 2 out of the 4 i bought
    my god… terrible and never again
    the size is really weird. i bought small and it seems too wide and too short
    and the tail at the back was hilariously ridiculous.

    In terms of a solution.. can i return?????
    i would never wear these out ever.

    Waste of 110 :(

  • +1

    I received mine today and I'm not happy. Thinking of requesting a refund.

  • +1

    yes me too
    anyone else receive it and is thinking of doing the same?
    i bought 4… ………………………………………
    even if i got it for free i wouldnt use it!

  • i emailed them… hope i can get my $110 back.. sight

  • I bought 2 and concur they are sh*t quality. I have requested a refund. I'll post back what they say. Won't be buying from here again..

  • I bought 1 and its a shit fit, long tail like thing on the back, I hae requested refund wil wait and see what happens….

  • I got mine yesterday. Probably a minority as the cutting fits me fine. I ordered a size L and was afraid it may be too big. Yes the tail is long but it doesn't bother me. It appears that these polos are old stock as the price tag appears to have turned colour. I believe the long tail was their desgined back in the past, not sure whether they are still like that. The material feels good. No complaints from me.

    For those trying to return, good luck as if you read their terms and conditions, they do not take refunds and exchanges unless falsely described. If the measurement they posted on their site was incorrect, you may have a chance saying it was not properly described. Hopefully someone took a screendump of it.

  • okay i got a reply and i'd have to say they were really professional and prompt

    " Hello,

    We do apologise for the problems that you have experienced with this item.

    Unfortunately we will have to refund you for this item because we do not have any replacement stock to send to you.

    I can offer you one of the below options.

    Store Credit: A store credit code to spend on 1-day,

    Refund back to card: A full refund, (this goes back onto your credit card)

    Please advise what option you prefer.

    Please dispose of the faulty item as you wish, we do not require this back.

    If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

    Enjoy the rest of your day"

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