Apple Warranty Claim for iPhone 7

Hi guys,

Just after some advice.

My iPhone 7 is approx 1.5 years old and yesterday the speaker and microphone stopped working. I am unable to hear others and they cant hear me either. I have done restore (both from a backup and as a new phone) but it hasn't helped. This makes me believe that this is a hardware issue.

I have booked an appointment with Apple for today and wanted to know if Apple will honour the issue and provide me with a replacement handset? Or they wont as the IPhone is out of 12 months warranty period?



  • You'll be covered under the ACL 2 year warranty but it'll come down to whether it's a manufacturing/product defect or if it's user damage (dropped/water/etc).

    There's some more info here:

    • Just for exacting clarification; ACL doesn’t define any particular period of years of coverage. It only defines coverage as a reasonable period of time.

      • True but in this case Apple does define a period of at least 2 years:

        "Without limiting consumers’ rights, Apple will provide its own remedies equivalent to those remedies in the consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law at any time within 24 months of the date of purchase"

    • Thanks, can confirm I didn't drop the phone or anything. It just stopped working randomly.

  • They are now starting to fix it rather than giving complete new iPhone. But on odd occasions (eg. parts not available) they would replace it with a brand new iPhone

  • Unless you damaged it with liquid ingress you should be fine - or they can see you have dropped it.

    Generally if you are polite yet firm - and sit down at the genius bar so it looks like you are settling in for the long term.

  • I was in the similar situation with my iPhone 5. It reached 3 months after it reached to 12 months warranty. Lock button is not working sometimes. The guy at apple store just gave me new phone. I am pretty sure he gave me refurbished phone but I am pretty happy with that in 10 mins of being there

  • Any water damage? That's about the only thing that will rule out warranty replacement / repair.

    • I had my iPhone 6 dropped in the hot water pool by my GF for about 10 minutes. phone didn't start. But with my own hack and play by apple warranty rules, I got new phone for free.

  • If its australian stock, it'll have 2 years warranty.