EOFY Sales [Purchase Mazda CX-5]


I'm looking to buy a car. Safety features on the new Mazda CX-5s have made me consider new for the first time over second hand so I'm in new territory here.

I called a dealer today after looking at his demo CX-5s online and decided a 2017 Maxx Sport is about right for around $30k.

The dealer suggested he may have more $$$ to 'spend' from head office in June rather than now in May - possibly increasing my dicsount. Does anyone know what this means and what his angle might be here? He seems to have a bunch of demos now available and the trade off in waiting for me is possibly a reduced selection in June? Is he really trying to do me a favour?

Thanks in advance.



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    Is he really trying to do me a favour?

    Ha ha ha ha lol no.

    Probably met his targets for this month so doesn't need the sale yet, or the finance rates will go up, or maybe he gets extra commission/kickbacks for EOFY sales.

    Once again, ha ha ha ha lol no.

    Ask for an actual number.

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    depends on his remuneration imo. afaik, some are paid when the car is shipped (not billed). he could be also thinking that so close to june, he is not going to waste time on a sales pitch since youre going to wait…etc


      I did research suggesting EOFY is not all it is cracked up to be? Happy to buy this month. Do you think it is actually worth waiting?


    Thanks for replies.

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