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BlitzWolf Cables - Micro USB 1m: US $3.79 or 1.8m: US $4.09, Lightning 1m: US $7.99, Type C 1.8m: US $4.49 @ Banggood


Many ozbargain's user PM me asked for Micro USB Data Cable before,so this deal come,hope you all like it.

This deal link to BlitzWolf Data Cable Micro USB 1m $3.79 (AUD $5.2).

Item Deal Price (USD) Approximation (AUD)
BlitzWolf BW-MC8 2.4A Micro USB Charging Data Cable 6ft/1.8m $4.09 $5.4
BlitzWolf BW-MF9 2.4A Braided Lightning Charging Data Cable 3.33ft with MFi $7.99 $10.52
BlitzWolf BW-TC2 3A USB Type C Braided Charging Data Cable 6ft/1.8m $4.49 $5.92

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  • I'm only seeing $10.91 for the Lightning cable?

  • I have been looking for a USB-C cable for my S9. Anyone have any comments on quality/price for the USB-C option?

    • USB A to C or C to C? For A to C, the TC9 is the best if you want data transfer rates as well. Otherwise the TC1 or TC5 are fine (just differing levels of quality)

      • A to C my fiend. I am not concerned about the transfer rate at all. Just have had a lot of people tell me to make sure I get 'certified' cables not just anything.

  • I have an S9. Use a mix of Blitzwolf cables from banggood and they all work like a treat. Just determine if you want fast charging inc USB3 data transfer or only charging with occasional USB2 type speeds as kulprit has noted.
    For fast data (inc charging) I'm using this and it works a treat: https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-3A-USB-Type-C-Reversible-...
    And this https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-AmpCore-BW-TC11-3A-USB-Ty... for charging the S9 from a powerbank and then just flip the cable around for charging the powerbank https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-PowerStorm-BW-PF1-6700mAh... we have a few of these when they were on special https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-S6-QC-3_0-2_4A-30W-Dua... (we have the AU & EU version). Were not ready to make the full leap to USB C to USB C just yet to am maintaining the USB A to USB C infrastructure.

    I think we're addicted to blitzwolf in our household as it just all seems to work.

    • Hey thanks for the info. I am one of those people that like the 1% benefits and so I prefer to slow charge my phone/batteries when possible. Less heat for more battery life and such. So if I could get one that only allows for a slow charge but is 'certified' that would be my perfect storm. However that is sort of counter to what is actually happen and what most people want. It is generally just getting faster and faster charging/transfer rates the better quality cable you go.

      • On your phone: Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> 3-dot menu -> Advanced settings -> Turn off "Fast cable charging" (and "Fast wireless charging" if you feel the need).


        Then go for any certified cable you want, fast or not.

        • I already have it turned off but still notice that some cables can charge my phone in a few hours but there is one cable I have at home that seems to be a 'trickle' feed almost that takes 8hrs to charge my phone. I think I almost need a dud cable for this haha.

        • @knobbs:use an old charger head, i have one from my galaxy s2. 1a charger output is what your looking for whereas the newer charger heads go from 2a+

          Edit: should have read on before commenting lol

      • Ok I' in the same boat as I like 24 months of phone life and battery care becomes important. So what I use is an old, old USB charger. I've found a couple where they only pump out 550mah and 850mah etc. So this way, outside of travels and needing rapid charge, I will use one of these older chargers for the 'long slow' overnight charge when the phone is empty. Our other phone is a Sony XZ1 and it has a battery care mode that works a treat that seems to detect your overnight charge needs.

        • I'll check my charge speed at home, how low can you go should be our motto!

        • Looks like it is charging at 200mah. I need to get me a few of these :P

        • Damn
          Would be good if we could do the same with iPhone cables by buying non mfi but that means chances are the cable won’t even work lol

  • Just found you can save an additional 7% by using the code 'rmn7off'. :)

    EDIT: The 'BlitzWolf® AmpCore Turbo BW-TC10 3A' is the same price as the 'BlitzWolf® BW-TC2 3A' and seems to be more durable, faster transfer rates etc. https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-Ampcore-Turbo-TC10-3A-Dur...

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the different types. The best link I found was this - https://blog.banggood.com/blitzwolf-ampcore-turbo-53992.html

  • No love for a 1.8m lightning cable?

  • Would be great if you added AUD into the description.

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  • Good price, I bought two at the end of last year but one has been unreliable and has to be placed a certain angles for charging to work on my S8. Yet to hear back from Banggood about warranty.

  • These are generally decent cables, however bought a BW-TC10 just over a month ago and it now is starting to have problems charging.
    Has anyone tried the warranty process with Banggood?


      Please PM me your order ID, our service team will solve your problem.

      • Yes, my USB cable ordered a couple of months ago now connects and disconnects every 3 seconds randomly. Now that's a failure of 2/4 products I bought from your website within 3 months of purchase.


          Our products have warranty,please PM me or contact our service team.

        • @banggood: This rep is good. I had an issue with a powerbank and comment on here about same. The Rep requested I PM, in which I did, and the issue was resolved, to my satisfaction, within minutes. Highly recommended. Good service.

        • @banggood: I have sent you a PM. It was an AU$3.80 cable so not a big deal at least it worked for a few months. The charger I bought from your company before that was faulty out of the box. I emailed customer support and they asked me to explain the problem and send photos. Then I was told to make a video and explain the problem. Then I was told to make another video showing the problem with blitzwolf charger and not happening with another brand charger. I supplied them every time. Finally, when I threatened Paypal dispute they refunded within minutes.

          I know your company has a big reputation here so I bought a few more things but 2/4 is a big failure rate and now $5 customs fee per package being introduced from 1st July I don't know if bannggood is still worth it.

          I would still like a replacement over a refund. But you guys need to check your Quality Control.

      • Thanks, done!

        • Just to provide some closure on this, Banggood support is now organising a replacement cable to be sent out. Overall a pretty satisfactory outcome for me. Thanks rep!

    • Same has happened with me on all BlitzWolf cables I bought from Bangood.

  • Thanks rep, bought both the USB-C and Micro USB!

  • Max 3 cables. I just tried for 5 lightning cables and was limited to 3.

    • Yeah, their flash deals are almost always limited to three for the life of the deal (so you can’t even place a second order for another three). Best bet is to favorite the cable and they’ll send you an email when the next deal is on

  • How are these compared to Anker cables?

  • Any chance of a deal on the type C to type C cables?

  • Wsken magnetic cables are a better investment if you want to protect your usb port

  • Just a heads up for anyone who's interested, looks like the USB C Chargers should be safe. I know when the standard started, there were plenty of manufacturers not implementing it correctly and potentially damaging devices. Blitzwolf look like they have a good track record (Not sure if these is even an issue anymore lol)

  • Can do a deal on BlitzWolf charger to go with these cables, @banggood?

  • Hey rep, any deals on a C to C cable?

  • Hmmm, why does anyone feel paying $5-$10 for these cables, when similar length cables are about 80 cents or cheaper on ebay ?
    I have a mate i wheelchair that i think he runs over his cables sometimes, so i understand how his cables get damaged… However for myself, I use cheap cables all the time for my phones and they never seem to get worn through and/or fail, so I'm confused as to how people justify spending $10 when you can get 1 that works and fully functional, on ebay for 80 cents :/
    Is there a faster read/write speed, if I pay , 10 times as much for a cable ? Lol. Something I have no real use for though anyway, as I trasnfer data via high capacity micro sd cards , and usb-microsd adapter.

    • Cheap cables won't last when you use a power bank to recharge your smart phone a few times a day. The ends will crack/split after a few weeks and you need a new one. This is confirmed by a few wives (not all my!).

    • No, you're right, have a +. It depends on how you treat the cables though. I only plug my phone into the charger at the end of the day so it doesn't get much wear and tear. If you tug on it a lot, suppose a hardy cable is the lesser evil compared to replacing cables (or wives). :)

    • Cheap cables generally don't last as long, or don't have a 56k resistor, so it can fry your device.

      For cheap cables in anything though, I usually get Ugreen and have no problems, and their cables are on sale with this deal for a dollar thirty each, so might be worth grabbing some.

  • Considering the Type C cable is 1.8m and cost more to manufacture than the 1m Lightning cable. Why does the Lightning cable cost almost twice as much as the Type C cable? Is it because it's APPLE?


    I just received mine today! That was fast.